5% Of In-Game Revenue Donated by Rockstar Games for COVID-19 Relief

News was revealed during a post from the Rockstar Games Twitter account, where the corporate explained that, from April 1, 5% of in-game purchases in GTA Online and Red Dead Online will go towards COVID-19 relief. The donation period will last until the top of May.

Rockstar Games has announced that it’ll donate 5% of its online revenue to COVID-19 relief efforts.

This means that a percentage of the worth of Rockstar’s in-game microtransactions like Gold Bars in Red Dead Online and Shark Cards in GTA Online will go towards helping aid those that are suffering from COVID-19.
“These funds are going to be wont to help local communities and businesses battling the impacts of COVID-19, both directly and by supporting a number of the amazing organizations who are on the bottom,” the statement reads.


The decision was made after the team had noticed that communities around Rockstar offices in “North America, the UK, India and beyond” were facing hardship thanks to the pandemic, with small businesses closing doors and people who need government support unable to access it. “The road ahead is going to be challenging, and that we want to assist where we will,” the statement reads.

It’s a charitable move from Rockstar that follows within the footsteps of other companies within the games industry who do their bit to assist fight the Coronavirus. Last week we saw Nintendo donate nearly 10 thousand respirator masks to frontline staff in Washington. CD Projekt Red is additionally helping by donating nearly $1 million to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Poland.

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