Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough: Guide and Gameplay

From 2016 to 2019, the ace game developers of the industry, FIVE-BN Games, launched four games under the genre of Finding Hidden Objects.

All four of these are titled under the combination titles. Out of which, the main is listed as ‘Darkness and Flame,’ with different subtitles. 

Today, this article will give you a complete insight or guide about the Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories, launched on October 24th, 2017, for both Windows and macOS devices.

We know it has been many years since FIVE-BN launched this exciting game. But thousands of fans still love and want to play with this game.

They also share a word about the game with the new enthusiastic gamers interested in playing innovative and different amazing games like these. 

You have just landed at the right place if you are also searching for the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough and guide.

Here, through this curated article, we will explain the same. 

Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough 

darkness and flame 2 walkthroughThis exciting game of Darkness and Flame 2 introduces the players to mesmerizing gameplay full of adventure and mystique. It is a complete whirlwind of emotions and surprises as it takes the players to a world where darkness and light collide.

This game has an interactive crafted storyline with immersive gameplay that leaves a lasting impression on its players. In Darkness and Flame 2, the game transports the players into a detailed and rich realm, where they take up the role of a courageous and enthusiastic protagonist.

Thus, while being in character, you could navigate the tapestry of quests and challenges and uncover certain hidden secrets and formidable adversaries.

Also, the fascinating storyline of the game would keep you at the tip of your chair, always eagerly anticipating the next twist and turn in the game. The game also has some of the best visually appealing graphics that add life to the fantastical world.

Along with some of the in-game carefully curated melodies and background sounds, that not only heightens up the overall ambiance of the game but also provides an entirely mesmerizing auditory experience. 

This game is available on devices such as macOS, and Windows, and you can easily download the Four Element Trainer game on these devices.

The exciting game of Darkness and Flame 2 is extensively divided into five phases or chapters. The players must go through each to complete the game and fulfill its aim.

This chapter includes:

  • The Hermit
  • The Stone of Fire
  • The Island
  • The Myrthe
  • The Bonus Chapter

Scroll down in this Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough further to learn about the working guide of the chapters.

Apart from this, you should know the minimum system requirements for playing this game if you are a new player.

Thus, listed below are the same for both Windows and macOS.


  • Operating System- XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10
  • RAM or the System Memory- 1024 MB
  • CPU or the Processor- 1.6GHz
  • Hard Disk Drive- 1300 MB
  • GPU or the Video Card- Direct X 9.0 Compatible


  • Operating System- 10.7
  • RAM or the System Memory- 1024 MB
  • CPU or the Processor- 1.6GHz Intel
  • Hard Disk Drive- 1300 MB
  • GPU or the Video Card- 256 MB of VRAM

That was all about the system requirements you should possess to play Darkness and Flames: Missing Memories on your Windows or macOS device.

Darkness and Flames 2 Walkthrough About Chapters 1-3

Now, quickly move further in this article to have complete knowledge about the game’s Darkness and Flames 2 Walkthrough.

Chapter 1: The Hermit

All the details or actions the player has to perform are listed below extensively in the bulleted form.

Go through the first chapter’s Darkness and Flames 2 Walkthrough carefully to understand it completely. 

  • At the start of the scene, take the Razor. 
  • Move forward and open the backpack by removing the rope with the help of Razor. 
  • In the backpack, you would see a Diary and a Valve; collect them and move further. 
  • On the table near the backpack, you would see a mug. Take it along with you.
  • Place the Valve and the Mug in the basin and fill the mug with water.
  • After that, take the water-filled mug and open the door. 
  • From the door, run forward and then take the left turn. 
  • The location would change to somewhere outside; you must take the Road Sign Fragment from here.
  • Then, open the jacket and collect the Capsule and the Pipe.
  • Now, move a little further and place the seat on the floor. 
  • Move a little back, near the wrecked house’s door, and collect the Bag of Charcoal and Crowbar from there.
  • Now, using the Pipe collected before, open the crate and collect the Pump and Jack from it.
  • Place the Jack in the middle of the screen and walk down from there.
  • Using the Crowbar, play Hop and collect the Utility Knife. 
  • Now open the Bag of Charcoal with the Utility Knife, and take the Charcoal and place it.
  • After this, place the Flat Tire using the Pump and go forward.
  • Knock on the door to take the Butterfly. 
  • The next step is to take the Stone and attach the Hose.
  • Also, move the kept Boards and take the Stone. 
  • Now, take the Casket on the tree, place a Stone, and then two Stones. 
  • Also, collect the Butterfly from there and place two of the Butterflies there. 
  • The Solution for the same is 2-1-3-4-5-2-1-4-7-5-4-6-3-1-2-5-4-2-1-4-6-3-4. Complete this up and move forward. 
  • In the next scene, move the Recipe and collect items such as a Knife, Key, and Deer Figurine from there.
  • Now use the Knife to open the box, and take the Snake Figurine, Bottle of Acid, and Hammer with you.
  • Use the just received Key, then play Hop, Solution, and Get the Fruit.
  • Use Hammer in the next step and move forward. 
  • Look for the Solution, Pull up the Plant, and take Root with a Knife.
  • Now, take the bottle of acid, open the door, and move out.
  • Take the Capsule. Look for the Solution, and take the Wasp Figurine and Rope. And go down.
  • Place and tie the Rope and take the Handsaw to keep going. 
  • Now take the Honeycomb with Knife and move down. 
  • After this place, the Honeycomb, take the Part and go to the following location.
  • Now put the Part and play the mini-game. 
  • Now take the Syringe and the Tweezers. Afterward, head towards the Dessert Settlement, place the Handwheel there, and pull the Lever.
  • Now collect the Lizard Figurine and Scythe from there and go.
  • Take the Cactus Flower with Scthe and go to the following location. 
  • Also, collect the Fruit, Root, and Cactus Flower. 
  • At last, solve the mini-game and use the Antidote. 

This was all about the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough guide about Chapter 1: The Hermit.

Chapter 2: Stone of Fire

Study the below-mentioned points carefully to know the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough for chapter 2 of the game. 

  • Move towards the path that leads you towards Bone.
  • Please pick up the Bone from its place and throw it to get the Flint.
  • Collect the Splinters and Figurine.
  • Place the Splinters to use the Flint. 
  • Now place Snow in the Cauldron, and take the Cauldron filled with Hot Water. 
  • Use the Claudron to take the Crystal and move forward. 
  • Move to a new location to solve the Minigame, whose Solution is right-left-forward-left-right-left-left-right-forward-right.
  • Now take both the Bas- Relief Part.
  • Roll the Snowballs to take the Crystal.
  • Now inspect the door and put both the Crystals into it.
  • Move forward to take the Shovel and Plank.
  • Shift the objects, and take Bas-Relief Part and BOOK (V) with you.
  • Also, take the Pen & Paper, Bas-Relief Part.
  • Take the Cryptex along with you and move down.
  • Now use the Shovel and take the Oil.
  • Also, use the Oil to turn the Key and move forward.
  • Take the Bas Relief Part and Fish Figurine and put the Plank here.
  • Now take the Gear and go down twice.
  • Place the Gear in its place, play Hop, and collect the Bird Figurine.
  • Now, place the Deer Figurine on the Casket. 
  • Then, put the Snake Figurine and find the eggs.
  • Place the Wasp Figurine in its place.
  • Put the Lion Figurine and move the lions.
  • Put the Lizard Figurine. 
  • Put the Fish Figurine. 
  • Put the Bird Figurine and remove the clouds.
  • Take the Hieroglyphic Message with you and the Bird Figurine to move forward twice.
  • Move the Drapes, place the Hieroglyphic Message, and go forward.
  • Take the Bas Relief Part and place the hand. 
  • Now, take the Pick-Axe with you.
  • Now, put the Pen and Paper to get the Hint.
  • Put the Bird Figurine and then go down.
  • Now place the Hint on the Cryptex and then enter the code to take the Deity-Shaped Key kept there.
  • Put the Deity-Shaped Key, play Hop, and then collect the Flower.
  • After this, go down the path and take the left turn.
  • Use the Pick-Axe and take the Bas-Relief Part.
  • Put the seven Bas-Relief Parts there.
  • Then take the Mosiac Parts.
  • Go to the Secret Chamber and put the flowers and the Mosiac parts there. 
  • Now, solve the given Puzzle and inspect further.

That was all about the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough for chapter 2 of the game Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories. Scroll further to read about the next chapter. 

Chapter 3: The Island

Under this head, we will explain Chapter 3, i.e., The Island under the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough and guide. This would give you all the details and help you efficiently play the game.

  • Move towards the Mountain Foothills.
  • Share a few words there to get the Key.
  • To move forward in the game, use the Key.
  • Collect the Fuel and the Rail part.
  • Also, collect the Club and the Fastening to remove all the Rocks on the Railway Track.
  • Now, take the Capsule and the Clippers, put the Fastenings and Railway Part, and go down.
  • Use the Flippers to take the Level and Rag and combine the same with the Club. 
  • Now wrap the Rag around the Club, pour Fuel over it, and get the Torch. 
  • Light the Torch and keep moving on.
  • Now, place the Lever and use the Torch.
  • Move forward with the help of the Rope
  • In the next scene, take the Oar, move the shells, and take the Load. 
  • Now use the Knife and take the Sailcloth.
  • Take the Capsule, and the Flame moves forward.
  • To go ahead, use the Rake and the Key.
  • Now use the obtained Key and play Hop to collect the Nail Puller.
  • Use the Nail Puller, get the Mast, and go down.
  • Assemble the Raft, place the Mast, and use the Rock to put the Roap, Oar, and the Sailcloth.
  • Now, take the Pipe and move forward. 
  • The next step is to take the Load and move the Wines.
  • Now take the Spreader and go down.
  • Put down the Spreader and grab the Brush. 
  • Put the Brush down, look for the Solution, collect the Fishing Rod, and walk down.
  • Throw down the Fishing Rod to catch the fish.
  • Now take and place the Load and move forward.
  • Also, take the Club and the Rope with the Hook and go down.
  • Now, use the Garden Shears and move forward.
  • Talk with the man sitting there and receive the Map.
  • Put the Map down and select the indicated flowers.
  • Use the Rope with the Hook and move forward.
  • Now take the Darts and the Bell and walk down.
  • Now push the Bell and get the Key to move on further.
  • Use the Key and play Hop.
  • Now receive the Sleeping Potion and climb on the Mountain.
  • Now dip the Darts in the Sleeping Potion and put the same in the Pipe. Now, you will receive the Blow Pipe. 
  • Use the Blow Pipe and take up the Bunch of Keys.
  • From the Bunch of Keys, remove the usable Keys and bend the Wire to make a Hook.
  • Put the keys, solve the Puzzle, and move on.
  • In the next step, take the Detail, Staff, and the Key with the Hook. 
  • Walk down twice.
  • Now, place the Details and the Solution.
  • Take the Key and Chisel.
  • Move forward twice.
  • Now put the Chisel, use the Rock, and get the Crystal.
  • Go to the Swamp, place the Crystal, and take up the Rope ladder.
  • Move further to take the Key and Staff.
  • Now head towards the Mountain, place the Rope Ladder, take the Key and Mushroom, and go to the Tree House. 
  • Put the Mushroom, solve the Solution, take the Statue Eye, and walk down twice. 
  • Put the Statue Key and take Rune.
  • Now take the Left Turn and keep going on.
  • Now, place the Rune and solve the Puzzle.
  • Move forward and put the Five Keys and Talk. 
  • Repeat this process by walking down the seven times.
  • Now take the Lantern and go to the Temple.
  • Place and move the Lantern to take the colorful Mosaic parts.
  • Go downwards and take the left turn.
  • Place the Mosaic Parts there to solve the Puzzle.
  • Now, take the Energy Crystals and go down three times. 
  • Now place the Energy Crystals in its place.

That was all about the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough of Chapter 3.

We will end this comprehensive article here and continue telling you about the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough about Chapter 4 & Chapter 5 in the coming times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Kind of Genre Do Darkness and Flames Belong to?

Ans. The series game of Darkness and Flame is an exciting adventure game. The players have to find several hidden objects and will have the opportunity to play plenty of quests, puzzles, and minigames. Along with the complicated quests, the game also has various unforgettable characters. 

Q. Would the Players Be Charged Any Cost to Play the Game?

Ans. No, the game of Darkness and Flames is free to play, and the players would not be charged any costs to play the same. 

Q. What Are the Four Games of the Series of Darkness and Flames?

Ans. The series-based game Darkness and Flame franchise consists of four adventure-filled games launched in four consecutive years.

  • Darkness and Flame: Born of Fire, launched in 2016
  • Darkness and Flame: Missing Memories, established in 2017
  • Darkness and Flame: The Dark Side, established in 2018
  • Darkness and Flame: Enemy in Reflection, launched in 2019. 

The Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough of the first three chapters of the Missing Memories series of this exciting game has been detailed in the above article. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

That was all about the Darkness and Flame 2 Walkthrough of the Missing Memories.

In this comprehensively detailed piece of article, we have explained to you about the first three chapters of this game.

If you loved reading about the walk-through and guide of three chapters of the Missing Memories of the series game of Darkness and Flame, then stay tuned to know more about the same, as we will be updating about the remaining two chapters in the days to come.

Thanks for reading!!

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