How to Find the Familiar in Trigger Witch

In “Trigger Witch,” a unique companion awaits – the familiar in Trigger Witch. This guide will show you how to find this helpful bat companion.

Trigger Witch is a captivating blend of adventure RPG and twin-stick shooter, drawing inspiration from iconic games like The Legend of Zelda but with an innovative twist.

The game, developed by RainBite, introduces players to a world where traditional fantasy elements are combined with modern firearm gameplay.

You play as Colette, a young witch in training, aspiring to join The Clip, an elite group of gun-wielding witches.

This journey takes you through a richly detailed world filled with diverse biomes, challenging enemies, and an expanding arsenal of firearms.

From a standard handgun to more advanced weapons like grenade launchers, the game offers a variety of combat experiences.

Despite its familiar twin-stick mechanics, Trigger Witch stands out with its unique narrative, engaging exploration, and strategic combat.

What is the Familiar in Trigger Witch?

familiar in trigger witchThe familiar in Trigger Witch is a bat companion that flies around you as you explore the world.

It helps you by collecting gems that are dropped by enemies that you have recently blasted into oblivion with your hand cannon.

You can recall your familiar in Trigger Witch at any time if you don’t want it flying around while you’re exploring.

However, you’ll most likely want to have it out at all times just to reach those hard-to-gather gems or to simply collect as much as possible while you’re busy blasting evil mushrooms.

Since this is such a great item, especially early on in the game, this detailed GamePike article will share exactly how to get the Familiar for yourself!

Discovering the Casino in Trigger Witch

A key aspect of Trigger Witch is discovering a secret casino, a hidden gem within the game.

Located in the enchanting Radiance Bay, players must navigate to the southeastern corner to find a mysterious cave. This cave serves as a gateway to an island where the elusive Gambler’s casino awaits.

This casino is not just a side attraction but a crucial element for players aiming to enhance their gameplay experience with unique items and upgrades.

The casino includes several slot machines and card tables that are unplayable for the player.

Mastering the Casino Game to Impress the Gambler

The casino in Trigger Witch is a treasure trove of opportunities. At its heart lies a pinball-like pachinko machine, a game of skill and chance that is central to winning tokens.

The Gambler, the enigmatic host of the casino, offers three distinct rewards for these tokens:

  • A weapon part for 250 tokens is essential for upgrading your arsenal.
  • A familiar, in the form of a bat named Batty or Ronald, for 500 tokens.
  • A health vial for 750 tokens is valuable for enhancing your survivability in the game.

While the primary goal is to acquire the familiar in Trigger Witch, the other rewards offer significant advantages and are worth considering.

Playing the casino game requires both strategy and patience. Each attempt at the pachinko machine costs 20 gems, and the objective is to accumulate 500 points to trade for the familiar.

The game involves timing and precision, as players must launch balls into baskets worth 10 or 20 points.

The key to success is mastering using L1 and R1 to control the ball’s movement, aiming for the higher-scoring baskets.

It’s important to note that the game allows players to build their score over time; you don’t need to hit 500 points in a single session, as your score is saved between visits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Keep Track of My Points in the Casino Game?

Ans. Your score is automatically saved, allowing you to accumulate the required 500 points over multiple sessions.

Q. What Benefits Does the Familiar Provide?

Ans. The familiar is an invaluable companion in your journey, primarily assisting in collecting gems, especially those dropped by distant enemies.

Q. Is It Necessary to Purchase All Items From the Gambler?

Ans. While only the familiar is essential for the specific trophy, acquiring the health vial is highly recommended for its significant gameplay benefits.

Q. How Accessible is the Casino?

Ans. The casino is relatively easy to locate, nestled in the southeast of Ozryn Village and accessible through a cave in Radiance Bay.

Summing Up!

That’s all there is to unlocking the Familiar in Trigger Witch. While you’re at the casino, you should aim to unlock the extra health vial as well, and it is certainly going to be advantageous to have it if you can unlock it early.

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