Mafia 4: Job Listing Indicates Multiplayer and More

Well, if you are an avid player of the Mafia series game. Then, we have a bit of good news for you.

According to the recent index of job listings, Hanger 13, the developer of the Mafia series, has announced the game’s return. 

This new addition to the series will be named Mafia 4, including various exciting features.

If you don’t believe us, go on the LinkedIn page of Hanger 13 and check out its update on their new job listings platform.

According to this source, we have thus learned that various latest installments are to be made in the new version of the game. 

You can also check opportunities in gaming market over how the gaming industry has improved considerably over the past few years.

Hence, through this informative article, we want to convey some of our collected details. 

So, without assuming anything further, let’s get started. 

Information Collected About Mafia 4 Through Its Job Listings

mafia 4Long back, there was a time when the amazing games of the Mafia were loved by every single child and were considered to be more relaxed than GTA.

The game series started with Mafia: Definitive Edition Game and continued for 3 consecutive seasons. The last series, Mafia 3, was released in the year 2017. 

Since then, there has been no clue whether the developers were planning on something or not. In the past month of March, Hanger 13 listed some jobs on its LinkedIn page. 

And that is the primary reason we have learned that the new addition to the Mafia series, Mafia 4, has been in the pre-production stage on specific insights and has yet to be officially announced. 

Thus, to acquire the complete information, we have to wait for the release of the official intimation. But we are here to share what is known to us by far. 

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According to the leaked information, Mafia 4 will be the prequel to its previous three mainline seasons. It has been reported that this season will have a 1920s Sicily setting. 

The Hanger 13 has dropped some of the information here and there through its job postings, and by gathering each of them, we have concluded specific points. 

There was a job posting about hiring a principal AI designer for the new game that featured various specific points. 

But what took everyone’s attention was specific wordings such as; ‘Stealth and Combat Gameplay and Multiplayer.’ 

Now this is what closely needs to look at, as this season would have some extremely cool features and intriguing gameplay unique to what was offered to the gamers of the previous seasons. 

Although all three preceding seasons of the Mafia series were based on single-player, Mafia 4 would be the first to offer its player’s co-op gameplay if this idea succeeds. 

However, the multiplayer element listed in the job listings is not present anymore. We wonder why it is so, but we hope the multiplayer feature prevails in Mafia 4, as it would add more fascinating elements to the game. 

With such exciting information, we can also pinpoint that the developers have a clear picture of what features they want to include in Mafia 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Do You Know About the Plot of Mafia 4?

Ans. Mafia 4 is said to be the prequel of its first 3 launched seasons. The story is entirely knitted around how the Salieri family rose to power.

It is all about how the head of the family, Salieri, started his criminal activities. He was born in Italy, and thus the setting of Mafia 4 would take you back to the 1920s in Sicily. 

Q. When Can We Expect the Release of Mafia 4?

Ans. Due to the latest job listing of the developers on LinkedIn, there is a clear picture regarding the game’s development. 

But still, the developers are currently focusing on building a strong team that can efficiently assemble all the structures and ideas to present the best version of Mafia 4 to avid gamers of the Mafia series. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

Still, the game of Mafia 4 has left many questions unanswered. However, there has yet to be an indication from the developers as to when the game will release. 

Apart from this, there are various rumors about the game. But something still needs to be unveiled to the public. 

Meanwhile, all I could do was wait patiently for the Mafia franchise to return on board and entertain the gamers like they used to before.

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