Best Landing Spots Fortnite in Chapter 4: Claim Your Victory in Season 2

Knowing the best landing spots Fortnite can improve your chances of winning. The landing spot in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 was examined.

A completely new environment has been added to the area in Fortnite Chapter 4. There are more POIs and a wider variety of places to visit. 

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Selecting the best landing spots Fortnite is one of the essential keys to succeeding in Fortnite.

In Fortnite Chapter 4, knowing the best landing spots Fortnite might mean the difference between winning and losing. They’ll allow you to load up on superior weaponry and gain an advantage over your rivals.

We will show you the best landing spots Fortnite and the areas with the most loot in Fortnite because not all landing spots are created equal. 

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Let’s proceed without delay!

Fortnite: Best Landing Spots in Chapter 4

best landing spots fortniteAll of these suggested landing sites provide great loot, and some degree of consistency, and frequently have a quirk that makes them useful depending on your playstyle.

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Here are six of the best landing spots Fortnite that players can try out this season.

1. Mega City

Mega City is the best POI to land at in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 in terms of pure treasure. 

More than 100 chests are dispersed across the skyscraper structures in this area. Additionally, a tonne of floor treasure is available to boost your inventory as you ascend higher.

It regards the top landing spots Fortnite this season is only possible by paying attention to the significant new milestone. 

Fortnite, this is an entirely new city! It’s huge. Mega City has many treasures, a vault, and a boss character. Even the practical mobility feature of grind rails is included. 

One of the most active areas on the map is where half of the current Fortnite player count is disappearing. You will gain proper stuff if you can stand a few early fights.

2. Kenjutsu Crossing

The most southern POI on the map, Kenjutsu Crossing, is another new POI for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. This is wonderful because players won’t have to worry about being pushed from that side.

There are two halves to the POI. Smaller structures/buildings can be seen on the western side, while a vast dojo resembling a fortress is on the eastern side. 

This location has a Capture Point in the courtyard and a never-ending supply of loot inside the building itself.

It can be compared to a castle and has a traditional Japanese architectural style. Those planning to land here should be aware that things could turn violent.

3. Brutal Bastion

Last season, one of the most terrifying places a player might end up was Brutal Bastion. The POI is more at ease in Chapter 4, Season 2. Of fact, there are still gamers who arrive here, but they are rare.

Brutal Bastion is a beautiful starting location for playing in pairs, trios, or squads. The POI has a lot to offer in terms of activities and loot. 

The NPC known as Highcard spawns here and a Capture Point, which can be located in the POI’s center.

The number of loot and slurp barrels in this area is enormous, and you can utilize a shield truck to reach the complete shield fast. However, this location is a hotspot and frequently has an intense rivalry.

4. Lotus Lookout

Far to the south of Steamy Springs is a small island that broke off and was given the name Lotus Lookout. 

Most gamers wouldn’t anticipate seeing this name on the list of the best landing spots Fortnite, but there it is. Many people need to be made aware of the precise location of this landmark.

Arriving here at the beginning of the game will reward players with lots of riches. Players will have easy access to the NPC known as Thunder and the things that may be plundered within the building on this tiny island. 

Players can locate up to four chests and a cooler next to the NPC. The stepping stones south of the NPC contain additional goodies. Beginners and newcomers will find it an excellent landing spot.

5. Royal Ruin

Players probably didn’t anticipate seeing Royal Ruin on this list, like they didn’t expect to see Lotus Lookout. 

Despite being a landmark in the older portion of Fortnite Chapter 4 island’s medieval biome, it is optional.

You’ll find Royal Ruin West of the Citadel on the island’s edge. There is just one entrance and exit from the area, which makes this monument interesting. 

If they are attacked, it is a suitable defensive position for the players. While there is some loot in the area near the bridge, there is more in the tower inside the landmark. 

Next to the tower, there is even a Holo-Chest, as well as a Reboot Van. Despite this, gamers wishing for an exciting start would be better served elsewhere than at this landing spot.

6. Slappy Shores

Slappy Shores has it all, even though most of the significant POIs are fantastic in their own right. There is a Slurp Truck on the bridge, a tonne of loot, and a tonne of places to find supplies. 

The primary reason this POI is so successful is that it offers a variety of options, including access to a nearby Reboot Van and a body of water where you may fish.

Compared to other significant POIs, Slappy Shores is less likely to be contested because it is often out of the way. This location is beautiful for those who want to practice entering battles early on.

Final Wrapped!!

And that’s it. Now jump off the battle and throw yourself into the best landing spots Fortnite of the Chapter 4 Season 2 map! We hope we can help you.

That’s everything you need to know about the best landing spots Fortnite Chapter 4! The land is here, and you get a great gameplay experience.

Happy Gaming!!

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