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FIFA 23 Web App: Release Time, Early Access, and More

By Manoj Surkar

Oct 08, 2022

FIFA 23 Web App

The FIFA 23 Web App arrives on September 21 – giving gamers an early start on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team and, most likely, some early rewards.

FIFA 23 Web App Release time

EA confirms that the FIFA 23 web app will be released on Wednesday, September 21, 2022. EA currently gives no release time at this moment in time, but the app launched at 6:00 pm BST, as we suspected. Fans of Ultimate Team will want to be on the app as soon as to kickstart their team.

FIFA 23 Web App Early Access

When the app goes live tomorrow, it will enter the early access phase, and there is a criteria to be met, as stated by EA. Returning FUT 22 players whose accounts are in good standing can create their FUT 23 Club, start trading, and claim returning user rewards.

Web App Features

Once launching the web app, you’ll be able to grind out SBCs from Day One; this will set you up nicely before launching the console / PC port.

Welcome Packs

Launching into the game, you’ll be able to access your welcome packs to kickstart your squad.

Sell and sign players

Before even playing FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you’ll be able to sell trade-able players and sign players you think are suitable for your squad before jumping in!

Compete with the community

You can unlock rewards via the Companion App by competing or collaborating with the FUT Community in Team Events.

Style your stadium

Here, you can customize every thing from walkout music to Tifos. We fully expect this feature to return in the FIFA 23 Web App, which could prove an essential addition to the upcoming World Cup mode.

FIFA 23 Web App Starter Guide

FIFA 23 Web App Starter Guide

What does the FIFA 23 Web App do?

The FIFA 23 Web App and Companion App give players access to the FUT 23 Transfer Market without having to boot up their game console or PC version. This allows you to buy and sell players and consumables, style your FUT stadium, build out squads and sign up for FUT events on the go.