Golden Walnut Locations: All Golden Walnut Locations in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island is not just a haven of new adventures but also home to the elusive Golden Walnuts.

These gleaming treasures are more than mere trinkets; they’re the passport to unlocking the island’s myriad secrets. As you set foot on this tropical paradise, knowing the golden walnut locations becomes paramount.

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In this guide, we’ll explore why these walnuts are worth collecting, where to find them, and the rewards they offer.

Why Golden Walnuts Are Worth Collecting?

golden walnut locationsIn Stardew Valley, the golden walnut is more than just a shiny collectible; it’s a currency unique to Ginger Island, teeming with mysteries and new content.

These radiant nuts are scattered throughout the island, sometimes in plain sight, hidden behind puzzles, challenges, or natural barriers. Collecting them is essential for players for several reasons.

Firstly, golden walnuts unlock various areas and features on Ginger Island, expanding gameplay possibilities.

Secondly, they serve as a medium of exchange with the local parrots, who offer information and infrastructure improvements in return for a certain number of walnuts.

In essence, these walnuts are the key to fully experiencing and enhancing all that Ginger Island offers, making them a sought-after commodity for any player.

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All Golden Walnut Locations Found Anywhere

golden walnut locations

1. General Golden Walnut Locations

Total General Golden Walnut Count: 6  

1. Fishing: You can obtain Golden Walnuts by fishing around the island. (5 Walnut)

2. Golden Coconut: The first Golden Coconut you crack open at Clint the Blacksmith’s anvil will yield a Golden Walnut. Subsequent coconuts may contain other valuable items like Banana Saplings or Taro Tubers. (1 Walnut)

2. Eastern Golden Walnut Locations

golden walnut locations

Total Eastern Golden Walnut Count: 11

1. Bird Shrine Foliage: At the bottom of the bird shrine map, delve into the foliage to discover another hidden walnut. (1 Walnut)

2. Leo’s Hut: Outside Leo’s hut, there’s a tree. If you hit this tree with an axe, it will yield a Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

3. Gem Birds Puzzle: On rainy days, Gem Birds emerge on the island. Solve their puzzle by placing the right gems on platforms near Leo’s hut, right of the Parrot Express. Doing so rewards you with Golden Walnuts. (6 Walnut)

4. Banana Offering: Near Leo’s hut in the jungle, there’s a pedestal. Placing a banana on this pedestal will please the resident gorilla, who will grant Golden Walnuts. (3 Walnut)

3. Western Golden Walnut Locations

golden walnut locations

Total Western Golden Walnut Count: 52

1. Pirate Wife’s Quest: Completing this quest will reward the player with Golden Walnuts. (5 Walnut)

2. Gourmand Frog’s Task: The Gourmand Frog will ask the player to harvest a Melon, Wheat, and Garlic in that specific order. This will yield Golden Walnuts. (15 Walnut)

3. Simon Says Puzzle: Located in a cave north of the Tiger Slime Grove, completing this puzzle will award Golden Walnuts(3 Walnut)

4. Whack-a-mole Creature: Hitting this creature on the beach will give the player a Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

5. Defeating Slimes: In the Tiger Slime Grove, defeating slimes can sometimes result in a Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

6. Harvesting Crops: Occasionally, harvesting crops can yield a Golden Walnut. (5 Walnut)

7. Mining Mussel Rocks: South of the Ginger Island farm, mining these rocks can unlock Golden Walnuts. (5 Walnut)

8. Shipwreck: You can find Golden Walnut here.

  • Digging Specific Locations: Golden Walnuts are often hidden in specific spots. For example, dig near a curved palm tree in the southeast or behind a Mahogany Tree to find them. Other locations, like tide pools, also hide these treasures. (1 Walnut)
  • Bushes with Walnuts: Several bushes on West Ginger Island contain Golden Walnuts. Shaking them reveals the nuts. These bushes are near Qi’s Walnut Room in Tiger Slime Grove, west of the farmhouse, among other locations. (1 Walnut)

4. Northern Golden Walnut Locations

golden walnut locations

Total Northern Golden Walnut Count: 28

1. Large Animal Fossil: Complete the fossil to earn Golden Walnuts. (6 Walnut)

2. Snake Fossil: Assemble the snake fossil to receive Golden Walnuts. (1 Walnut)

3. Island Survey Challenges: Complete two island survey challenges to get Golden Walnuts. (2 Walnut)

4. Mummified Frog Donation: Donate a Mummified Frog to earn a Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

5. Mummified Bat Donation: Donate a Mummified Bat to obtain Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

6. Volcano Tree Slingshot: Hit the tree sprouting from the side of the Volcano using a slingshot to get Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

7. Journal Scrap: Follow the hint from Journal Scrap #10 and dig at the specified location to find Golden Walnut. (1 Walnut)

8. Various Dig Spots: There are multiple dig spots in the northern region, each yielding Golden Walnut. These spots include:

  • Inside the entrance to North Ginger Island. (1 Walnut)
  • Pebble circle to the northwest of the island. (1 Walnut)
  • Pebble circle to the east of the entrance of the Volcano. (1 Walnut)
  • Pebble circle up the stairs from the north of the previous dig site. (1 Walnut)
  • Sand next to a grassy patch inside the entrance of the main beach. (1 Walnut)
  • The entrance of the main beach is a diamond made of flowers. (1 Walnut)
  • A square patch of sand to the southeast of the Island Field Office. (1 Walnut)

9. Hidden Walnut Bushes: There are several walnut bushes hidden throughout North Ginger Island. Shaking them will yield Golden Walnuts.

These bushes are located:

  • On a hidden path through the cliff and across the rope bridge (2 Walnuts).
  • On a secret path west of the Volcano (1 Walnut).
  • Behind a palm tree southeast of the Volcano (1 Walnut).
  • Up the stairs across the bridge crossing the river (1 Walnut).
  • On a hidden path west of the trees near the Island Trader (1 Walnut).

5. Southern Golden Walnut Locations

golden walnut locations

Total Southern Golden Walnut Count: 12

  1. Hidden Route Behind a Tree: Located east of the Island North stairs, you can find a walnut. (1 Walnut)
  2. Fishing in Starfish Tide Pool: By fishing in this specific tide pool, you can be rewarded with a walnut. (1 Walnut)
  3. Diamond of Yellow Starfish: Once you build the resort, you can dig up a walnut at the beach’s center, surrounded by a diamond of yellow starfish. (1 Walnut)
  4. Mermaid Flute Block Puzzle: On a rainy day at the southeast beach, solving the mermaid flute block puzzle will reward you. (5 Walnuts)
  5. Darts at Pirate Cove: On clear nights after 8 p.m. on even-numbered days, winning three rounds of darts at Pirate Cove will earn you some walnuts. (3 Walnuts)
  6. Exposed Sand in Pirate Cove: Once you construct the resort, you can find a walnut buried in a patch of exposed sand. (1 Walnut)

The Rewards of Collecting Golden Walnuts

Golden Walnuts in Stardew Valley are not just for collection; they serve a purpose. They are used to unlock various areas and features on Ginger Island, expanding gameplay possibilities.

They also serve as a medium of exchange with the local parrots, who offer information and infrastructure improvements in return for a certain number of walnuts.

Some upgrades that the Golden Walnuts unlock include the Ginger Island Farmhouse, Farm Obelisk, Island Trader, Island Resort, Parrot Express, and Qi’s Walnut Room.


Golden Walnuts are an integral part of the Stardew Valley experience, especially for those exploring Ginger Island.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, the thrill of discovering these hidden treasures remains unparalleled.

So, equip yourself with this guide, venture out, and may you find every last one of those gleaming Golden Walnuts!

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