List of Overwatch 2 DPS Heroes 

If you're playing the Damage role, there is nowhere to hide, thus if you want to compete in ranked, you'll need the best Overwatch 2 DPS heroes.


The general removal of stun or CC abilities in Overwatch 2 makes Genji an even stronger pick than before. Now, the ninja can use his Dragonblade ability without suddenly being stopped in his tracks.



Sombra's redesign makes her a worthy competitor as one of the top DPS heroes in Overwatch 2, especially regarding how much damage she can cause in team vs team scenarios. In Overwatch 2, Sombra's passive ability deals 40% additional damage to hacked opponents.


Soldier: 76

The grizzled veteran has taken a bit of a knock in Season 1 following a post-beta nerf to his rifle's damage output. But he's still easy to use and plenty versatile, but you'll find that soloing targets takes far too long now.



She's tough to rank as her skill ceiling is effectively through the roof. Hundreds of hours of perfect aim tracking and a mastery of her time manipulation and movement can make her strong into the highest Overwatch 2 ranks.



She's stronger than she was in beta, with some strong knockback potential and a little more damage output. Good pilots can avoid enough damage to make her helpful, but if that's not you, then she's little more than a poke threat and not a big one.



Ashe is a solid DPS hero in the right hands. Semi-auto shots still demand consistent aim, but if you've been visiting the practice range frequently, you can deliver some real hurt like Ashe. Her Ult is much more potent in the more minor team fights of Overwatch 2, too, which is an excellent indirect buff.



Very hard to play because it means you have to be good at almost every other hero in the game. However, provided you can land her hitscan beam and slow-moving projectiles and master her cloning Ult, Echo can effectively flip a match on its head.



Hanzo's versatile arrows can reveal his enemies or rapid fire to strike multiple targets. He can scale walls to fire his bow from on high or summon a titanic spirit dragon.



If you’re having an off day, steer clear of Widowmaker. She can still one-shot some heroes, so in that regard, it’s hard to argue she’s terrible, but if you’re not able to land those shots reliably, then the rest of her kit won’t dig you out of trouble.



Her DPS is high, and she does have some functional abilities, but she’s at her most effective against slow-moving tanks like Reinhardt and Junker Queen, who are both rarer sights on the battlefields of Overwatch 2.