Ascent Valorant Map: Callouts, Strats, Agents, Tips and More

Dive into the intricate world of Valorant’s Ascent map, a battleground that holds a special place in the heart of the game.

Launched alongside Valorant’s global debut, the Ascent Valorant map is not just another arena—it’s where the core gameplay of Valorant was honed and perfected.

From its inception as one of the first maps pieced together by Riot Games to its unique features that challenge even the most seasoned players, Ascent is a testament to Valorant’s evolving gameplay dynamics.

Whether you’re keen on mastering callouts, strategizing with the new Valorant agents, or seeking invaluable tips to dominate the opposition, this guide is your gateway to mastering the Ascent Valorant map.

Ascent – Short Overview

ascent valorant mapSet against the romantic backdrop of Venice, the Ascent Valorant map offers players a unique tactical playground. With its symmetrical design and Venetian charm, Ascent stands out as a testament to Riot Games’ dedication to immersive gameplay.

The map is punctuated by two primary sites, A and B, interconnected by a bustling Mid area. Unique mechanical doors add an innovative twist, allowing for fresh strategies and dynamic plays.

Whether navigating the tight corridors of A Main or strategizing in B Market, the Ascent Valorant map promises a blend of strategy, excitement, and unparalleled tactical depth.

Valorant Premier’s structured competitive ecosystem includes regional competitions and culminates in a grand championship event.

Ascent Valorant Map Layout and Key Callouts

ascent valorant mapThe Ascent Valorant map, a captivating blend of Venetian charm and tactical complexity, has quickly become a cornerstone of the Valorant universe.

Its unique layout, combined with many key callouts, offers players a challenging yet rewarding battleground.

Let’s embark on a journey through the map’s layout and its essential callouts.

Layout Overview

Nestled amidst the picturesque backdrop of Venice, the Ascent Valorant map boasts a symmetrical design, ensuring a balanced playing field for both attackers and defenders.

The map is divided into three primary regions: A Site, B Site, and the pivotal Mid area. Each of these regions offers its own set of challenges and opportunities, demanding players to strategize and adapt continually.

A Site

The A site is a fusion of open spaces and tight corners, creating a dynamic battleground. Key features include:

  • A Main: The primary entrance for attackers, this corridor often becomes the stage for initial skirmishes.
  • A Garden: An open area offering an alternative route for attackers and potential flanking opportunities for defenders.
  • A Rafters: An elevated platform that provides defenders with a strategic vantage point to oversee the site.
  • A Tree: A crucial connector between A site and Mid, facilitating swift rotations.

B Site

The B site on the Ascent Valorant map offers a multi-layered tactical experience. Essential callouts here are:

  • B Main: The main pathway for attackers, this entrance is often heavily guarded by defenders.
  • B Market: A critical junction connecting B site to Mid, it’s pivotal for controlling the map’s tempo.
  • B Boathouse: Positioned just beneath the B site, it’s a familiar spot for post-plant scenarios and defensive holds.

Mid Map

The heart of the Ascent Valorant map, the Mid area, is a strategic goldmine. Key callouts include:

  • Mid Top: An elevated position offering a bird’s-eye view of the central region.
  • Mid Bottom: The lower section of Mid is essential for teams vying for central control.
  • Mid Courtyard: An open space often becomes a contested zone due to its significance in team rotations.
  • Mid Pizza: A tucked-away spot near B Market, ideal for ambushes or defensive holds

Best Agents for Ascent Valorant Map

While every agent brings their unique flair to the game, specific agents shine exceptionally bright on Ascent, leveraging the map’s layout to maximize their abilities.

Let’s delve into the agents who genuinely excel on this Venetian masterpiece.

1. Omen

ascent valorant mapThe mysterious controller, Omen, thrives on the Ascent Valorant map.

His ability to deploy smokes with “Dark Cover” and blind opponents using “Paranoia” makes him invaluable for controlling key areas like Mid and A-Main.

Plus, his “Shrouded Step” and “Ultimate” allow for unexpected plays, catching enemies off guard.

2. Jett

ascent valorant mapAgile and swift, Jett’s mobility is a game-changer on Ascent.

Whether dashing through B Market or taking elevated positions on A Rafters, her speed and agility make her a formidable opponent.

The tight corners and vertical spaces of the Ascent Valorant map play right into Jett’s strengths.

3. Killjoy

ascent valorant mapThe genius sentinel, Killjoy, can lock down sites with unparalleled efficiency.

Her “Nanoswarm” grenades and “Turret” are perfect for holding choke points like B Main or A Garden.

And when the Spike is planted, her “Lockdown” Ultimate can secure rounds or disrupt enemy plans.

4. Sova

ascent valorant mapInformation is power, and on the Ascent Valorant map, Sova is the king of intel.

His “Recon Bolt” can reveal enemies hiding in B Boathouse or A Tree while his “Owl Drone” scouts ahead, providing invaluable insights.

His abilities ensure that his team is always a step forward.

5. Cypher

ascent valorant mapThe Moroccan spy is a master of surveillance, and on Ascent, his tools come to life.

His “Spycam” can monitor key areas, while his “Trapwires” alert the team of any flanking maneuvers.

On the Ascent Valorant map, Cypher’s presence means no move goes unnoticed.

Strategic Tips for Playing on Ascent

The Ascent Valorant map, with its Venetian charm and tactical intricacies, offers a unique battleground for players. To truly excel, one must understand the strategic nuances that cater to attackers and defenders.

Here are some pivotal tips tailored for each side:


  1. Mid Control: The heart of the Ascent Valorant map is its central region. Gaining control of Mid allows flexible rotations and can split the defenders’ attention.
  2. Utilize Smokes: Block off key sightlines, especially in choke points like A Main or B Market, to advance or execute site safely takes.
  3. Vertical Play: Use agents with vertical mobility to exploit elevated positions, such as A Rafters or B Tower, catching defenders off-guard.
  4. Fake Rotations: Given Ascent’s layout, a well-executed fake on one site can pull defenders away, making the other vulnerable.


  1. Hold Tight Angles: The Ascent Valorant map has corners and nooks. Use them to your advantage to surprise attackers.
  2. Mechanical Doors: Unique to Ascent, these doors can be closed to disrupt attackers’ plans, delay pushes, or even isolate engagements.
  3. Flexible Rotations: Stay alert and be ready to rotate swiftly. Control of Mid allows for quick transitions between A and B sites.
  4. Information Gathering: Use intel-gathering agents to scout and relay attacker movements, ensuring the team is always prepared for the next move.

Lineups and Advanced Strategies


  1. Post-Plant Molotovs: Agents like Brimstone and Viper can deploy Molotovs from safe distances to prevent defuses. Familiarize yourself with specific spots where you can launch these abilities to target common defuse points.
  2. Recon Darts: Sova mains should practice dart lineups that reveal hidden corners of sites or popular defender positions. A well-placed Recon Dart on the Ascent Valorant map can provide invaluable intel.
  3. Trap Setups: Cypher and Killjoy can set up intricate trap combinations, catching attackers off-guard. Learn spots where you can place these gadgets for maximum impact.

Advanced Strategies

  1. Vertical Play: Utilize agents like Jett or Raze to exploit Ascent’s vertical spaces. Quick boosts onto ledges or unexpected high-ground positions can surprise opponents.
  2. Mid Control with a Twist: While controlling Mid is crucial, occasionally leaving it open and setting up ambushes for overconfident opponents can yield results.
  3. Double Fake: On the Ascent Valorant map, use sound cues and initial utility to fake a site hit, pull defenders to another site with a secondary fake, and then hit the original site. This strategy requires coordination but can disorient the defense.
  4. Delayed Push: Instead of immediate aggression, hold back, let defenders use up their utility, and then execute a well-coordinated site take in the latter half of the round.


From the winding alleys reminiscent of Venice to the high-stakes shootouts in Mid, the Ascent Valorant map offers a gaming experience like no other.

With the right callouts, strategic insights, agent choices, and handy tips under your belt, you’re now equipped to dominate this map.

Remember, every game on the Ascent Valorant map is a new adventure, a fresh challenge, and an opportunity to outplay your opponents.

So, gear up, communicate with your team, and let the battles on Ascent be the stories you’ll be eager to share.

Happy Gaming!

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