About US

Here at Gamepike, we are a group of Gamers, and we obviously love to play games. But, what initially
made us launch Gamepike was our habit of sharing with others. Sharing our gaming experience and
knowledge related to the hardware & technology essential for Gaming.

And then we decided, why not share our experience with the world. That’s when we made up our minds to start our own website.

We gave it some thought and realized we should provide our visitors or we could use the phrase “Fellow
Gamers” with daily news updates about the Gaming industry. And our thoughts & suggestions on recently
released games.

Therefore, here we are sharing our experiences, thoughts, news, reviews, suggestions, etc. with our
visitors, readers, or as we say “Fellow Gamers.”

Our founder has been a great inspiration to us for as long as we could remember. He is also our
Powerhouse of knowledge in this field. He also the one who encouraged us to follow our dreams and
goals, which lead our group towards Gamepike.

Our Author is a great wordsmith, gathering all the news & information and transforming it into these
articles with his expertise, it is his department of work.