Monster Hunter Rise: The Best MHR GreatSword Builds

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Monster Hunter Rising has become a gaming hit because of its exhilarating gameplay and immersive monster-hunting experience. 

As players continue the game’s arduous tasks, they must provide the most powerful weapons and armor to defeat more challenging opponents.

The MHR GreatSword is a favored weapon in Monster Hunter Rise due to its ability to inflict significant damage with its slow yet forceful attacks. 

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This guide will explore the best MHR GreatSword build, encompassing the optimal armor components, skills, and decorations to augment your damage output and survivability. 

If you are a seasoned hunter or a beginner looking to improve your game, this article will assist you in becoming an unstoppable force in the game’s hunts.

Let’s get started!!

MHR GreatSword Build: Overview

best mhr greatsword buildsAmong the 14 new weapons introduced in MHR, the GreatSword stands out with its massive blade capable of dealing immense damage in a single strike and also for its ability to counter incoming attacks.

As a result, it has become a popular choice among players during challenging hunts due to its ease of use and formidable damage output.

With relatively easy combos and the ability to charge attacks, the GreatSword is an efficient weapon for taking down monsters of varying sizes. 

Furthermore, players can cancel their charged attack to counter enemy attacks and swiftly follow up with rapid slashes.

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What Are the Best MHR Greatsword Builds?

Here listed are some of the best builds for the Greatsword in Monster Hunter Rise:

1. Punishing Draw Build

best mhr greatsword buildThe initial attack after unsheathing receives a slight boost in attack and stun capabilities with the inclusion of Punishing Draw.

Moreover, this best MHR Greatsword Build excels in critical hits.

It gains a significant advantage due to the GreatSword’s ability to deliver a knockout effect to a monster’s head via the Punishing Draw skill. 

Hence, Punishing Draw is a beneficial addition to any GreatSword build. The Punishing Draw Build, which has a 100 crit punishing draw health steal, does not require a Qurious augment set and has a simple charm. 

This indicates that RNG does not affect the set and can be easily generated. While it may not have the best damage output, it is a fun construct to play in MHR for Greatsword fans.

2. Rage Slash Build

best mhr greatsword buildThe Rage Slash Build for the Long Sword in Monster Hunter Rise emphasizes rapidly increasing the Spirit Gauge, enabling players to unleash potent Spirit Blade attacks. 

They may also use abilities like Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost, and Attack Boost to increase their total damage output. 

In Monster Hunter Rising, gamers frequently use armor sets and decorations to boost affinity, critical hit damage, and attack power while crafting a Rage Slash MHR Greatsword Build. 

Moreover, the build heavily depends on the Fury Slash move, which inflicts colossal damage to monsters and contributes to the speedy augmentation of the Spirit Gauge. 

To utilize the Rage Slash Build efficiently, players must be able to precisely time their strikes, escape assaults, and counter the monster’s moves. 

With devotion and experience, this construct may be a potent approach for defeating even the most brutal monsters in MHR.

3. Meaty Chops Build

best mhr greatsword buildUtilizing the distinct Tigrix Greatsword, the Meaty Chops Build presents convenient methods to mount the targeted monster. 

Employing the adamant charged slash inflicts mounting damage and deals substantial hits with a single set swing. 

Thus, allowing players to deliver impactful mounting damage to the monster. Using the Hunting Horn weapon as its centerpiece, the Meaty Chops build centers on attacking and buffing allies through various melodies. 

To excel in this MHR Greatsword Build, players should prioritize obtaining armor sets and decorations that boost their attack power, affinity, and critical damage. 

With its Greatsword element, the Meaty Chops build offers a fun and engaging experience for Monster Hunter Rise players.

4. Frostcraft Build

best mhr greatsword buildThe Frostcraft build blends the Frostcraft Guard and Offensive Guard skills to create a formidable arm playstyle. 

It is a well-known build that prioritizes the Frostcraft skill, enhancing attack power when the weapon is sheathed. 

It works exceptionally well with weapons that have quick sheathing times and high motion values, like the GreatSword and Dual Blades. 

With the Frostcraft Build, you can inflict immense damage in brief intervals, making it a perfect option for swiftly tracking and defeating monsters. 

The current state of Monster Hunter Rise significantly enhances Frostcraft, rendering it one of the unique builds for Greatswords in MHR.

5. High-Rank Build

best mhr greatsword build This particular MHR Greatsword build is designed for high-ranking players adept at the advanced game mechanism and exploiting specific tactics colloquially referred to as “cheese.” 

The emphasis of this build is on achieving optimal performance in high-level gameplay.

To develop a high-rank build in MHR, it is essential to know the game’s mechanics and current meta-game. 

Additionally, factors such as player skill level and team composition should also be taken into careful consideration. 

This particular build focuses heavily on increasing the Focus skill using various Jewels, allowing quicker charging. 

This makes it ideal for experienced MHR players looking to enhance their gameplay.

Wrapped Up!

Monster Hunter Rise offers players a range of the best MHR GreatSword builds, each with unique advantages and benefits. 

If you are a seasoned player or new to the game, there is the best MHR GreatSword build that will suit your playstyle and help you take on the toughest monsters.

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