How to Give Robux to Friends and Other People

The online gaming platform of Roblox is a program that allows users to enjoy games being designed and launched by other players and designers. On this gaming platform, you will be provided with many games that will suit and fulfill all your gaming needs.

Like every other game, Roblox also has an in-house gaming store where you can purchase customized items for your avatars and other things that can help you in gameplay.

Robux, a type of in-game currency, enables you to buy the items of your choice. Giving away Robux is not easy, but we have tried to explain the same through some simple and easy steps.

Thus, mentioned below is a comprehensive article that will explain everything about what Robux is and how to give Robux to friends if you have ample of it.

So, without wasting any further moments, let’s keep rolling.

What is Robux?

Robux is a virtual online currency that is quite popular in the game of Roblox. This currency can create unique characters and experiences within the gameplay.

It has become the most important choice for gamers who want to expand in the game and get access to some exclusive items and features that are not available in the free version of the games in Roblox.

You can purchase Robux through real money, completing assigned tasks, communicating with fellow layers, or asking your friends to give you some.

You can also trade items in exchange for Robux. Below are the descriptive steps about “How to give Robux to friends?”.

Also, you can share Robux with your friends using Roblox Adopt me value list or trading with your friends.

3 Methods of How to Give Robux to Friends

how to give robux to friends

Transferring Robux directly to friends cannot be done in Roblox. Thus, you must work around and find different ways of sending Robux to your friends.

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You should follow the three descriptive methods mentioned below for the same.

Method 1:- Make a group

This is tried and tested method of sending Robux to friends through mobile. Follow the steps for the same.

  • Create a group by clicking on the menu icon. From the list of various options, choose the Groups option.
  • Fill in the necessary information and click on create a group.
  • You will now have to pay 100 Robux for creating the group and proceeding further.
  • Make your friends join the group.
  • Now your next step is to add the group funds.
  • To do this, create a game pass by clicking the create button on the top horizontal bar.
  • Go to the Group Creation Tab from the left menu and select the group to which you want to add the funds. After doing so, click on the Create New Experience option.
  • Select any game on Roblox and once it gets created, click on the gear icon on the right of the screen and select Create Game Pass.
  • Fill in the necessary details, click on the Preview button, and then the Verify Upload button.
  • Scroll down to go on the newly created game pass, click on the gear icon, and then click on Configure.
  • Select the sales option from the left vertical menu and turn on the toggle, stating the ‘Item for Sale’.
  • Set the price of the item put on sale and then click on sale. Now if people purchase this item, its Robux will be transferred to the group funds. And then, this fund can be distributed among the members.
  • Click on the screen’s three-dot icon on the right corner and select Configure group.
  • After this, go to Revenue > Payouts > One Time Payout and then Add Payout Recipients.
  • Under the username field, enter the name of the friend or recipient to whom you want to give Robux. The recipient should be part of the group for receiving the Robux.
  • Enter the amount of Robux you want to pay and click on distribute. The Robux will then be transferred immediately to the recipient’s account without waiting any further.

Method 2:- Creating a Game Pass

You can purchase the game pass created by them in exchange for Robux. The steps for following this method are as follows:-

  • Create a game pass using the Roblox account of your friend by clicking the create option on the top horizontal bar.
  • Now create a new game, but if you already have one, click on the gear icon on the right of the game listing.
  • From the list of options, select the game pass option.
  • It will then ask you to upload an image by clicking the ‘Choose File’ button.
  • Now in the Game Pass name field, type in an appropriate name, and you can also choose to write a description.
  • Click on the Preview button and then verify the upload. Now you will see a message, ‘Game Pass successfully created,’ flashing on your screen.
  • Keep scrolling on the same page. You will have to click the configure option under the gear button of the recently created game pass.
  • Now click on the sales option under the configured game pass option.
  • Click on the item for sale toggle, specify the price, and then click on the save option.
  • The last step is to click on the sale button for the game pass to go in for sale. Share the link of the same item with your friends from whom you want to get Robux.

Method 3:- Giving Donations in the form of Robux

If you are wondering how to give Robux to friends, this is the most popular way. In this method, your friend who wants Robux must create a T-Shirt, for example, and put it on sale.

And then you will purchase that T-shirt and give him Robux in exchange or as a donation.

Follow the below-mentioned steps for applying this method:

  • The first step is for your friend to join the Builder’s Club to create donation items. Then ask them to create a clothing item and make it available for sale.
  • Once the item is created, specify its price and upload it to the catalog. And also give a name to the made item.
  • Now you have to open your Roblox account. Go to the Avatar shop and type in the exact clothing item name that your friend created.
  • Once you find the item, click on it to buy. And when you buy, the amount of Robux it costs would be transferred to the seller, i.e., your friend who created it.

Tips to Remember Before Transfer Robux to Friends

You must have figured out how to give Robux to your friends through the abovementioned steps. But, before doing the final step for the same, you should go through the below-mentioned tips so that you make sure to make the transactions for the same.

  • Double-check all the details before sending the Robux.
  • Ensure you have entered the correct user name of whom you want to send Robux.
  • Ensure that there are enough Robux in your account for making a successful transaction.
  • While entering the billing information, ensure all the details are correct to avoid any delay or unwanted fees.
  • Choose a secure payment method if you purchase Robux in exchange for real money.
  • Make sure to ensure the purchase through a trusted and secured website.
  • Do proper research before making any purchase.
  • While gifting someone Robux, you may need help with certain troubleshooting problems. Thus, knowing techniques to resolve the same is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Our Thoughts

Thus, the steps or the ways mentioned above are some of the best methods of How to give Robux to friends.

The process seems a bit tricky at first sight, but when you follow them practically, you will find them pretty easy and viable. Thus, let us know which method you will choose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. In Roblox, how can you get Robux yourself?

Ans. To buy Robux for yourself:

  1. Visit the website of Roblox and log in to your account.
  2. After doing so, click on the Robux tab and select the number of Robux you want to purchase.
  3. Click on the buy button and pay through your favorite payment method.

Q. Can an Apple Gift Card be used for purchasing Robux?

Ans. Yes, of course, if you are playing Roblox on an iOS device, you can use an Apple gift card to purchase Robux.

Q. How can we send a Robux gift card to a friend?

Ans. Visit or to buy Robux gift cards. The amount of them can vary from $10 to $200. After completing the process, you can e-mail the gift card to your friend.

Q. Is there any limit to how many Robux you can own?

There are several factors due to which Roblox has restricted the total number of Robux in a Roblox account.

The restriction might change from time to time due to some external factors. Still, an individual is allowed to have 10K Robux at a time.

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