Best Discord Servers for Among Us in 2023

Here in this curated article, we will discuss all the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023

Multiplayer games are an emerging trend in the gaming world. Many of them are now available on Android, Windows, and iOS devices. 

One such popular multiplayer game which is quite famous among current gamers is Among Us. This is indeed one of the best cross-platforming games that can be played on PC and mobile phones together.

As this viral game is getting more and more popular, regular updates have been made to improve the players’ gaming experience.

The latest edited version of the game launches the newest in-game currency, the Star. Read our post on how to get stars in Among US.

One such vital component is chatting with fellow players to discuss a found dead body, a crewmate, or an imposter.

Thus, communicating with fellow crewmates is extremely important in this game. But the game only offers texting as the only option for communicating with fellow players.

Despite this, you can join the various running Discord servers for voice communication in the game Among Us. 

This will help you take your gameplay to the next level of inclination and make finding the imposter exciting.

Let’s get started!!

What Does a Discord Server in Among Us Mean?

best discord servers for among us in 2023Among Us is a popular multiplatform game where players need to interact with one another to point out who is the imposter between them the Among US Characters.

Exchanging messages after every round in Among Us is extremely important to discuss and kick the imposter out of the game. 

The game provides opportunities for the players to text and talk, unlike Roblox, which supports voice chats. Here is where the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023 enter the frame. 

The discord servers are an exciting place for gamers to socialize and make new friends through voice chat. Through the platform Discord servers, people share their ideas with like-minded people. 

Thus, choosing the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023 and joining them is essential for streaming your game on various platforms. 

Apart from this, the Discord servers also provide various other benefits to its players. Thus, you should scroll down below to acquaint yourself with the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023.

Join them today to communicate and inform others about the imposter or to prove your innocence when you are being framed. 

List of Best Discord Servers for Among Us in 2023

best discord servers for among us in 2023Listed below are some of the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023.

Joining these servers can help you interact with a large community of gamers, make new friends, participate in various events, etc. 

So let’s look into them!

1. Innersloth

best discord servers for among us in 2023Innersloth is the official discord server of Among US. This server currently entertains about 6 Lakh people at the time, which is too much to consider or accommodate any new members on the server.

A new space would only be made on the exit of any existing member. One of the major reasons for the Innersloth discord server to be at the top of the list is that; they receive any new updates straight from the developers.

By joining this discord server, the players also learn about the metals and spoilers of Among Us. Finding the imposter through this discord server is the easiest, as people may always find a group to talk to or chat with.

However, players may get blocked or banned from using this discord server if they do not follow specific rules. This is indeed the best discord server for Among Us in 2023.

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2. Among Us Global

best discord servers for among us in 2023This is the ideal discord server with about 1,39,000 members. This server has similar functions and benefits as the Innersloth.

In this server, we get all the recent updates and can also find new players to team up with. They have dedicated voice channels for in-game voice chatting and allow players to participate in events.

They have various lobbies. Some segregations are as follows; Asia lobbies, EU lobbies, NA lobbies, and many others for the players to make the right choice. 

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3. Among Us LFG

best discord servers for among us in 2023The acronym LFG means ‘Looking For Group.’ This is a dedicated discord server for those looking for new groups.

This discord server currently has about 1,75,000 active members who all take advantage of the server by following the rules.

This server does not entertain any toxic behavior. Also, a few moderators are always online to ban players who do not abide by the Among Us LFG discord server rules. Members can also participate in giveaways, events, and other fun activities. 

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4. Among Us

best discord servers for among us in 2023This super-active Among Us server has about 1,30,000 members. This is one of the most famous and largest Among Us servers due to its giveaways to the players and perks of matching ability.

The members who are a part of this Discord server can chat with fellow players through voice chat and can participate in tournaments, & giveaways to win exciting prizes.

As a beginner, you should avoid being a part of this discord server, as specific moderators will immediately ban players who misbehave or do not abide by the rules.

Also, the server has deployed specific discord bots to improve your experience with this voice chat server. 

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5. Daddy

best discord servers for among us in 2023Daddy is among the most versatile and best discord servers for Among Us in 2023. This is so because it has dedicated channels for all the games you are interested in, and you can also discuss any game on that platform.

Also, in this server, finding other players and enjoying the game through voice chat features is relatively easy.

Currently, this server hosts about 2,37,000 people, allowing them to improve their game by making new friends.

Players can also watch anime on this server. Overall this is one of the most loved Among Us discord servers.

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6. Among Us Community

best discord servers for among us in 2023This discord server has about 2,23,000 members. The number of people is significant because of the nearly 200 voice lobbies the server offers its players.

This discord server has a unique matchmaking that saves the players time from manually hunting for a suitable server to join.

This discord server supports hosting various tournaments at regular intervals to keep the excitement alive among its members. 

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These were all the popular and the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023.

Now let us move forward and find answers to some of the popularly asked questions related to the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to Use the Voice Chat Feature in Among Us?

Ans. Unfortunately, the globally popular game Among Us does not support the in-game voice chat option.

To use the same, the players must use third-party apps such as Discord Servers to meet new players and chat with them to find the imposter successfully. 

Q. Does Among Us Has Its Own Discord?

Ans. The game Among Us has its discord server, where players get perks such as matchmaking, voice chat, events, and exciting prizes.

This discord server is not meant for beginners, as they can be banned from the server if they do not follow the listed rules. 

Last Words

Discord servers are a great place to meet and interact with like-minded players and experience more fun and excitement in the game by participating in various events and other fun activities.

Thus, those mentioned above were all the best discord servers for Among Us in 2023 that you should look for. 

These servers are not specific for any country, so people across the globe can join them and take full advantage of their voice chat feature.

Happy Gaming!!

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