How to Download and Install Minecraft Jenny Mod?

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For those who enjoy playing Minecraft but desire company within its vast world, the Minecraft Jenny Mod is the solution. 

This mod introduces an NPC, specifically a virtual girlfriend, to accompany you on your adventures.

With this mod, you can offer gifts, have Jenny follow you around, and even go on dates. 

SlipperyT, also known as SlipperyTum, is the creator of Minecraft Jenny, an NSFW mod and an animator specializing in NSFW Minecraft mods.

Like Minecraft, you can play best interactive story games with your best friend. We are here with a bunch of gaming knowledge for you.

Let’s get started!!

What is Minecraft Jenny Mod?

minecraft jenny modThe Jenny Mod Minecraft introduces in-game girlfriends to Minecraft 1.12.2, but it has generated controversy within the community due to NSFW actions involving these girlfriends.

As a result, it is not listed on CurseForge or PlanetMinecraft, and the creator’s Twitter account is the only proper way to download it. 

Due to its explicit content, this mod is unsuitable for children and should be downloaded cautiously. 

Despite its name, the Minecraft Jenny Mod also includes various girlfriends to interact with, such as Ellie, Goblins, Bia, and Allie Bee. 

It’s important to note that Minecraft Bedrock Edition does not support unofficial mod installation. 

The recommended method to download and install Jenny Minecraft mod is through CurseForge, although it requires additional intervention.

Still, in recent years, developers have added a lot. One of the most recent ones is the Minecraft Head Guy. Minecraft Heads are decorative blocks added in the updated game.

Jenny Mod Minecraft Features

Once the mod is installed, players can create a Jenny character using her spawn egg in the creative item menu. 

It’s worth noting that Jenny is not the only girlfriend option in this mod, as it offers five different women to interact with and hang out with within the Minecraft world.

  1. Jenny
  2. Bee
  3. Bia
  4. Ellie
  5. Smile Girl

The girlfriends in Minecraft Jenny Mod each come with their distinct model, skin, and style, though they share the same animations and mechanics. 

There are several ways in which players can interact with their Minecraft girlfriend, including:

  1. Take her out on dates.
  2. Alter her clothing and armor.
  3. Give her diamonds, emeralds, and gold as gifts.
  4. Use in-game text chat to communicate with her in real time.
  5. Join her in a dance.
  6. She will defend you in battle.
  7. Equip yourself with weapons and armor.
  8. Please make use of her inventory.
  9. Participate in a variety of adult interactions.

Before diving into Jenny’s world headfirst, you’ll need to earn her respect by gifting her diamonds and emeralds to unlock all her interactions.

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How to Download and Install Minecraft Jenny Mod?

The Minecraft Jenny Mod introduces an NPC companion that can accompany players during their gameplay, serving as a virtual girlfriend or friend. 

Gift-giving is also possible while journeying with Jenny. To obtain Jenny in Minecraft, follow a few steps, but ensure that you download the mod only from the official link found on Twitter via @Schnurri_tv(dev’s Twitter) for Minecraft 1.12.2 (Java). 

Downloading from any other source may lead to malware or unwanted software being installed. 

By utilizing CurseForge, players can create customized instance profiles that enable mod usage. 

Download both files, open CurseForge, and select Minecraft on the Choose a Game screen.

How to Install the Minecraft Jenny Mod?

  1. Launch the CurseForge application.
  2. On the dashboard, navigate to Minecraft.
  3. Load the Jenny mod files into this location.
  4. Navigate to Minecraft’s “My Modpacks” menu and click to load it.
  5. Click the “Create Custom Profile” button to create a new profile.
  6. It may be located on the menu’s upper right-hand side.
  7. Rename this new Profile as you see fit.
  8. Choose “1.12.2” for the Minecraft and Forge versions.
  9. Select “Create” and then right-click on the newly formed Profile.
  10. Select “Open Folder” and navigate to the mods folder.
  11. Drag both Jenny mod files to this location.
  12. Return to the CurseForge interface and look for the Minecraft Jenny mod under “Installed Mods.”
  13. Click the “Play” button to start Minecraft.
  14. Make sure you choose your new Profile.
  15. Also, ensure that Forge-14 is loaded.
  16. Press the “Play” button again to load the game with the Jenny mod.
  17. Remember that you must first enter the creative world to engage with Jenny.
  18. Find Jenny and have some fun with the new mod.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you get the Minecraft Jenny mod on mobile?

Ans. Jenny Mod may be downloaded for mobile Minecraft versions, so Android and iOS players can enjoy Jenny’s company.

Q. Is Jenny’s Mod Safe?

Ans. The Minecraft Jenny mod is an unauthorized Minecraft mod that offers an in-game “girlfriend” for Minecraft players to emulate adult relationships. It is NSFW (not safe for work).

Wrapping Words

The Minecraft Jenny Mod allows players to explore new and exciting possibilities within the game, including adding an in-game girlfriend. 

This mod’s unique features and customizable options provide a fresh twist on traditional Minecraft gameplay, resulting in a more engaging and creative experience for players who install and use it.

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