All We Know About The Meg

People love shark movies and people also love to see Jason Statham in Action. Jason Statham is playing the role of Jonas Taylor in The Meg. It is a Gaint Killer Shark movie directed by Jon Turteltaub.

The Meg

Jonas Taylor is a deep sea rescue expert, therefore, they call him out of retirement to rescue his ex-wife. It is an underwater disaster, where she is trapped at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. However, it isn’t the worst part, because a giant squid attacks her and then comes a giant shark Megalodon, to eat the squid. Besides that, the Megalodons were considered extinct until this disaster happens.

The Meg Summary

There isn’t much to summarize about The Meg. Jonas comes for rescuing his ex-wife and Megalodon escapes into the open ocean. Then it starts eating every that comes in sight and People try to kill it. That about sums it up, just add an out of control shark and Jonas Statham in action. There you have it, The Meg.

The movie is surprisingly serious, considering Jason Statham fights a giant shark. The Filmmakers decided not leave even small things out because every scientific detail was explained in the movie. Therefore, in the end, you will find this movie plausible. When characters die in The Meg, in a very humane way the survivors moan and cry over their deaths. Since the movie was only made to show those people getting bitten in half anyway.

By letting the big action sequences play out huge and filling the little moments with detail. Jon Turteltaub did a very good job directing this movie. The audience will find this movie refreshing. Who are strongly influenced by those movies in which sharks fight mechanical sharks or hybrid wolf-sharks.

When Jonas finds himself swimming in the middle of the ocean, less than a hundred feet away from the ticked off Megalodon. He races that giant fish to a little boat that’s probably not safe. Therefore, the scene is filled with real intensity. Jason Statham doesn’t get to fight as many sharks as we want, but he’s completely at home in this movie. Morris sums him up perfectly: “He looks heroic and he walks fast, but he’s got kind of a negative attitude.”


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