Best Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters to Start With in 2023

Are you looking for a fresh and fancy adventure game with fun challenges and mystery? If so, then let us introduce you all to the anime-based RPG game Disney Twisted Wonderland.

Developed and published by Aniplex, this game, which is compatible with iOS and Android, was initially released in 2020.

It is a Japanese mobile adventure game with a wide plethora of Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters, of which each of them has their characteristics & powers. 

These ‘Twisted’ characters are the inspired male versions of some of the popular Disney characters or popular Disney tales, including Alice in Wonderland, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Hercules, and Sleeping Beauty.

Like the other RPG games, in this gameplay, collecting different Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters is necessary. Starting with the good Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters is indeed one of the best ways to make sure that your adventure goes smoothly.

Choosing the best character can be time-consuming and tiring, as they would then be able to create powerful base attacks and a balanced team to excel in the combats. This is precisely what we will discuss today in this blog post.

One of the great things about this adventure-filled amazing games is that it allows the players to recruit the characters at the early stage of the game, and also, if they are not happy with the same, they can reroll it. 

But, if you are lucky enough in the first instance and get any of the characters listed below, then you do not need to do any reroll or affect your progress in any way.

Thus, without wasting a moment any further, please scroll down below to learn all the necessary details regarding the Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters that we want to share with you. 

The Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters Cards

disney twisted wonderland charactersWe know that you must be wondering what these cards are all about. Well, if we are talking about the Disney Twisted Wonderland characters, we mean about the cards.

Although the game of Disney Twisted Wonderland has a total of 22 characters, each of them would have certain cards underneath them.

These cards are majorly used in the battle; thus, it is essential to have good character cards that will help you at the very beginning of the game. 

Like the other RPG games, this game will also feature a character collection to help you acquire good cards only at the early gaming stage.

The game still uses the Gatcha system, which means that you are not allowed to choose the character card at first instance. That is why the game gives you a rerolling option, by which you might get the card of your choice. 

Listed below are the 10 best character cards to start with; if any of these come in the first spawn itself, then you would not need to perform any rerolling process. 

disney twisted wonderland characters

1. Riddle Dorm Uniform

Riddle Dorm Uniform is one of the best in the list of Disney Twisted Wonderland characters, which you should play at the beginning of the game.

This character has one of the highest max attack stats in the game, so that it can be used at the later stages of the game as well.

He makes viable damage in all the starting, middle, and end phases of the game. This is indeed a perfect start for the game, and you need not reroll it. 

2. Leona Dorm Uniform

The Leona Dorm Uniform card is indeed a great attack-type Disney Twisted Wonderland characters to start the game with. Although he is recognized to have the fourth-highest attacks in the game, he also has good max HP.

He is an attacker who will only die slowly in the game. Thus, this feature makes him more wanted, and he is also labeled as a good character to start the game with.

Also, consider yourself lucky if you get him in the first instance of the game, and thus, make sure not to reroll further if you get him. 

3. Trey Dorm Uniform

The Trey Dorm Uniform is a popular Disney Twisted Wonderland characters that is mainly preferred by players to play in the game. Unlike the first two character cards in the list, the Trey Dorm is a defense-type card that provides buff/debuffs and healing to the character.

This Disney Twisted Wonderland characters card also offers a modest HP restoration feature, which is extremely helpful at the beginning of the game.

Remember not to reroll this card, as according to us, the defense type card is more important than having an attack type card, as they can be easily replaced with the attack type ones in the future. 

4. Malleus Ceremonial Robes

If you are not lucky enough to get any of the three SSRs mentioned above, Disney Twisted Wonderland characters, this SR card of Malleus Ceremonial Robes is an excellent option.

This attack-type card has a good maximum HP and a decent maximum attack. But what makes this character card a great one is his skill in providing a modest power boost to the caster.

This means that whenever this character card uses his skill, he will give the players a buffed-up power. This is an excellent skill, as it allows him to deal more damage to the enemies.  

5. Ortho Archetype Gear

It is indeed one of the good Disney Twisted Wonderland character card characters. Ortho Archetype Gear uses his skill to provide a modest power boost to the players and does not provide healing.

It is one of the most valuable skills, especially at the beginning of the game, while building your character teams and cards. The feature of a power boost is always welcomed in any battle or composition. 

disney twisted wonderland characters

6. Cater Ceremonial Robes

This is another character card that is of great use due to its power-boosting skill. The Disney Twisted Wonderland character card of Cater Ceremonial Robes uses his Flame Blast skill to give a minor power boost in return.

Characters who provide any power boost in the game are the go-to characters, and as players, you can never go wrong in choosing or playing with them at the early stage of the game.

This is why even the strongest characters that give a power boost are good options to begin your journey within the game. 

7. Rook Labware

The Disney Twisted Wonderland characters card of Rook Labwear is another great card. This is an attack-type card with decent maximum attack power and good maximum HP.

What unique feature of this card makes him a good character card? Well, it not only has the skill to deal with the modest damage cut to the enemies for the 1st turn but also allows you to deal with more damage to the enemies, even if you do not have an attack boost or your attack power is not so high.

If you do not achieve great character cards, rerolling to get this damage cut and attack, boost feature-filled Rook Labwear would be great. 

8. Riddle Labwear

Riddle Labwear is another Disney Twisted Wonderland character card. As the previous character card of Rook Labwear, this character card is also a great option.

This character has a skill in dealing with the minor cut damage caused by the opponent. Although, this is the primary reason for ranging him so low.

But having them is better than not having him, especially when you own an attack-type card. Moreover, added damage is always welcomed by the players to take the opponents out of the game quickly. 

9. Kalim Labwear

The character card, or the outfit of Kalim Labwear, acts as the defense-type card and can deal with minor damage cuts to the opponents for the 1st turn.

The attack power of this character is lower than that of Riddle Labwear but has a comparatively higher HP.

This skill or feature of this Disney Twisted Wonderland character card makes him wanted, as he has a greater chance of survival. Also, if your team has too many attackers, keeping him on the side would be highly significant.

10. Jamil Ceremonial Robe

This Disney Twisted Wonderland characters card is decent, as it has a proper HP and attack power. The feature that makes this character card better than the others in the list is that the characters under this card can deal with severe floral damage.

Jamil Ceremonial Robe has higher attack power than the Malleus Ceremonial Robes card. As an individual, his skills are excellent, but when compared to those of the other players, they are considerably lower.

Regardless, the Jamil Ceremonial Robe character card is good to own and start with at the early stages of the game. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which One is the Strongest Disney Twisted Wonderland Character to Start Playing the Game With?

Ans. Well, the character card of Riddle Dorm Uniform is one of the greatest in the game, with the highest max HP. This character also ranks at the top position in the list. 

Q. List Down the Names of Some of the Handsome Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters in the Game.

Ans. Here is the rundown of all the handsome lads or the Disney Twisted Wonderland characters available to play with in the game of Disney Twisted Wonderland.

  • Inspired by Alice in Wonderland is the Heartslabyul Dorm, which includes characters such as – Riddle Rosehearts, Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Trey Clover, and Cater Diamond.
  • Inspired by The Lion King is the Savanaclaw Dorm, which includes characters such as – Leona Kingscholar, Ruggie Bucchi, and Jack Howl. 
  • Inspired by The Little Mermaid is the Octavinelle Dorm, which includes characters such as – Floyd Leech, Azul Ashengrotto, and Jade Leech. 
  • Inspired by the Aladdin is the Scarabia Dorm, which includes characters such as – Kalim Al-Asim and Jamil Viper.
  • Inspired by Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the Pomefiore Dorm, which includes characters such as – Vil Schoenheit, Epel Felmier, and Rook Hunt.
  • Inspired by Hercules is the Ignihyde Dorm, which includes characters such as – Idia Shroud and Ortho Shroud.
  • Inspired by Sleeping Beauty is the Diasomnia Dorm, which includes characters such as – Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrouge, Sebek Zigvolt, and Silver. 

Let’s Wrap Up

There are many Disney Twisted Wonderland Characters cards available to play in the game. That is why it is challenging to decide on which one is an excellent character to start with.

Now, through this article, we wanted to share some of the best characters you can use at the beginning of the game.

Although you can have a free choice to select any one of them from the wide collection, the 10 listed mentioned above are the best ones, for which you can go without a doubt.

Make sure not to consider doing a reroll if any of the first three SSR characters come to you. Then, from the list, you can do a reroll if you are unhappy, but they are also pretty good to start the game with. Rest the choice in your hands. 

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