List of All Monsters in Content Warning

Content Warning is an extremely interesting horror survival game where the main motive of the players is to film a viral video for a platform called SpookTube and become famous.

For this, they have to visit abandoned factories, encounter strange monsters, and film them in a clip of 90 seconds in an in-game tenure of 3 days.

At the beginning of the game, you would find normal creatures like ghosts and spiders, but as you went further in the game, you encountered more strange creatures lurking in the dark.

Thus, to help you understand and get acquainted with every monster in the game, we here have listed all the monsters in Content Warning.

You can read the below detailed article, and save it for further use, to learn their behavior and follow some crucial steps to tackle with them.

So, without waiting any further, let’s get started with this explanatory article quickly about all the found monsters in Content Warning.

All Monsters in the Content Warning

monsters in content warningThe world of Content Warning is filled with spooky creatures that usually lurk around the players in the shadows. There is a wide variety of monsters whose behaviour varies from aggressive to ardently lethal. 

Not all the monsters in Content Warning can cause harm to the players, but no matter whom you encounter or go through, you and your crew are going to face certain issues.

Hence, scroll down in the list of monsters in Content Warning, to know a little about each of them.

1. Spider:

Spiders are the most basic type of monster in Content Warning, having eight legs and a flat creature. This creature shoots out a web to catch hold of its prey, so be extremely careful while exploring. 

2. Crawler:

This monster in the game looks like a human whose limbs are outstretched. He uses all of its four limbs to crawl in the dark and hates to come in direct contact with the light. Hence, to shoo the crawler away from you, simply throw light at him. 

3. Knife Ghost:

The Knife Ghost in the game of Content Warning looks like a small child who is wearing a white bedsheet with a knife in their hand.

It chases the players roaming nearby him and attacks them with the knife whenever they are in the range with him. To survive in the game, simply sprint away from this monster.

4. War Robot:

The war robot is a four-leg robotic creature that has a machine gun attached to it. This in-game monster can be easily spotted through the red-coloured light coming out of their sight.

Once this war robot locates its potential target, it will start to fire the machine gun. Hence, make sure to hide behind the walls and objects to survive till death. 

5. Slimes:

This monster in Content Warning looks exactly like its name. It is a glowy blob-type structure that causes no harm to the players around it.

However, this monster would drag the players to an area where other in-game monsters would probably spawn him. So, the best way for you is to move out of its way before it catches you.

6. Whisker Head:

Whisker Head is a monster in Content Warning that has a mixer head and a human body. This strange-looking structure has no hands, and it only attacks in a straight line. If you want to protect yourself from being its victim, simply move out of its way.

7. Big Tooth:

This character is a big foot-sized human who has giant teeth and is extremely terrifying to look at. The best possible way to avoid them is to stay out of their way. Otherwise, surely, it would hunt you down.

8. Bomber Frog:

The character of the Bomber Frog in Content Warning is a strange creature with no legs but two large claws attached to its body.

It hops here and there in the factory until players look at it and throw bombs. Whenever you find this monster in Content Warning, simply start to run away from him.

9. Iron Maiden:

Iron Maiden is not exactly an in-game monster, but it still acts as a threat to you and your teammate.

The Iron Maiden is a trap that has tools attached to it that cause damage to the trapped player. Other in-game players would have to solve the puzzle to free their victim friend. Or else you would lose your teammate.

10. Gremlin:

Gremlin is a cute-looking short-height monster in Content Warning who likes to chase one player at a time.

This in-game creature has a big mouth and short & stubby legs and catches its prey from behind.

The only way to save yourself from the attacks is to not get spotted easily. Thus, remaining cautious is one of the best solutions to avoid this monster.

11. Centipede:

This monster, in Content Warning, resembles a human being with its limbs outstretched towards the player. Centipede likes to manhandle the players by throwing them.

If it catches you by chance, it would pick you up and throw you away on a fellow player so hard that you both would surely lose half of your in-game health. 

12. Long Ears:

Long Ears is a crazy monster in the game whose power lies in its big ears, through which he catches noise-making players.

Well hearing sound is both the strength and weakness of this monster. As shouting out loud on the microphone is the only way to shoo away this monster. 

13. Cyclopes:

Cyclopes are a magical monster in Content Warning that is available on every gaming server. This monster is pretty huge and has a red eye on its face.

You would come to know about the arrival of this monster when all the lights on the map start to flicker. Once it comes near you, it hypnotizes the player.

Then they are not able to look anywhere else but in its big red eye. After a while, when the player stands completely frozen, there is no chance left for the player to escape; the monster at that moment kills the player.

Hence, it is extremely difficult to escape Cyclope. So, the moment when the lights on the map flicker, you should head back home to avoid it and save your life.  

14. Barnacle:

Barnacles is one of the toughest monsters in Content Warning, and escaping through it is extremely difficult. This creature has tentacles, using which it swings to attack the players.

It also spins around and forms a tornado to cause damage to the players. If you are at a distance from the monster, it would then spit on all the players of the team to deal with the minor damage.

The only way to protect yourself is to run in different directions and enter different rooms, which confuses the monster and thus slows him down. 

15. Eye Guy:

monsters in content warningThe Eye Guy is another strange-looking monster in Content Warning who has three eyes, 1 on the front and 2 at the back.

This creature also has sharp claws, which it uses to attack the players. It stands still in the dark and only moves when light is thrown towards it. Players can easily outrun this creature as it is comparatively slower than the others. 

16. Snail Man:

Snail Man, commonly known as Zombie, is a popular monster in Content Warning, and it usually appears out of nowhere in the game.

If you spot them before they get close to you, you should immediately run in the opposite direction to avoid them.

These usually spawn in pairs and are not so fast when it comes to catching the player, but if the player gets in their hand, they would probably cause damage to you.

17. Grabber Snake:

Grabber Snake is one of the massive monsters in Content Warning. The main strategy of this monster is to grab a particular target at a time and throw it.

If you are the probable target of this deadly in-game monster, you could hear it whispering to you before it throws you.

If they are not already hurt, they won’t die at first when you attack them, but if they are hurt before, they can die the second time. You can also try shooing them away using a flashlight.

18. Ceiling Star:

This monster in Content Warning, belongs to the medium danger zone. It is a kind of trap monster that dwells on the ceilings.

So you have to be extremely careful and keep an eye out for this. If, by mistake, you step underneath it, you will be pulled into its trap.

If, by chance, you see your teammate getting caught in this trap, simply throw things at him to release. You can do this by pressing the ‘Q’ button on the keyboard and holding the thing you want to throw both at the same time.

The object would first start shaking in your hand, and then it would be thrown. Also, this monster would attempt to throw things at you to distract you, and when the player would stoop down to see what it was, the Ceiling Star would immediately grab hold of the player with its tongue.

19. Tall Man:

The Tall Man is one of the great monsters in Content Warning. It has a humanoid look with a relatively quick gait, long reach, and a hard-hitting slam attack.

In the game, if you are close to the Tall Man, you would probably hear its hard-hitting slam attack. This monster strikes its prey once, eventually stunning you and knocking down your back, and before striking the second time, it comes closer and reduces the distance from its prey.

By that time, you would not have recuperated from the first attack; you would have already been hit the second time.

And it becomes pretty impossible for you to recover from the same. The victim players can use the stun stick gadget to temporarily slow down this in-game monster.

20. Gravity Monster:

This is another strange monster in Content Warning that would turn hostile towards the players and create a black hole similar to a vortex that sucks in the nearby players and items and kills them with their attack.

If this monster spots you first, it will give you a chase. But, once it goes far away from you, it begins to spin rapidly in a circle, creating its vortex. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. List the Eight Most Deadly Monsters in Content Warning.

Ans. The names of eight deadly monsters in Content Warning are as follows:-

  • Whisker Head
  • Snail Man
  • Cyclope
  • Ceiling Star 
  • Tall Man
  • Iron Maiden
  • Barnacle
  • War Robot 

Let’s Conclude

Hence, that was all the necessary information that we wanted to share with you regarding the list of all the present monsters in Content Warning.

We hope that you have found this article, of great help to you, and through it, you will have learned about the various types of in-game months present and the way to deal with them. 

Now, try to capture each of them in the camera and create a viral SpookTube video with the same. So, do not wait any further. Read our tips for creating a viral video, and get started capturing the strange monsters in Content Warning today.

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