How Technology is Changing Entertainment

The world of entertainment has changed a lot in the last few decades. From the idiot box that would occupy more space and offer less entrainment to a slim smart TV that allows us to select the type of entrainment we need, we have surely come a long way. 

Moreover, with the help of smartphone apps, you can easily watch your favorite shows or dramas on the go. From bringing a TV right from your living room to your palm, technology has surely made life much easier, this is how technology is changing entertainment.

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These changes are not just limited to the devices used for entertainment but also extend to the way we stay entertained.

Now, viewers have more control over the content they watch; this is not just limited to on-demand-based content, content topics, and plot of the content but also extends to the length of the content. 

According to tech experts, this is just the start; in the coming years, the world of entertainment will see a shift in the devices and concepts of entertainment, and everything within the industry will be completely customizable.

Most tech experts claim that personalization will kill the idea of mass entrainment, while others consider it pivotal.

Within this article, we will mention entrainment industry trends in the recent decade, along with some upcoming trends that will soon come into effect. As an entrainment enthusiast, these trends seem quite fun, so you must keep your eyes peeled. 

So, without further ado, let us dive into some juicy details.

Technology is Changing Entertainment Industry Within the Last Decade

technology is changing entertainment

Over the years, the entrainment industry has changed a lot, thanks to the use of the internet and open-source video-sharing apps.

Currently, the impact of how technology is changing entertainment is evident as, when searching for a movie, series, or documentary, you can find it online, whether pirated or legal.

In the last few decades, the biggest achievement of the entrainment industry has been to bring the big idiot box from the living room, forming a bonding experience all the way to the palm of your hand so you can enjoy some me time.

This shift reflects the broader theme of how technology is changing entertainment, giving viewers more control and demanding less compromise in content choice.

Apart from this, instant punch line-based content that requires little to no attention is becoming more popular.

This has further led to changing the popularity of the content, its lifetime and timeline, as well as celebrity status.

This shift has a jolting effect on the entrainment industry as a whole, and most of the entrainment giants are still recovering from its effects. 

What Are We Expecting in the Near Future?

Considering all the hype in tech about AI and its implementation, we can already see that in the near future, creative tasks will be shifted to AI.

If you have been using social media in recent times, you might have noticed all the AI-based covers and pictures that most fans make for their favorite artists. It is expected that soon this will become a trend. 

Currently, AI rights are not issued by artists or production companies, so there is a high chance that they can be exploited. Moreover, artists are openly discouraging everyone from using AI to generate videos. Pictures and music.

This discouragement will be short-lived as more entrainment companies are coming forth to bargain and buy the artist and production rights. 

Now, companies will be able to not just generate music and issue versions of the same song in different voices but also offer platforms with copyrighted voices by your favorite singers that can be used later for generating songs.

Similarly, for the movies and series, these companies are battling for acting rights where actor rights will be bought so that viewers can enter the movie concept and select the plot. AI will help in generating the content right away by using the prompts. 

Recently, Netflix experimented with interactive movies where the viewer can steer the story based on their choice, and this experiment has been quite successful.

It is expected that in the future, more streaming sites will allow customizable entrainment content that can be changed based on need and interest. 

What Have We Missed So Far?

For the longest time, tech experts have been betting on AR and VR in the entertainment industry, calling it the next big thing. From gaming to movies, music, and entertainment, the contribution of AR and VR was endorsed openly.

However, after the running project Facebook was discarded, the hype of AR and VR died its natural death, leaving a big room for AI. 

Now, more artists and companies are getting rid of devices complementing AR and VR. Apart from this, experts are predicting that this complete miss of trend will limit the role of AI and VR completely.

From games to entertainment, most of us will never get to experience AR and VR again. 

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned trends in entrainment highlight the importance of tech and its contribution to the entrainment industry. However, we have also mentioned how most anticipated trends and predictions have failed.

Considering the risk, we have listed some of the most evident changes in the entrainment field due to tech development so viewers can catch up on the recent trends. 

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