How to Get the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a highly engaging mobile puzzle game where the players are supposed to restore the house of the grandma and other areas while knowing about her family secrets.

It is a casual game with super exciting gameplay, but you must use various options and strategies to move forward.

Due to the multiple mechanics in the game, you will come across different levels, challenges, and events.

You can get the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion easily by using this guide. The game also allows you to solve puzzles by finding similar items, matching them, and merging them.

What is Hood Ornament?

merge mansion

One such event is called Lindsay’s New York Story, and by completing the event, you will be rewarded with an item called the Hood Ornament.

If you are also interested in knowing how to unlock the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion, keep scrolling below for the same, as you have landed in the right place.

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How to Unlock or Reach the Lindsay New York Event in the Game of Merge Mansion?

The event of Lindsay’s New York Story is not available at the very beginning of the game. Thus, follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to unlock the Lindsay New York Event.

  • This New York event in the game of Merge Mansion is only accessible to those who have completed a certain amount of missions earlier. If you are new to the game, you must complete various missions as soon as possible.
  • However, to unlock the Lindsay New York Event and earn Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion, you have first to clean up the garage area.
  • After doing so, you can access the Lindsay New York Event from the calendar option.
  • This event will only be available on your gaming account for 3 days, or 72 hours to be precise. So you will have to complete this event and earn the hood ornament under this particular event. If you fail, you must make the event over again.
  • By completing the event, you will earn various Makeup Tools as a reward, which you can use later to obtain the Hood Ornament.
  • An important point that should be noted is that; that the makeup tools available or earned during the event will only help you to merge and obtain the hood ornament. And once you have received the same, you can sell the leftover makeup tools.

How to Obtain the Hood Ornament?

Now you know that the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion will only be available for you after completing the Lindsay’s Story Event.

If you are done with the same, go through the below-mentioned steps to learn how to obtain the ornament.

  • Once you have earned the Makeup Tools at the New York event, you must merge them until you reach Level 4 (the nail file level or above).
  • With every makeup tool you merge in level 4, you will drop an item to you from the Lindsay Hopper chain.
  • After receiving the items, you will have to merge these newly acquired items from the Lindsay Hopper Chain till Level 11, to receive the Car Hood Ornament.

Thus, we have listed below the sequence of the items you will be receiving from the Lindsay Hopper Chain for merging to receive the Hood Ornament at last.

Scroll below to check out the same:

  1. Photo of Lindsay
  2. Statue of Liberty
  3. Safe
  4. Bull
  5. Bag of Money
  6. Bear
  7. Empty Safe
  8. Theater Mask
  9. Spray Can
  10. Modern Factory
  11. Car Hood Ornament

That was all you must do to obtain the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to get unlimited energy in Merge Mansion?

Ans. Look at your Event Board; if you have got Unlimited Energy Booster, tap on it to activate. During the Booster’s Activation Period, you will consume no e. And if you press two energy boosters simultaneously, you will add their time of energy together.

Q. Are Makeup Tools needed anymore after obtaining the Hood Ornament?

Ans. No, once you have obtained the Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion, you can sell the leftover Makeup Tools to save space, as they are no longer needed.

Q. What is the last gaming level of Merge Mansion?

Ans. Currently, Level 50 is the last level of the game Merge mansion.

Que. Are there any cheat codes or gimmicks to progress in the game of Merge Mansion?

Ans. Well, we are sorry to inform you that no cheat codes or gimmicks will help your game’s progress. Some tips can surely optimize your gaming experience.

Such as:-

  • Changing the date and time of the mobile phone device so you do not have to wait for rewards in your piggy bank.
  • Combine small chests to get extra rewards.
  • Merge all the daily free piggy banks you get to earn extra rewards.
  • Save the earned time boosters so you do not have to wait for rewards.
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