Diablo 4: How to Beat Andariel, Maiden of Anguish

In the exciting action-role-playing game of Diablo 4, the in-game bosses are both challenging and entertaining to play with. This gaming series has, indeed, some of the best bosses when compared to that of the previous gaming series, Diablo.

Overall, this combat-style gaming in Diablo 4 has everything, from facing down the monsters to smashing them into tiny bits. As the game progresses, you will get more comfortable with the in-game mechanics of your class.

Also, when the game moves forward, the bosses present will start to get more vicious and powerful and will also use gimmicks. 

One such fight is against the Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish. If you are searching for information regarding Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel, this is the right place.

Well, this boss was first introduced in the game of Diablo 2. But in Act IV of Diablo 4, this monster boss appears again.

She is pretty different from the other in-game bosses as she is easily accessible when played in a group, but it is a big struggle to defeat her when playing solo. 

Suppose you feel you will have difficulty beating her, then worry not. Scroll down further in this GamePike article, where we have discussed the steps of Diablo 4: How to win Andariel

Who is Andariel, and Where Do You Find Her in the Game?

diablo 4 how to beat andarielAndariel, the Maiden of Anguish, is one of the game’s angriest and most terrifying characters. She came back into action from the game of Diablo 2.

In the game Diablo 2, she appeared to be a less evil character and also was the brother of the character of Duriel, another evil in-game character.

Whether you play single or multi-player, she is a tough competitor; taking whom down is necessary for the game. Thus, as players, you must be extremely quick in your actions to defeat Andariel. 

This character fights with the players in a small arena, making the fights more difficult and complex. The boss fights with the character of Andariel and includes the following types of attacks: Melee attacks, trails of fire & blood, and vicious runic chains.

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This character is not a defense expert but knows how to deal significant damage, thus causing ultra-powerful AOE attacks around them.

Utmost times, if the players fail in their efforts, therefore, in such a case, they have to destroy the maximum possible number of chains and try to dodge from there. 

In the process of escaping the chains and avoiding them, when the players go beyond the sandstorm, it takes HP away from your in-game health bar.

So make sure to keep a keen eye on your surroundings and move carefully in your arena. If you do not stay careful, you may end up on the verge of death in the game. Also, the melee attacks done by Andariel are done in both vertical and horizontal ways.

So, to avoid them, as players, you have to move carefully on your toes, learn Andariel’s movements, and dodge whenever necessary. Her blood and fire attacks are of no concern, as they can be easily avoided. 

Stay tuned in this article if you want to keep yourself updated about specific tips regarding Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel. But, before knowing about them, you must know why Diablo 4 voice chat not working.

The players will meet Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish, in Act 4 when you reach the Forsaken Chapel in northeastern Kehjistan.

The character of Taissa would run out to get some fresh air. Another character, Neyrelle, on not finding Taissa outside, runs after her to find her.

The player then runs into Elias, who will summon Andariel. Now, there is no going back from there. Scroll further to understand Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel.

Diablo 4: How to Beat Andariel?

diablo 4 how to beat andarielAs, through the previous detailed paragraph, you already know that, the fight with Andariel takes place in a small confined area buffeted with sandstorms.

And also where and how you could meet the exciting character of Andariel, Maiden of Anguish. Now it is time to learn about Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel.

1. Tips for Andariel Boss Fight Phase 1

diablo 4 how to beat andarielAt the beginning of the game Diablo 4, Andariel starts fighting with the player at a deficient speed, as he is chained down to a U-piece shape of wood. Due to this, she is not able to perform any melee attacks.

So take full advantage of it, and remember not to step down in her surrounding area of a sandstorm, as if you do so, your health bar would start to deteriorate. At a point in time, Andariel will summon Rune Chains that can bind up and slow down the players’ speed.

Also, if you enter the area of rune Chains, a circle would be formed around you, and it would become impossible for you to leave that circle. Thus, destroying the Rune Chains is the only option you are left with.

She would then summon projectiles to attack the player, and this would cause red lines on the ground, due to which the player’s health would start to deteriorate.

These branching lines can come from any direction, either front or back, or may even form a triangular form. So, you must be very careful of them and always watch out for them.

If they hit you, they could cause tremendous damage, so destroying them at the earliest would be the best for you. 

Andariel would be stationary during these attacks, which is one of the plus points you would be experiencing. If you want to avoid her attacks, just whale over her.

And you would see that, eventually, she will back off and disappear into the sandstorm. If she does so, Andariel will summon fireballs, to chase you in the arena and cause ultimate damage if you get caught.

Make sure you avoid them, and use all the defensive ability that you possess to increase the rate of your survivability. Once she reaches about 75% or the maximum time passes, she would automatically switch to phase 2. 

2. Tips for Andariel Boss Fight Phase 2

diablo 4 how to beat andarielPhase 2 of the Tips of Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel starts with the boss breaking all the chains binding her in Phase 1. This is the point where the actual fight begins between Andariel and the player.

Now, she can quickly teleport around the map and use her melee strikes to attack the players with the help of broken chains and pincers. 

Until now, Andariel has also lost or used the projectiles, so she has also become much faster. She would now become closer and more personal while attacking you and try her best to drag you to the sandstorms to cause damage. 

In this phase, the players can trick Andariel by bypassing her chain attacks. This could be done by moving horizontally in front of her while bringing the chain straight down in front of her. Or, in other words, you can dodge towards her to miss her attacks.

If you want to damage her, you must be behind or towards her side while she is recovering from the previous attacks. Also, avoid the Rune Chains in this phase, as if you get caught by one by mistake, you will not be able to dodge the attacks. 

Once Andariel would get half into her health, the area of the sandstorm would eventually decrease in the arena, making a smaller room for you to run.

Her attacks are hard to dodge, but you have to keep escaping from the Rune Chains and sandstorm and punish her while she is recovering from the attacks.

Your defeat is assured if you get caught by either of the two. Once her health bar comes down to 33%, you will enter the third and final stage of Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel.

3. Tips for Andariel Boss Fight Phase 3

diablo 4 how to beat andarielIn this phase, 3 tips of Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel. The sandstorm would come much closer to you, giving the players little room to operate. Andariel will also attack with Rune Chains, one at a time, making it much harder to avoid the same.

At this stage, you have to protect yourself from her attacks and be extremely careful so that she might not be able to knock you down in the sandstorm. 

When she reaches 25% of the health power, Andariel would automatically power up. You would learn about the same, seeing her holding her head up and a red energy exploding around her. She would also turn red after some time.

This power-up is substantial, and with this, Andariel would now hit much harder and attack much faster on the player. Now, at this stage, she would not summon Rune Chains any further, and eventually, her power-up would also wear off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. At What Level of the Game Would the Players Meet Andariel?

Ans. Andariel is one of the most challenging bosses of Diablo 4, whom you would encounter after level 40 or during Act IV of the game.  

Q. Why is It So Hard to Beat Andariel?

Ans. She is one of the most challenging in-game bosses of the 4rth season of the game as she is mighty and uses different types of attacks on the players. Her powers and attacks are authoritarian, whether she is chained or set free.

Thus, the best way to be in the game is to dodge her attacks as much as possible. Because if you once get in her hand, she will take you down to death. 

Q. What is the Most Crucial Tip of Diablo 4: How to Beat Andariel?

Ans. Surpassing or dodging all the in-game attacks of Andariel and staying away from the sandstorms is one of the best tips that could save your life in the game and help you beat Andariel, the Maiden of Anguish. 

Let’s Summarize

Thus, that was all we had to share with you regarding Diablo 4: How to Beat Andariel. In this game, the players should try to avoid her attacks as best as possible. Remember to pop up the healing potion soon after Andariel hits you. 

This is one of the most complex parts of the fight in Diablo 4. But, if you make smart moves and try your best to dodge every attack of Andariel while using the intelligent portions at the right time, you can easily surpass all her spells and be safe.

After killing Andariel, the player would be rewarded with healing potions, money, and loot. And to conclude Act IV, have some conversations with the character Lorath.

Let’s wrap up all the Diablo 4: How to beat Andariel information. If you want to know more about any game guides or entertainment news, visit our site regularly.

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