How to Get Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos Exotic LMG?

Finishing the Destiny 2: Lightfall campaign unlocks new Exotic weapon missions, including Unfinished Business, which grants the Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos void machine gun.

If you’re a fan of this amazing game, this is one weapon you don’t want to miss out on!

This guide will walk you over Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos and how to obtain and unlock the weapon so you can add another Exotic to your collection.

The amazing feature of this Exotic machine gun is that it can boost its damage by landing successive shots, making it a formidable weapon when paired with Void.

Let’s get to know it all now!

How to Get the Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos?

destiny 2 deterministic chaosLooking forward to the top Game Releases of the year? Then you can’t miss out on Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos – the newest Exotic Machine Gun with everyone talking.

This highly coveted weapon can be yours once you complete the Lightfall campaign and embark on the Unfinished Business Exotic quest.

To get the gun, you must complete the Unfinished Business Exotic quest, which brings you around hidden regions of Neomuna as well as a familiar location for Destiny 2 veterans.

This guide shows you how to begin the Unfinished Business quest, accomplish each quest step, and a mission overview for ‘What Remains,’ the last quest step associated with obtaining Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos.

How to Start Unfinished Business Quest?

Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 may be obtained by completing the Unfinished Business quest.

You would unlock it after completing the Lightfall campaign and all Destiny 2 Lightfall missions. Nimbus, take the mission after the campaign is finished.

You may complete the campaign on either Normal or Legendary difficulty. Nimbus awards’ Unfinished Business’ after finishing the Lightfall campaign.

This quest is lengthy, and you must complete the following task to complete the Unfinished Business quest.

1. Collect Cipher Qubits

destiny 2 deterministic chaosAccording to the quest, you must acquire qubits by defeating Vex enemies to obtain Rohan’s data from Cloud Accretions.

To complete this quest step, destroy 40 Vex on Neomuna, collect the pickups they drop, and harvest 5 resources at the destination.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

Every Vex enemy you kill will drop a resource on their corpse, just like resource patrols. It is known as a qubit.

You need to collect 40 of them. After enough qubits, you must harvest five resources (known as Cloud Accretions) from Neomuna.

2. Locate the Final Data Packet-in Maya’s Retreat

destiny 2 deterministic chaosTo proceed with the mission, you must recover Rohan’s final data packet from Maya’s Retreat.

It is an isolated region of Neomuna that connects to Liming Harbor. This location is marked on your map and is simple to reach.

When you approach the Vex pylon in the center of the pond and turn it on, this will trigger the appearance of several waves of Vex that you’ll have to overcome.

To do this job, defeat the Vex and reactivate the Vex complex.

3. Retrieve a Vex Compass

destiny 2 deterministic chaosAfter speaking with them at the gaming arcade, Nimbus and Osiris will direct players to clear out the Thrilladome Lost Sector in Liming Harbor, which is infested with Vex enemies.

A reliable close-range weapon will prove to be beneficial in this section.

After destroying all the enemies, players can loot the Lost Sector chest and proceed toward Ahimsa Park.

4. Create Chaos in Ahimsa Park

destiny 2 deterministic chaosThis step’s wording doesn’t quite indicate what you’re doing.

To complete this step, you must use your abilities to battle 100 Cabal opponents in Ahimsa Park.

The subclasses you pick for this purpose don’t matter, so here’s what we recommend:

  • Hunter: Use Arcstrider. The Cabal is defeated quickly with a Combination Blow and a One-Two Punch Shotgun.
  • Titan: Use Sunbreaker. Kill a Cabal unit with your hammer, pick it up off the ground, and do it again. Damage from Throwing hammer combined with Synthoceps and Roaring Flames is insane.
  • Warlock: Use Dawnblade. Using Starfire Protocol or Sunbracers enables you to obtain unlimited grenades. Users of Sunbracer can get infinite Solar Grenades by using Incinerating Snap’s Ignite proc, and users of Starfire can obtain endless Fusion Grenades by using Witherhoard and Empowering Rifts.

5. Find the Seed of Silver Wings

destiny 2 deterministic chaosIt is a simple process, but a backup strategy is brilliant if something goes wrong.

After taking out the Cabal defending the area, go to the group of vases by the side of the arena to locate the seed. Return to Nimbus to complete the mission.

6. Complete What Remains

destiny 2 deterministic chaosOn the way to Maya’s Retreat, there is a unique quest called “What Remains” that can be started.

To complete the objective, you must locate Nimbus in the raid on the Garden of Salvation.

Fortunately, Garden’s raid mechanics have been removed, but don’t expect a stroll in the park.

Bring a strong mid-range weapon and a Void subtype before the mission begins. Your first opponent in this quest will be a small Vex army.

After finishing, proceed to the Next wheel spinning on the field’s opposing side. Eventually, Hydra and Supplicants will keep you from leaving a revolving tunnel.

Get a laser weapon first by eliminating the Vex additions. Shoot the angled squares floating behind the wall with the laser to knock them down.

You need to eliminate three Taken Blights for the following section. Kill the Blights, enter the portal that appears, then proceed to Nimbus by following the waypoint.

Nimbus has discovered some Cloud Strider technology you can use to complete your task. Pick it up and put it on your new Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos Machine Gun.

Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos Perks and Traits

The heavy machine gun Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 does void damage.

  • Heavy Metal: Every fourth bullet becomes a hefty projectile while the trigger is depressed, weakening enemies upon impact.
  • Vexadecimal: Holding the trigger down causes targets hit by every fourth Heavy Metal missile to become volatile.
  • Polygonal Rifling: Barrel optimized for recoil reduction. Improves stability.
  • Ricochet Rounds: Rounds ricochet off hard surfaces. It improves stability and slightly increases the range.
  • Composite Stock: This weapon has a multifunctional dual stock. It marginally improves handling speed and stability.

Its base stats include a slow fire rate and a 48-round magazine, allowing you to precision target your opponents to get the most of the Traits and Perks.

Wrapping Words

Players can acquire the necessary components and materials to unlock this powerful weapon by completing certain activities and quests.

With the right strategy and dedication, anyone can add the Destiny 2 Deterministic Chaos to their arsenal and experience its devastating firepower in the battle against the Darkness.

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