How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife: Flight Path to Space

Playing the role of an astronaut in a video game can be an extremely exciting and action-filled adventure.

On the one hand, some of the available games would allow you to fly in space from the moment you log in to the game.

But some games, like BitLife, require the players to put in some time and effort before reaching the goal of becoming an astronaut.

Thus, we are here to guide you through the entire process of how you can become an astronaut in BitLife, the life simulator game created by Candywriter LLC.

If you are keenly interested in knowing more about the intriguing process of becoming an astronaut in BitLife, then make yourself entirely ready to make certain efforts and keep scrolling below to know the same.

Guide on How to Become an Astronaut in BitLife

astronaut in bitlifeTo become an astronaut in BitLife, follow the below listed detailed steps.

  • Start the process by buying the Astronaut special career pack.
  • Get a pilot’s license and STEM degree.
  • Visit the Space Academy to train your performance.
  • To become an astronaut, apply to the Space Agency.
  • Each step of becoming the astronaut in BitLife has been explained below. So, quickly gear up and prepare yourself for the long journey ahead.

1. Buying the Special Astronaumical Career Pack

astronaut in bitlifeTo start becoming an astronaut in BitLife, the players must purchase the special Astronaut Career Pack, which would cost them around USD 6.99 or equivalent to the region to which they belong.

In other words, this means that you need to spend some actual money to be able to play the role of the astronaut in the game.

2. Getting a Pilot’s License and STEM Degree

astronaut in bitlifeThe next step of the process is to graduate with a STEM degree and pursue your pilot’s license.

To get the STEM degree in the game of BitLife, the players need to enter the name of the university and put in the major subjects such as; science, engineering, technology, and mathematics.

If you want to play a safe bet regarding the subjects, make sure to enter mathematics and engineering for sure, but you can also opt for chemistry and biology if you like.

Getting a pilot’s license in the game is a bit difficult and is a harder accomplishment to achieve. The players must attend at least 40 hours of flight lessons and take the pilot test.

For this, the players must go to Activities> Licenses > Flight School and spend a few dollars to take up the 40 hours of flying training classes.

After this, again go to Activities> Licenses> Pilot License; a few questions will be asked for you; answer them correctly to get your license.

3. Visit the Space Academy to Graduate and Train Your Performance.

astronaut in bitlifeAfter you have achieved your STEM degree and Pilot’s License, it is time to enter the Space Academy.

For this, you have to go to the Occupation > Special Careers > Astronaut > Space Academy and apply for the program there.

Like the universities, here also you would get pay out of pocket scheme and scholarships for about two years.

For these two years, the players must be trained well enough for graduation. In the beginning, the bar would also seem red to signal the falling trade.

But raising it enough for the signal to turn green is your job. In the Space Academy, the players would be able to find three different training options, i.e., fitness training, flight training, and technical training.

Thus, to raise your performance, graduating from the Space Academy and becoming the Astronaut in BitLife is necessary, but repeatedly using three training methods and maximizing all three stats.

Another complex part of this step is answering the astronaut’s technical training questions. The questions in this part are quite specific and related to real-world astronomy quiz questions.

The players must do a lot of research to find the correct answers. While your character is in the process of getting graduated, you should not focus on petty things.

This would make things pretty easy and organized if you are facing any issues with the flight and fitness training.

4. To Become an Astronaut, Apply to the Space Agency

astronaut in bitlifeThe last step is to learn how would you become an Astronaut in BitLife. After becoming a successful graduate from the Space Academy with a high-performance score, you would now be eligible to apply for the country’s Space Agency, to which the character belongs.

After you graduate, a pop-up would appear on the screen, asking if you would like to apply to the Spcae Agency quickly or want to take time off and head back to the Astronaut Career tab for now and use it later.

After some time, apply to the agency while answering the interview questions correctly to become an Astronaut in BitLife.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Created the Game of BitLife?

Ans. The exciting game of BitLife was created by Candywriter LLC and Moana Games and was released on 29 September 2018.

Q. How Can You Become an Astronaut in BitLife?

Ans. Follow the step-by-step process to become an Astronaut in BitLife stimulator.
Start the process by buying the Astronaut special career pack.

  • Get a pilot’s license and STEM degree.
  • Visit the Space Academy to train your performance.
  • To become an astronaut, apply to the Space Agency.

Q. What Jobs Should You Take Up in the Game of BitLife to Become Famous?

Ans. Jobs such as; writer, game developer, musician, model, porn actor, reporter, actor/actress, professional athlete, CEO, and social media influencer. Also, if your character is a part of the royal family, you would get fame.

Let’s Summarize

Thus, that was all we wanted to share regarding how one can become an Astronaut in BitLife. You can also visit our blogpost site,, to learn more about the game of BitLife. If you have any doubts or want to share your views regarding this article, you can do so in the comment section below.

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