How to Make Bed in Infinite Craft: Recipes and Combos

The exciting game Infinite Craft is a logic-based crafting game in which the players are challenged to create as many things as possible with the basic ingredients.

This might also include some simple elements to more complicated ideas, thoughts, structures, and concepts.

In the game Infinite Craft, the player starts by mixing up elements such as water, Fire, earth, and Wind to make various new in-game items. This can be easily done by clicking and dragging these items on top of each other in the play area.

These four are considered the basic building blocks of the game, with players able to create more than 200K unique in-game combinations. Overall, the crafting possibilities in the Infinite Craft game are limitless.

As this game is gaining popularity, the waves of players are gaining more and more recipes and combinations to create new products.

You also know that the game has infinite opportunities, and it is impossible for you to know and learn every combo and recipe.

Thus, read separate articles to learn the recipes for each available item. Also, in this article, we will discuss the recipe for making the bed in Infinite Craft.

Hence, without waiting any longer, let’s get started. 

How Would the Players Make the Bed in Infinite Craft?

bed in infinite craft

In this particular head, we will be telling you the recipes, or the combos, for making the bed in Infinite Craft.

You will also learn some more information about this topic through this informative article. Thus, scroll down below to learn more.

Well, in Infinite Craft, the players need first to make pillows to make the bed. But the recipe for making pillows itself is a tough nut to crack, and several steps are required before you achieve the final product.

Read the steps below and follow them one by one. 

  • Mix the earth element and water element to get the plant element.
  • Now Mix the received Plant Element with the Wind element to get the Dandelion element.
  • After that, take the resulting Dandelion element and mix it with the Wind element to get the Seed element.
  • Now, take the Fire and the Wind elements and combine them to make the Smoke elements.
  • After this, combine two Smoke elements to form a Cloud.
  • Now combine Seed and Cloud to form Cotton.
  • Now, take the Dandelion element and the Cotton element together to make the Pillow element.

Now that you have successfully fetched pillows in Infinite Craft, through various recipes, it now time to learn how to make the bed in Infine Craft. For this, the process is quite simple, the players have to combine two pillows, to form a bed in Infine Craft.

Hence, after you have successfully created and fetched a bed in Infinite Craft, it’s now time for you to combine other in-game elements with the bed to form some new and unique combinations.

They are as follows:-

  • Combine Bed and Water to get Sleep.
  • Combine the element of bed with Wind to get Sail.
  • Bed, when combined with Devil, would result in Nightmare.
  • A combination of Bed and Bride would result in a Honeymoon.
  • Combining a Bed with US America would result in a Mattress.
  • Beds, when combined with New York, would result in hotels.
  • The elemt of Bed, when combined with Empire, results in Rome.
  • Bed, when combined with a song, results in a Lullaby.
  • Combining the element of Bed and God would result in a Dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Make the Bed in Infinite Craft?

Ans. Infinite Craft is one of the most captivating and exciting sandbox games, inspired by the titles of Little Alchemy. In this gaming world, the players are immersed in the world of limitless creativity. The game has a vast array of possibilities, where crafting several items, such as beds, is an essential and everyday task.

Well, crafting a bed in Infinite Craft requires certain basic elements, such as Earth, Wind, and Water, to first create an essential element of a pillow. And then combining two pillows would result in the output of a bed for the virtual gaming world. The exact list for the same is as below:-

  • 🌍Earth + 💧Water = 🌱Plant
  • 🌱Plant + 💨Wind = 🌼Dandelion
  • 🌼Dandelion + 💨Wind = 🥜Seed
  • 🔥Fire + 💨Wind = 🌬️Smoke
  • 🌬️Smoke + 🌬️Smoke = 🌨️Cloud
  • 🥜Seed + 🌨️Cloud = ☁️Cotton
  • ☁️Cotton + 🌼Dandelion = 🛏Pillow
  • 🛏Pillow + 🛏Pillow= 🛏️💤Bed

These beds in the game, not only act as a resting place for the players but also act as a catalyst for their imaginative combination, from dreamy locations to honeymoon sequences.

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was everything that we wanted to share with you regarding this article on how to make the bed in Infinite Craft. We hope, that you might have enjoyed reading this extensive article.

Hence, you can now dive into this well of boundless creativity and shape your dream world today, through different in-game items. 

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