6 Easy Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2023

Are you a game fanatic and looking for free Xbox Live codes to obtain the console’s fantastic games, movies, and accessories? Well, you have landed at the right place.

However, as you begin your search, you will discover that the internet gets littered with frauds and harmful websites that promise fee codes in exchange for completing lengthy surveys.

Some users have even had viruses and spyware installed on their computers. Don’t give up just yet, though.

For free Xbox Live codes, there is a slew of legitimate and trustworthy sources. No, you won’t have to use any sketchy code generators, share any apps, or fill out a lengthy form. We are confident that you will be engrossed.

Without further ado, here are several legal ways to receive free Xbox Live codes.

What is Xbox?

Created by Microsoft, The Xbox label encompasses five video game systems, apps (games), streaming sites, an internet provider called Xbox System, and the Xbox Gaming Companies production division.

With the initial Xbox console release in November 2001, the company officially launched in the United States.

What are Xbox Live codes?

Xbox live codes enable the gamers to make in-game purchases and for extending Microsoft purchases. These are 25 characters long, including both numbers and letters, and follow 5X5 format.

Gamers can easily add these Xbox live free codes to their Xbox account and make purchases with ease.

6 Best Ways to Get Free Xbox Live Codes in 2023

Free Xbox Live Codes

Here’s the comprehensive guide to the 6 best ways to fetch free Xbox live codes. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

1. Use Bing As Your Search Engine

Did you know that using Microsoft’s Bing search engine might earn you rewards points? Make Bing your primary search engine and utilize it to do web searches.

Every time you click, you will get points. These points can subsequently get redeemed in the Microsoft Store for free Xbox Live codes. It’s easy to understand, and it’s legal!

2. Join The Xbox Subreddit

Xbox has its subreddit, just like everything else. Xbox owners and fans can discuss their thoughts, ideas, and even free codes on this forum.

Multiple free Xbox Live codes have been given away in the past. As a result, this is a subreddit worth following.

Who knows, maybe next time you’ll be fortunate enough to receive free Xbox Live codes?

3. Use couponprizes.com to earn Free Xbox live codes

Yet another way to get free Xbox live codes for free is CouponPrizes. It is the one-stop platform to earn gifts and codes by doing simple tasks, such as completing the survey, answering some questions, submitting emails, downloading apps, and more.

Follow the 4-step process and fetch free live codes in no time.

  1. Sign up and log in for the CouponPrizes account.
  2. Earn points by completing tasks.
  3. Redeem points in exchange for a free gift card and money.
  4. Get rewarded.

4. Join an Xbox Live Gold Trial for 14 Days

Although it’s not a genuine source, Xbox Live code, it is the next important part: an Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Everyone who has an Xbox Live login and wishes to switch to a live gold membership can get a 14-day free trial from Microsoft.

If you haven’t already done so, you can sign up for a 14-day trial version of Xbox Live Gold free right immediately.

If you don’t unsubscribe before the free trial finishes, you’ll get billed for auto-renewal.

5. Sign Up With A Different Email ID

The Xbox Live Gold Test is only available once for each Xbox login. However, do you guys know that Microsoft allows for up to three transactions per controller?

So, all users must do is create two more email servers within each credit card detail (something that users can get from their parents or family), and you’ll have full access to 42 (14*3) days of Xbox Live Gold free codes.

6. Use Swagbucks to earn free Xbox live codes

Numerous shady websites promise free Xbox Live passes in exchange for completing a survey. Swagbucks, on the other hand, is the real deal.

It is a well-known rewards program where you can earn points by completing little tasks such as surveys. These points can then be used for an Xbox gift card.

Our Thoughts

These are the easy and most reliable techniques for obtaining free Xbox Live codes. Don’t be fooled by the hundreds of results that claim to have free Xbox code generators if you conduct a simple Google search.

There could be adware, malware, or virus-infected websites hidden in plain sight.

We hope this guide has resolved your most asked question – how to get Xbox live free.

Bookmark the guide and enjoy gaming at its best.

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