PewDiePie vs T-Series – A Never Ending Battle

Over the last five years, he has reigned over the video-streaming site as the most subscribed channel but a recent scare from an Indian music label company, T-Series, which seemed set to dethrone the king of your YouTube wall. Following a worldwide campaign, which saw all manner of channels, users and viewers do their best to keep PewDiePie on top, his top spot seemed secure. And after a recent decision by the platform, his position is set for the forseeable future. With over 76 million subscribers now, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka PewDiePie, is the most popular YouTube celebrity in the world, with the highest number of followers.

The pushback against T-Series overtaking PewDiePie is largely down to a feeling among creators and users that YouTube is becoming more corporate, moving away from its roots of everyday people with a camera. PewDiePie very much represents that classic YouTube style of an everyday person talking into a camera, while T-Series represents the corporate takeover.So, many YouTubers and fans have been doing their part to assist PewDiePie, Such as MrBeast’s ad campaign, hacking printers with messages reading ‘subscribe to PewDiePie’, and even a massive billboard in Time Square, New York.

But now, it appears even YouTube themselves are doing their part. As part of a recent ‘purge’, YouTube removed millions of “spam subscriptions” – dropping T-Series by over 300,000, while PewDiePie lost only 80,000, approximately. PewDiePie raced ahead of T-Series following YouTube’s spam account crackdown. Fans of PewDiePie are still not convinced though. According to a report, PewDiePie supporters defaced the Wall Street Journal’s website and even hijacked more printers.

A section of Wall Street Journal was hacked with a fake apology and message asking people to subscribe to PewDiePie, Independent UK reported.

“WallStreet Journal would like to apologize to pewdiepie. Due to misrepresentation by our journalists, those of whom have now been fired, we are sponsoring pewdiepie to reach maximum subscribers and beat Tseries to 80million,” the message read. The hacked page has since been deleted. Earlier, a PewDiePie supporter, who goes the Twitter handle HackerGiraffe, had hijacked over 50,000 printers with the same message asking people to subscriber to YouTuber’s channel.

PewDiePie who was pretty close to losing his crown as the top YouTube channel recently increased the margin. YouTube had conducted a crackdown on removing spam accounts which led to PewDiePie losing around 40,000 accounts while T-Series lost over 200,000 subscribers.With the increased gap, PewDiePie is now ahead with almost 77 million subscribers, while T-Series remains second in the 75 million bracket.It seemed clear that no matter what efforts PewDiePie made, at one point T-Series would eventually take over, given the population of India and how popular T-Series’ content is in the country.However, thanks to the community, fans, and now YouTube too, PewDiePie has taken a commanding lead.

The 29-year-old currently has more than 76.7million subscribers and T-Series is behind with more than 75.4million. The gap between the two has come as close as 16,000 subscribers at one point. PewDiePie fans have taken the race so seriously they’ve reportedly hacked printers and video game Grand Theft Auto V to show messages supporting him.His place on the YouTuber subscriber table is cemented as he has been embroiled in a fresh “racism” storm after praising a “Nazi” YouTube channel reportedly known for its anti-Semetic content. The YouTuber used one of his videos to urge viewers to subscribe to the “hateful” channel.

Battlefield V system Requirements Announced

Earlier this year, the incorrect Battlefield V system requirements emerged online, but now developer DICE has shared the official system requirements for the WW2 FPS shooter. Posted on Reddit, the system requirements include Minimum and Recommended, as well as DirectX ray tracing (DXR), which requires extra RAM and RTX card.

Battlefield V system Requirements Announced

Battlefield V Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K 3.5GHz or AMD FX-8350 4.0 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB System Memory
  • GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 660 or Radeon HD 7850 2GB
  • HDD: 50GB Available Hard Drive Space
  • API: DirectX 11

Battlefield V Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 12 GB System Memory
  • GPU RAM: 6 GB Video Memory
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6 GB or Radeon RX 580 8 GB
  • HDD: 50GB Available Hard Drive Space
  • API: DirectX 11.1

Battlefield V Ray-Tracing RTX System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-8700 3.2 GHz or AMD Ryzen 7 2700 3.2 GHz
  • RAM: 16 GB System Memory
  • GPU RAM: 8 GB Video Memory
  • GPU: GeForce RTX 2070
  • HDD: 50GB Available Hard Drive Space
  • API: DirectX 12

The recommended RAM requirement for Battlefield V has reduced from 16GB to 12GB, while the recommended AMD GPU has increased from a 4GB RX 480 up to an 8GB RX 580. It seems Battlefield V is happy to eat up more than 4GB video memory.

Since the BFV PC beta, there are a few small modifications. Notably, a more sturdy AMD FX-8350 processor is now required to run Battlefield V, rather than an FX-6350. This brings the AMD specifications more in line with the minimum Intel CPU for Battlefield 5, the core i5-6600K. The 6600K is still better in terms of performance though, while the recommended Intel i7-4790 is far more capable than the recommend AMD Ryzen 3 1300X processor.

Finally, those fascinating system requirements for raytracing in Battlefield V. Raytracing, or DXR (DirectX Raytracing), is the main feature of Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 20 Series GPUs. Battlefield V is the first game to support RTX raytracing.

undoubtedly, we are going to need a damned fast PC to enable ray-tracing in Battlefield V. The minimum GPU you can use for raytracing is the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, which is worth around $600. Right now there is no AMD GPU that support raytracing technology.

That massive GPU will need to be matched with the high-end Intel Core i7-8700 hexa-core CPU or an AMD Ryzen 7 2700 Octa-core, as well as 16GB DDR4 RAM and a Windows 10 installation for DX12 effects.

Upcoming Games in November 2018

This year is nearly coming to a close but November still contains a number of high profile releases. Weather it sequels to Battlefield, Fallout, Pokemon games consoles or the return of Darksiders. There is plenty to look forward to. Here if the list of Upcoming Games in November 2018.


Upcoming Games in November 2018

Release Date:  November 6, 2018.
Developer: Fromsoftware
Store: PSN

Fromsoftware has been working very hard to diversify its portfolio and Deracine is perhaps its most offbeat title. As a fairy of sorts, the player moves around a boarding school influencing the lives of its students. Freezing time and building personal bonds with these students are the core tenents of the game.

However, it is most intriguing because it’s a PlayStation VR title. What does the story hold? and will it contain the same deep world building define so many Fromsoftware games? Deracine arrives on November 6, so it won’t be long before we find out.

Overkill’s The Walking Dead (PC Version)

Release Date: November 6, 2018.
Overkill Software
Store:, Steam

Though the Xbox One and PS4 versions were delayed into 2019 Overkill’s The Walking Dead is still coming to PC next month. Focusing on Four survivors each with there own unique skills and backstories.

The first person shooter lets you play either super stealthy or guns blazing in scenarios teaming with zombies. Players will need to loot supplies and defend their home camp ensuring it survives the on-slot of the undead. Overkill’s The Walking Dead arrives for PC on November 6.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Release Date: November 13th, 2018.
Toys for Bob
Microsoft Store, Amazon

After a sudden delay, Spyro Reignited Trilogy is set to release on November 13th for Xbox One and PS4. This game has not been announced yet for PC or Nintendo Switch. Featuring remasters for Insomniac’s original games namely Spyro the Dragon, Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage! and Spyro year of the dragon, this trilogy promises gorgeous graphics paired with the same awesome platforming.

If the weren’t enough, a remastered version of the soundtrack also accompanies the original with the ability to choose between the two.

Fallout 76

Release Date: November 14th, 2018
Bethesda Game Studios
Store:, Bethesda Store,,

When Bethesda first announced Fallout 76, we were expecting a number of things. An online FPS RPG with social elements and games as a service content was not one of them. Impressions from the Beta have ranged from enthusiastic to somewhat worried.

We honestly don’t know how good Fallout 76 is until it releases will it bomb or should we learn to stop worrying and just love the always online gameplay. We will that out on November 14th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Check out our post on system requirements for Fallout 76.

Hitman 2

Release Date: November 14th, 2018
IO Interactive
Store:, Steam, Microsoft Store,

Those who are craving a solid stealth experience do not need to worry as Agent 47 is back in town. Hitman 2 promises a full game with six locations, different story missions, contracts, and multiple targets to hunt post-launch. Of course, the same challenges and variety of gameplay remain but IO interactive is adding some new intriguing content.

These modes let you compete against another player, fighting to assassinate targets faster than them. While the original Hitman’s locations and missions will be available and updated in the sequel. That is if you own the Hitman 1. Hitman 2 arrives on November 14th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. This game should be yet another outing with our favorite assassin.

Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!

Release Date: November 16th, 2018
Game Freak

Well its sort of pokemon, the original 151 creatures are here. Battles with trainers and gym leaders still apply and Pokemon can be captured and trained. However, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee! take several cues from the mobile Pokemon go series.

Incorporating Joy-con controls for capturing Pokemon, you can forgo motion controls altogether and sure it is weird but this is still a proper Pokemon game. We will find out how fun it is on November 16th for Nintendo Switch.

Battlefield V

Release Date: November 20th, 2018
EA DICE, Criterion Software
Store:, Origin, Microsoft Store,

The next iteration of Battlefield saw its own delay by roughly a month for additional polish. we have gotten a new better look at the various war stories contained within, the schedule for Tides of war, and how the game’s economy will work. While Firestorm won’t be available till March 2019, Battlefield V should still have a host of interesting mechanics to exploit like fortifications and companies on top of the new maps and modes. It is out on November 20th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Darksiders III

Release Date: November 27th, 2018
Gunfire Games
Steam, Microsoft Store,

The much-awaited sequel in the cult classic franchise is nearly upon us. Gunfire Game’s Darksiders III takes place in a seamlessly linked open world. while returning to the hack and slash action that defines the first game.

Playing as Fury one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse there will be wipes, acrobatics, magic, and different forms to take advantage of. How the quest to defeat the seven deadly sins plays out remains to be seen, but it should be a marked improvement over Darksiders II. Darksiders III is out on November 27th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Tetris Effect

Release Date: November 9th, 2018.
Resonair, Monstars
PSN,, Microsoft Store

Many have played Tetris sure, but have you played Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi‘s version of Tetris?
It arrives on PS4 and PlayStation VR bringing a new rhythm to the puzzle experience. While we dought people will see Tetris blocks falling after the game is over, the Tetris Effect should provide a serial yet visually splendid experience for the fans. Its launch date is November 9th, 2018.

Spider-Man DLC 2: Turf Wars

Release Date: November, 2018
Insomniac Games

Turf Wars is the second chapter for the City that Never Sleeps, the DLC saga for Insomniac’s Spider-Man. While there isn’t a whole lot known at this point, it will bring new story missions, new suits, and some new enemies.

Will famed villain Hammer Head make an appearance? time will tell. But for now, stay tuned for the DLC’s launch in November if you want more Spider-Man.

Elder Scrolls VI Confirmed for PS5

It’s actually been seven long years now since the original release of the Elderscrolls V: Skyrim.Elder Scrolls VI Confirmed for PS5 And after playing on just about everything from our 360s to our fridges I think the world is more than ready for the next installment. Elder Scrolls VI Confirmed for PS5

After having just a 30-second teaser trailer to keep us sated and theorizing all this time since the summer. We can finally reveal that we finally heard some news about when we can possibly expect the Elder Scrolls 6 to release.

Elder Scrolls VI Confirmed for PS5

In an interview with GameSpot at PAX Australia last week. Bethesda’s marketing chief Pete Hines and ZeniMax online studio‘s game director have pretty much confirmed that we won’t be seeing the Elder Scrolls 6 until the next generation of consoles. The game director said, “you can go back and count the years between Bethesda game studios releases. Then you’ll get the idea that the Elder Scrolls 6 is not coming anytime soon.”

When he was asked about the type of world that might feature in this massive new release. Then he continued with something interesting. “I don’t even know what the world is going to be like,” he says. “The time when it comes out there will be a different console generation by then, I’m sure.”

It is interesting that he evaded one question. But he seems to have maybe accidentally answered another question that was all on our minds. They described the Elder Scrolls 6 as being big and ambitious but didn’t say anything more specific. Although it’s maybe not the news you’re hoping to hear, it could be another seven years before we see this game. Who knows, but it does spark our imaginations quite a bit.

With games like Red Dead Redemption 2 already pushing the boundaries of our cut and hardware, who knows what this could mean for a game CDs like the Elder Scrolls. Can you imagine that level of detail in Tamriel? it’s gonna be incredible.Elder Scrolls VI Confirmed for PS5 We’re just gonna have to be a little bit more patient for it than we’d like to be.

How excited are you? Would you have preferred the game a little sooner on our current hardware?
or perhaps you’re happy patiently waiting to see what the Elder Scrolls 6 would look like on the XBOX Scarlett and the PlayStation 5. At least we’ve got Fallout at 76 to tryFallout-76-pre-order-beta

and Starfield to obsess over in the meantime.

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

All of us were eagerly waiting to see when that when does it comes to news about Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC. This feels natural, after the long, year-plus wait for GTA 5. The Red Dead sequel has now launched on consoles, and it’s looking less and less hopeful that we could hear anything official about Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC in 2018.

Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC

The Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app, which is now available to download on Android, and iOS. Shortly after launch, the game’s companion app was apparently extracted for data, and that data strongly points towards Red Dead Redemption 2’s eventual release on PC. The app has unintentionally dropped a few hints about a possible PC version.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app allows players to view the map and track Arthur’s core stats. Buried within its files are indicating to PC as one of the game’s platforms.

The lines of code, spotted by Rockstar Intel, it read, “PARAM_companionAutoConnectIpPC” and “CommandIsPcVersion(void) 000000000166A12C.

Rockstar is yet to officially declare the game for PC, and this could be the first official sign that a PC port is under construction. That said, this is not the first time we’re hearing about the PC version.

Appearance on LinkedIn and on a retailer site

A LinkedIn profile page of a Rockstar developer earlier verified the existence of the PC version, before it was deleted. And now there’s also the retailer listing, which implies the PC version is due for release next year.

Red Dead Redemption on PC

An unidentified Rockstar employee’s LinkedIn profile used to list Red Dead Redemption 2 as coming to PC before it was replaced. Before the leak above, this was the closest thing to a smoking gun on Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC so far. Then again, it could just be a mistake.

When asked about the possibility of Red Dead Redemption 2 coming to PC last year, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick only had this to say. “Any updates about any of our titles will come from our labels.”

Furthermore, on the rumors, a listing appeared for a PC version of the game on the Dutch retailer Media Markt. It was later revealed, though, that it’s just a placeholder. It’s hard not to admire their optimism.

However, the first Red Dead Redemption never made its way to PC, Rockstar’s former game, GTA 5, has. In fact, PC is one of the biggest earners for parent company Take-Two, and the game continues to constantly hold a spot in Steam’s top ten list. It’s a given we’re going to get a PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2, but the question is when.

As for VR, the files also hold evidence of Oculus, but curiously not Vive or Steam VR. This could end up being a simple VR implementation, which may work well with the game’s first-person perspective.


Also, Check out DigitalFoundry’s analysis about Red Dead Redemption 2: What Could A PC Version Deliver?

New Pirates of Caribbean May Happen Without Johnny Depp

Speaking to Daily Mail, producer Stuart Beattie strongly recommended the franchise is moving in a different direction for the New Pirates of Caribbean chapter. Beattie was the screenwriter behind the original breakout hit, Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, and has remained on with writing and producing credits for subsequent films due to the use of his characters.

New Pirates of Caribbean May Happen Without Johnny Depp

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of Disney’s longest running modern franchises, in part because of the iconic character Johnny Depp created, Captain Jack Sparrow. Now it seems Captain Jack might have sailed his last voyage, as the franchise is facing a potential reboot without Depp’s involvement.

While the original films centered profoundly on the love story of Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightley), Depp’s Jack Sparrow took on a life of its own and he became the main focus of the other two films in that original trilogy, which wrapped up the Turner-Swan story. From there, the Jack Sparrow character went on to lead in two more films: 2011’s On Stranger Tides and 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales. A sixth film is currently in production.

“I think [Depp]’s had a great run”. “Obviously he’s made that character his own and it’s become the thing that he’s most famous for now. It’s been great for him and it’s been great for us,” said Beattie.

In the same interview, he mentioned his own involvement in the franchise is over, which would suggest that the studio is done using his characters and ready to start from a clean slate. The fact that they’re rebooting something that you did means that you did something that was worth rebooting. It’s an honor to be rebooted.

Fallout 76 System Requirements Announced

Just a few days apart from the Fallout 76 beta test running live on PC. With progress from the beta carrying over to the main release on November 14th, next Tuesday is definitely a soft launch for Fallout 76. Before you drop down the cash for a Fallout 76 pre-order though. Bethesda‘s Fallout 76 System Requirements Announced, and it’s quite a change from Fallout 4.

Fallout 76 System Requirements Announced

Fallout 76 Minimum System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz or AMD Ryzen 3 1300X 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB System Memory
  • GPU RAM: 2 GB Video Memory
  • GPU: GeForce GTX 780 or Radeon R9 285
  • DX: DirectX 11
  • HDD: 60 GB Available Hard Drive Space

Similar to all Bethesda Game Studios titles, Fallout 76 works on an advanced version of the Creation Engine. It is the same engine used for Fallout 4. However, Bethesda declares it’s been heavily remodeled with new lighting models, better terrain mapping, and improved rendering processes. This transmutes to 16x the detail of Fallout 4, supposedly.

The Creation Engine enhancements mean a fairly large rise in the system specs for Fallout 76 as compared to Fallout 4. The recommended requirements for Fallout 4 are now the minimum specification for Fallout 76.

Fallout 76 Recommended System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7 64-bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 3.6 GHz or AMD Ryzen 5 1500X 3.5 GHz
  • RAM: 8 GB System Memory
  • GPU RAM: 4GB Video Memory
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290X
  • DX: DirectX 11
  • HDD: 60 GB Available Hard Drive Space

Besides that, the initial thing that comes to mind in terms of the Fallout 76 PC system requirements is the minimum and recommended CPUs. Those are the Intel Core i7-4790 and the AMD Ryzen 3 1300X has risen up to a Rysen 5 1500X. The Core i7-4790 is at around the same in case of performance level as the Ryzen 1500X, and it is much faster than a Ryzen 3 1300X. Therefore, we can fairly assume, this can only mean the actual minimum spec Intel CPU should be much lower. Something like a Core i5-4570 should be able to run Fallout 76 just fine as its gaming performance is on par with AMD’s budget processor.

Aside from the CPUs, Fallout 76’s requirement for RAM stays the same from 3-7 GB, the hard drive space required is 60-85 GB. Also, there is a minor boost to the graphics cards required to run Fallout 76 at 1080p resolution with steady frame rates. Earlier, Fallout 4 would easily run on a GTX 780, but now you’ll need a GeForce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290X. It is not a major change, but Fallout 76 is clearly a game that’s going to serve from having at least 4GB VRAM available.

You Can Pre-Load the Fallout 76 Beta Free Right Now on PC

Put on your pipboy and prepare for bugs: it’s nearly time for the Fallout 76 beta test on PC. The Break It Early Test Application kicks off on all major platforms including PC from 30th October. Though, those of you with access can now pre-load the application to ensure you’re prepared and ready for launch.


PC beta session dates and times

Bethesda has released its first schedule for the Fallout 76 beta on PC next week. Times may be subject to change, but if all things stay the same, here’s when we’ll be able to play the Fallout 76 beta on PC:

  • Tuesday, October 30: 4 pm – 8 pm PT / 7 pm – 11 pm ET
  • Thursday, November 1: 11 am – 4 pm PT / 2 pm – 7 pm ET
  • Saturday, November 3: 2 pm – 6 pm PT / 5 pm – 9 pm ET
  • Sunday, November 4: 11 am – 6 pm PT / 2 pm to 9 pm ET


How to Get Free Beta Access for PC Only

  • Step One: Visit this link
  • Ensure you are signed in and on the American Amazon not any other
  • Step two: Add the pre-order of the standard edition to your cart
  • Step three: After adding it, click continue to cart
  • Step four: Proceed to the checkout and make the purchase
  • Step five: Wait 48 hours and check the email linked to the Amazon address and you will receive the B.E.T.A code
  • Step six: After receiving the code, redeem it on the then go back to Amazon(the American version)
  • Go to my orders then click cancel pre-order you can buy if you want 😉

Amazon will not take payment until the item is in shipping



As a reminder, the beta test is only accessible to those who pre-order the game. If you do plan on playing the beta, we’d suggest you take advantage of the pre-load, as Bethesda says the file size is approximately 45GB. You’ve got a good few days to get it downloaded ahead of the start date, so you shouldn’t need to worry about missing out.

Will you be putting Fallout 76’s beta through its paces on 30th October? Step out of the vault and get into the comments below.

US Congress Considers circumvention of DRM legal

Digital rights management (DRM) projects are not leaving anytime soon. But your right to prevent these mechanisms in certain circumstances is being affixed to copyright law in the US. This dramatically grows consumer protections when it comes to repairing and maintaining the original functionality of an owner of electronic devices.

The Acting Register recommended a new exemption allowing for the circumvention of TPMs. Restricting access to the firmware that controls smartphones and home appliances and home systems. For the purposes of diagnosis, maintenance, or repair, the document states.

US Congress Considers circumvention of DRM legal

Furthermore, the Library of Congress and the US Copyright Office described the new set of exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It is a “final rule” document (PDF) spanning 85 pages. In it are some new protections that legally allow consumers and repair shops to hack the firmware. Firmware on devices like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, mobile computing devices, and several other gadgets. Where technological protection measures (TPMs, but not the same as a Trusted Platform Module) stand between the consumer and a functioning product.

When required, the new rules give consumers the right to bypass DRM and TPM. In general for “the maintenance of a device or system. In order to make it work in accordance with its original specifications.” It also protects consumers when breaking DRM is required to repair a device.

However, it doesn’t mean that it’s now lawful to circumvent DRM in order to access other copyrighted products. In other words, this isn’t the US Congress calling out DRM as wrong and giving consumers a legal pass to do whatever they want with the protected content.

There’s also a section on video games that cover situations. When the copyright owner or its authorized representative has halted to provide access to an external computer server. Necessary to facilitate an authentication process to enable gameplay.

However, the exceptions are broad and even covers computer programs. Where the circumvention is undertaken on a lawfully acquired device or machine on which the computer program operates. Or is undertaken on a computer, computer system, or computer network on which the program operates. With the authorization of the owner or operator of such computer, computer system, or computer network, solely for the purpose of good-faith security research and does not violate any applicable law, including without limitation the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986.”

Also, In such cases, a new exception allows for “copying and modification of the computer program to restore access to the game for personal, local gameplay on a personal computer or video game console.”

How this all works practically, it is to be seen. As Motherboard notes, there’s nothing (yet) stopping manufacturers from being particularly devious with anti-repair mechanisms. For example,  into the MacBook Pro that stops the systems from functioning when it’s been opened and repaired by someone who is not authorized to do so. The mechanism relies on embedded software that dials into Apple’s servers to verify an authorized repair.

These exceptions seem to say that users would be able to prevent the embedded software in that example. Predestinately, having permission and the ability to do something doesn’t always go hand-in-hand.

“Getting an exemption to reset the device is pretty different from having access to the firmware to actually do that,” Nathan Proctor, head of US PIRG’s right to repair campaign, told Motherboard.

That is true, but this is still an overall win for consumers, and a needed step in the right direction.

Xbox One Game Pass for PC

As it operates on the Xbox One Game Pass provides a subscription pass to over one hundred games on the system, with a mixture of titles. At the Beginning of this year, Microsoft made the striking declaration. That every first-party game would launch simultaneously on the service. Allowing players to download and play titles on day one for the price of admission alone.

Xbox One Game Pass for PC

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed how the gaming landscape has evolved for Microsoft and that the company plans to push forth and expand on that front. As such, Nadella confirmed plans to bring Microsoft’s Game Pass service, currently only on Xbox One, to PC.

It is not known when Microsoft plans to move forward with these plans, but with first-party efforts revving up in 2019 with games like Crackdown 3 and Gears 5 on the way, next year might make a strong argument to PC gamers to whom Microsoft has been relatively hot and cold over the years.

Besides that, Nadella did not reveal any detail about what a PC expansion would look like. However, we could make an easy guess that it would be a similar service model using Microsoft’s Windows Store. As part of Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative, every first-party game is intended to release on PC as well as Xbox One, with digital versions being cross-compatible in terms of ownership. When considering that, and also adding in PC-exclusive titles like Age of Empires, the case for Game Pass on PC seems fairly logical