5 Useless Things in Minecraft You Should Not Have

If you are a Minecraft enthusiast, there are several exceptional items that you can add to your arsenal and achieve tremendous success in your gaming. Such items include enchantment books, Elytra, and portions.

On the other hand, many low-tier things in Minecraft have little or no value. Therefore, you should not waste your time and effort running after them unless you need them.

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5 Useless Things in Minecraft You Should Not Have

useless things in minecraft

We want to tell you about 5 such things in Minecraft which are of no use to you even if you have them in the game. So our advice to you is that you should not try to get the 5 things given below.

Here are five such useless items.

1. Snowballs

Snow is a mildly helpful item in Minecraft. It gives the player a feeling that they are in a holiday season and changes the game’s feel by adding additional textures and challenges.

Besides, it is easier to find rarer items such as rabbits, igloos, foxes, and hidden loot when it is snowy. While snow is excellent, snowballs, on the other hand, are throwable combat items in the game.

However, like the natural snowball, they have little use and do minimal harm to the opponent. They are, in fact, only capable of striking Blazes.

When you hit Blazes with snowballs, you cause one and a half hearts of damage. This is relatively low damage, especially with better weapons that can deal heavier damage, such as melee weapons or arrows.

Other than this, you can have fun in the game when having snow fights. You can also use them as temporary building blocks to gain an advantage where the opponent is towering.

Other than these uses, snowballs do not have any significant benefits. Therefore, avoid looking for snowballs if you can get better weapons for your next challenge.

2. Spyglasses

Spyglasses were introduced in the recent update of Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs. They came alongside amethysts.

At the launch, many players thought that they would be fun vision tools that would add additional capabilities to the players. Unfortunately, they tend to be more inhibiting than helpful to players.

The spyglass can magnify the user’s vision over great distances. However, this comes at a cost to the peripheral vision, obscured. This can cause players to make uninformed moves that can cost them.

Even without spyglasses, players can zoom medium distances with ease. Therefore, there is nothing much that the glasses add to the player. Besides, the settings feature allows players to change their field of view.

This is the exact thing that the spyglass does. This alone renders the spyglass useless in the game. However, if you have a specific item that you would like to look at, you may try to spot it with a spyglass.

If you have issues spotting items in your Minecraft game, you may want to try a game that does not require you to spot anything, such as slots or table games. They are also a good relief after tense moments completing challenges in Minecraft.

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3. Goat Horns

In the recent Bedrock Edition, players can get goat horns when these animals ram into solid blocks when charging at you.

These items are easy to find, especially in the open country where goats are charging at anything in their way. Unfortunately, the game developer has not unveiled anything you can do with the pair of horns.

However, Mojang has explained that it will find some use for the horns in the future. Until that happens, the horns can only add noise to the game.

It can be fun if you love to hear bones cracking and warriors crying in pain. They make a sound that is similar to a village raid.

However, the horns can distract you from other sounds being made in the game that are important to determine the location of enemies.

Therefore, avoid picking them until the game developer finds something that you can do with the horns.

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4. Golden Hoes

One of the popular activities you will find in Minecraft is tilling barren terrain into farmland. There are various farm inputs that you can use to grow the land. Golden hoes are some of these implements.

However, unlike other hoes in the game, they have reduced durability. This means that they are pretty useless in getting the job done.

Across the game, tilling land removes one durability point with each use. Golden hoes only have 32 durability points. It means that you can only use them a maximum of 32 times before they break.

They are easier to break than wooden tools. Most other gold farming tools are helpful as they harvest blocks faster than conventional ones.

However, this is not the case with golden hoes. They do not increase the speed of tilling the land and break more quickly than the rest, making them useless to your arsenal.

5. Poisonous Potatoes

Poisonous potatoes are arguably the most useless item in Minecraft. Unlike some of the other items listed here, potatoes have one function; to be eaten.

However, the poisonous ones are bad at this same function. When you eat them, the poison damages your body over time, weakening you and making it hard to complete missions.

To make them even more useless, you cannot use them for crafting other items in the game, and you cannot throw them into the composter to make a bone meal. It would be best if you also used them in full and not as portions.

Overall, there is no reason to farm them in the first place since you have other farming options at hand. Aside from getting Poisonous Potatoes, you can use some Best Minecraft seeds to enrich your field.

Our Thoughts

Get items that will help you complete your challenges faster or give you more value. You can only take any of the above if an opportunity best utilises them.

So, guys, the above-mentioned are the useless things in Minecraft, please don’t waste your time achieving them.

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