Minecraft Head Guy – Everything You Should Know

It is difficult to explain what Minecraft is. The primary reason behind the same is that it was a simple mining & crafting game in its early days.

As a gamer, I found that many gamers and guys are still curious about Minecraft head guy.

Still, in recent years, developers have added a lot. Due to this, it has turned out to be a completely different game. But according to its essence, it is an action-adventure packed and sandbox titled game developed by the Mojang Studios.

This game offers players a limitless world to explore their heart’s content. The game offers everything if you like to play in an endless playground-type setup or like survival challenges.

The game contains different modes for all types of gamers to enjoy. Apart from this, there are many more features in the game that you will only come to know when you start experiencing or playing them.

Like Minecraft, are you interested in playing the best interactive story games this year with your best friend? Worry not. We are here with a bunch of gaming knowledge for you.

Thus, here in this article, we will share some information about this blocky appearance game, its heads, and the most popular hot topic of recent times, i.e., the Minecraft head guy.

So let’s get started with the same without any further delays.

What is Minecraft?

minecraft head guy

Minecraft, created by Mojang in 2009, currently has four feature modes, i.e., Spectator, Adventure, Hardcore, and Creative, that allow the player to cater to the gaming experience according to what they like.

This online gaming platform will enable you to play various games with your friends. The game Minecraft is all about crafting new objects by mining resources.

This exciting game includes trekking into the wild to cut trees and make them into an axe. You can also create an inventory of various tools and build new shelters here.

Thus, this game is best known for enhancing one’s creativity and widening the doors of one’s imagination.

Even if you are not creative, we are sure you will still enjoy this gameplay loop of exploring, building, and repeating.

Minecraft is well known for its simplicity in complexity and is also one of the most renowned games in the market that provides you with allowance for creativity.

The game gives limitless freedom to the players and powerful tools with which you can create anything you can imagine.

What is Minecraft Heads?

minecraft headMinecraft Heads are a type of decorative block being added in the 1.4 updates of the game.

They are technically ornamental blocks that have some practical purposes in single-player Minecraft.

There are six types of heads in the game that you can obtain: dragon, creeper, zombie, skeleton, player, and wither skeleton.

The player or Steve’s head is set on the player by default.

A Minecraft head can be efficiently mined using any item. Players can custom-make these heads and wear them as head gears or pumpkins.

The destruction of the same is also possible when the latter comes in contact with the water or lava, is pushed by a piston, or comes in contact with an explosion.

The gamers can either get a player or the default head by using the command or custom make their heads change their appearance through various commands and plugins.

Thus, custom heads are a great way of interacting with fellow players in the game and will also add a great variety of experiences to your gaming.

Who is Minecraft Head Guy?

stev minecraft head guyA plethora of weird stuff related to the game is available on the internet.

One of the most recent ones, which has become the talk of the town, is the Minecraft Head Guy.

If you have not heard about the same, no worries.

We are here to tell you about the same under this head.

The term ‘Minecraft Head Guy’ refers to the ‘@kharrii2‘, a popular Tik Tok user.

This guy lives in the United States and uploads his selfie video while lip-syncing or delivering dialogues.

You must be still thinking, what’s new in that? Almost everyone actively social on online media and uploads their TikTok videos.

So, what’s so special about this guy, and what connection does he have with Minecraft? This man Kharrii has got an abnormally square-shaped head and jawline, which represents that of Steve’s head from Minecraft.

His uniqueness has helped him raise popularity among the people and attract several sponsors to his content.

With growing time Kharrii has gotten more than 21 likes on his Tik Tok profile and has over 1.5 million followers.

He also runs a YouTube account, constantly posting about his workout routines and comedy skits.

His content might be a little strange and amusing for you at first instance, but you will surely love it over a period if you like playing Minecraft.

While this man may look precisely like Steve but has no connection or association with the game’s developers, he is just a regular guy who makes TikTok videos but is insanely famous due to his unique square head shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que. Can we play Minecraft for free?

Ans. You can easily download Minecraft games from Google Play Store and Apple Store. But before doing so, you need to purchase the game as it is not available free of cost.

Que. How can you get another player’s head in Minecraft?

Ans. The process of getting another player’s head on the skin of another is known as a custom head. And this command can be given by typing;

/give @s Minecraft:player_head{SkullOwner:"<PlayerName>"}.

Que. What is one of the rarest heads in the game of Minecraft?

Ans. Wither skeleton skull is known to be one of the rarest skulls in the game of Minecraft. You can only obtain this skull if a player with the wither skeleton skull or a tamed wolf kills you.

There is only a 2.5% chance that the wither skeleton skull player drops his head.

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