All You Need to Know About CSGO Float Value & Wear

If you have experience playing CS:GO, your inventory is probably full of skins with various parameters.

CS: GO players know that skins are a crucial aspect of the game, and possessing CSGO skins is among the most valuable possessions for any player.

Players always want to make their inventory full of valuable weapons and skins in such adventurous games as CS: GO, COD, and Destiny 2.

When choosing a skin, players usually focus on its appearance and value. This article will consider such an interesting parameter as the CSGO float value, also known as the skin’s float value.

This knowledge will help you choose the item that most closely matches your expectations.

Let’s dive in and get started on this exciting guide on CSGO float value!

What is CSGO Float Value?

csgo floatFirst, let’s understand what a skin’s CSGO float value is. This value indicates the exact wear level of the skin.

The number can be in the range of 0 to 1. CSGO Float value is important in the CS:GO community.

It allows players to determine the wear level of skins that fall into the same category as Minecraft Skins. Therefore, the better the skin condition, the more valuable it is.

Although, there are exceptions in the game. Some worn skins cost more than less worn versions.

For example, AWP | Fade has a float value ranging from 0,00 to 0,07. It means that the item is available in the game only in the Factory New state.

AWP | Asiimov, on the contrary, is available to players in only three of the five exteriors – Field-Tested, Well-Worn, and Battle-Scarred.

What Are the Float Factors of CS:GO Skins?

Skin wear level in CS:GO is measured using the float factor. There are five categories in total, each with its range. The number can be in the range of 0 to 1.

  • Factory New (0 – 0,07)
  • Minimal Wear (0,07 – 0,15)
  • Field Tested (0,15 – 0,38)
  • Well Worn (0,38 – 0,45)
  • Battle-Scarred (0,45 – 1)

So, skins from the same category can have a different appearance. One skin may have more scratches, while another may not have any at all.

Moreover, not all skins in CS:GO can have a float value from 0 to 1. Players can use some items in only one or four exteriors.

Let’s look at each category in more detail.

1. Minimal Wear

csgo floatMost CS:GO players prefer skins in the Minimal Wear exterior.

Such an item has an attractive appearance and an affordable cost compared to the Factory New version.

In this condition, signs of wear, such as scuffs and scratches, are typically barely noticeable.

2. Factory New

csgo floatIt has a great look as it is the “straight from the factory” version. You can enjoy the brilliance of the weapon and the absence of defects or tarnishes.

A skin with such an exterior is the most valuable and, therefore, the most expensive.

3. Well-Worn

csgo floatSkins from this category can look more attractive. However, some items are almost identical to the Factory New version.

The advantage of skins in such an interior is their cheapness.

It is an excellent option for players not ready to invest much in CS:GO but still want exciting positions in their inventory.

4. Field Tested

csgo floatSerious CS:GO players prefer the best versions; however, many intermediate players choose Field-Tested due to its affordable price and good quality.

Skins in this category have noticeable scratches and discoloration.

However, traces of wear can even give some charm to certain skins.

5. Battle-Scarred

csgo floatThese are the worst skins in CS:GO. They are ugly and cheap.

The paradox is that some skins in Battle-Scarred can be valuable for collectors, particularly skins with Covert or Classified rarity.

These are the skins that have the maximum CSGO float value. A delightful example of such a paradox is Blackiimov.

Its CSGO float value reaches 0,99199, and the price reaches $1,000. Although the standard version of the Asiimov in the Battle Scarred exterior costs about $40.

What is CS:GO Skin Wear?

Skin wear is a specific stat assigned to each skin based on a CSGO float value.

Regardless of how the skin was obtained (as a drop or purchase), it has a predefined float value and wear level.

These indicators determine the aesthetic appearance of the skin and its value. It’s also worth noting that the CSGO float value and wear level don’t change.

It is given forever. The player can only purchase a different version. However, players can change the look of weapon stickers.

They have several attempts to age the sticker, and as a result, the sticker will completely disappear from the weapon.

The Different Wear Levels

You can open a CS:GO case online and get a skin with a defined wear level or purchase an item with a desired wear level.

If you are ready to invest in CS:GO, choose Factory New and Minimal wear skins. Such skins have an attractive appearance and high value.

Skins with a higher CSGO float value have noticeable signs of wear in the form of scratches and scuffs, and the print and paint tend to peel off. In general, the skin looks dark and unattractive.

To Wrap Up!

Skins are an integral part of the CS:GO world. They bring novelty and allow players to demonstrate their level of play and individual style.

Every player dreams of bright and unforgettable skin. If you’re willing to splurge, choose FN and MW skins. However, items with a higher CSGO float value will do for players on a budget.

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