Girls Frontline Tier List: Best Characters Ranked

The 2016 game Girls Frontline is an exciting game about strategy and cute women’s anime. This game’s gameplay is quite easy to learn and play. Players can eliminate their in-game opponents while selecting the team of their choice. 

In this gatcha game, the players are allowed to choose their characters. All the Girls Frontline characters have been created equally, but some of them provide a bigger gaming advantage than others. This game has over 100 Tactical Dolls, and players need time to experiment with all of them. 

Fortunately, if you have analyzed the game and its gameplay well, then we have created here a Girls Frontline Tier List that will help you know and learn about the best T-Dolls that you need to focus on to get into the game.

So, wait no further and quickly jump into the Girls Frontline Tier List. Once you have carefully learned about these T-Dolls in the Girls Frontline, you will never spend your time and effort on the wrong character again.

So, without waiting a moment longer, let’s get rolling. 

Latest Girls Frontline Tier List

girls frontline tier listAs we told you in this particular piece of the article, we will be discussing the Girls Frontline Tier List with you based on their overall qualities, performance, and abilities.

The Tactic Dolls in this impressive game are the major components of this strategy-based game. Here, we would list the T-Dolls in 6 different classifications or Tiers: S-Tier, A-Tier, B-Tier, C-Tier, D-Tier, and F-Tier.

Thus highlighting the best choices that you should make and helping you dominate the battlefield.

But, before moving further to learn about the characters included in each tier, we would like to bring certain factors into the light that you should look for when choosing the right T-Dolls.

Choosing the right Girls Frontline character is quite necessary for your squad, as each of the available T-Dolls offers unique skills, abilities, and synergies within the team.

These factors are listed as follows:-

  • Rarity- The rarity levels of the T-Dolls range from 1 to 6 stars. Generally, the higher-rarity characters in the game Girls Frontline have better growth potential and base stats. 
  • Roles: The T-Dolls are designed to fulfil several roles in combat fights, such as tank, support, damage per second, and buffer. Thus, the players need to have a balanced team in the game, which is a perfect combination of all the crucial roles in the game. 
  • Skillset: It is essential to Consider the players’ abilities and skill sets. Some excel in crowd control, while others provide excellent healing support and specialize in single-target damage. Evaluating your team’s needs and choosing the T-Dolls that complement the team’s existing lineup is crucial.
  • Synergy: Some of the available T-Dolls have great synergy, as they offer players signing bonuses and can boost each other’s abilities. Thus, players can search for such T-Dolls in the game that maintain a good synergy with the existing team members and can maximize the team’s effectiveness and overall potential. 
  • Personal Preferences: Although the Girls Frontline Tier List is mentioned, are there to help you choose the right characters. But, you can also choose the characters that you like to play within the game. The playstyle and gaming experience of each player may vary, which is why you can prioritize the characters and have fun with them, according to your preferences. 
  • Ease of Upgrading and Obtaining: Some of the T-Dolls in the game are a bit difficult to acquire or upgrade due to their high resource cost, RNG Factors, and limited availability. While the ideal aim is to choose the best T-Doll, consider their upgrade potential and obtainability based on the resources and in-game progress. 

Before starting with the Girls Frontline Tier List, we would like to tell you that we have also mentioned weapons along with the T-Dolls that go well with them to make an overall difference in the character’s effectiveness.


girls frontline tier listThe T-Dolls that fall under the S-Tier are extremely powerful and effective in defence, offence, and everything in between.

The characters included in this Girls Frontline Tier List are extremely good fighters due to their exceptional abilities and unparalleled combat prowess with their opponents and in-game enemies.

These T-Dolls are hard to find and have no disadvantages when they are put together as a team. 

  • Vector – SMG
  • Thompson – SMG
  • FAL – Assault Rifle
  • HK416 – Assault Rifle
  • Suomi – SMG
  • Welrod Mk.2 – Handgun
  • Grizzly – Handgun
  • M950A – Handgun
  • M1887 – Shotgun
  • KSG – Shotgun
  • MG4 – Machine Gun
  • Saiga-12 – Shotgun
  • Type 79 – SMG
  • G41 – Assault Rifle
  • G11 – Assault Rifle
  • NTW-20 – Rifle
  • T91 – Assault Rifle
  • Lee-Enfield – Rifle
  • OTs-14 – Assault Rifle
  • WA2000 – Rifle
  • IWS 2000 – Rifle
  • M99 – Rifle
  • MG5 – Machine Gun
  • Negev – Machine Gun


girls frontline tier listThe characters in the A-Tier of the Girls Frontline Tier List are indeed the second best in the line after that of the S-Tier.

These T-Dolls are not so common to find and technically takes more effort to create a team than the S-Tier.

The A-Tier T-Dolls have a good chance against the enemies and act as an excellent option for the team due to having a strong damage output and a vast wealth of skills. 

  • RO635 – SMG
  • MP7 – SMG
  • Type 100 – SMG
  • G36C – SMG
  • Am RFB – Assault Rifle
  • Contender – Handgun
  • Five-SeveN – Handgun
  • NZ75 – Handgun
  • C-MS – SMG
  • SR-3MP – SMG
  • AA-12 – Shotgun
  • SAT 8 – Shotgun
  • ART556 – Assault Rifle
  • K2 – Assault Rifle
  • SRS – Rifle
  • HK21 – Machine Gun
  • PKP – Machine Gun
  • Ballista – Rifle
  • Zas M21 – Assault Rifle
  • AK-12 – Assault Rifle
  • AN-94 – Assault Rifle
  • Kar98k – Rifle
  • Type 97 – Assault Rifle
  • AUG – Assault Rifle
  • MDR – Assault Rifle
  • DSR-50 – Rifle
  • JS05 – Rifle
  • Carcano M1891 – Rifle
  • Carcano M91 – Rifle
  • FP-6 – Shotgun


girls frontline tier listThe most modest set of T-Dolls after the S & the A Tier is that of the B-Tier. The characters in this Girls Frontline Tier List provide decent support and capacity to the team in the different scenarios.

They are a good choice to play with if you are seeking flexibility and variety in the composition of your team.

But these T-Dolls are always ready for an upgrade, so you should try to avoid using them if you have a better set of characters than this.

These characters also have the power to defeat enemies and also participate in various in-game challenges. 

  • M1014 – Shotgun
  • USAS-12 – Shotgun
  • Super-shorty – Shotgun
  • M1873 – Handgun
  • Stechkin – Handgun
  • Gr MP5 – SMG
  • UMP9 – SMG
  • UMP45 – SMG
  • Mk23 – Handgun
  • SPP-1 – Handgun
  • Thunder .50 cal – Handgun
  • PP-19 – SMG
  • Shipka – SMG
  • P7 – Handgun
  • Spitfire – Handgun
  • K5 – Handgun
  • PP-90 – SMG
  • UMP40 – SMG
  • KLIN – SMG
  • PP-19-01 – SMG
  • SPAS-12 – Shotgun
  • M37 – Shotgun
  • M590 – Shotgun
  • Type 97 – Shotgun
  • Honey Badger – SMG
  • T-5000 – Rifle
  • PzB39 – Rifle
  • G28 – Rifle
  • SVD – Rifle
  • PTRD – Rifle
  • Springfield – Rifle
  • Mosin-Nagant – Rifle
  • Gr PSG-1 – Rifle
  • AS VAL – Assault Rifle
  • Type 56-1 – Assault Rifle
  • XM8 – Assault Rifle
  • CZ2000 – Assault Rifle
  • Ak 5 – Assault Rifle
  • Ribeyrolles – Assault Rifle
  • M4A1 – Assault Rifle
  • M4 SOPMOD II – Assault Rifle
  • M16A1 – Assault Rifle
  • AR-15
  • 9A-91 – Assault Rifle
  • G36 – Assault Rifle
  • TAR-21 – Assault Rifle
  • FAMAS – Assault Rifle
  • AR-15 – Assault Rifle


girls frontline tier listThe C-Tier Girls Frontline Tier List characters are such, with whom you would struggle in the later intense levels of the game.

But these gaming characters would help you in defeating the early-stage gaming enemies with a little bit of effort.

That’s it; if you try to do something else with these characters, it would be difficult to manage, and for that, you have to search for new characters.

Overall, these dolls have decent capabilities and unique abilities, which work well only in specialized roles and specified situations.

They are not usually the first choice of the player but would provide value and utility to the people with certain team compositions. 

  • KS-23 – Shotgun
  • RMB-93 – Shotgun
  • Type 56 – Rifle
  • M1 Garand – Rifle
  • M14 – Rifle
  • M21 – Rifle
  • SV-98 – Rifle
  • Hanyang 88 – Rifle
  • AK-47 – Assault Rifle
  • FF FNC – Assault Rifle
  • StG44 – Assault Rifle
  • CZ-805 – Assault Rifle
  • OTs-12 – Assault Rifle
  • M2HB – Machine Gun
  • MG42 – Machine Gun
  • M1919 – Machine Gun
  • Tokarev – Handgun
  • Astra – Handgun
  • Glock 17 – Handgun
  • Type 92 – Handgun
  • Makarov – Handgun
  • Luger P08 – Handgun
  • M9 – Handgun
  • Mauser C96 – Handgun
  • EVO 3 – SMG
  • Z-62 – SMG
  • Ingram – SMG
  • Skorpion – SMG
  • FMG-9 – SMG
  • Mini Uzi – SMG
  • PPS-43 – SMG
  • Sten – SMG.


girls frontline tier listThe D-Tier T-Dolls in the Girls Frontline Tier List are those with whom no player would be completely satisfied.

These characters can be used to fill up the team consisting of the A- or B-tier characters, but only until they find a better replacement for them.

Due to their unsustainability, they cannot be kept as the main in-game characters. But they can act as the perfect choice for new game players who have a limited collection of T-Dolls. 

  • Bren – Machine Gun
  • HK23 – Machine Gun
  • RPD – Machine Gun
  • M249 SAW – Machine Gun
  • Super SASS – Rifle
  • M1A1 – Rifle
  • OTs-44 – Rifle
  • SSG 69 – Rifle
  • Gepard M1 – Rifle
  • WZ 29 – Rifle
  • Type 81 – Rifle
  • NS2000 – Shotgun
  • M500 – Shotgun
  • M1897 – Shotgun
  • Serdyukov – Handgun
  • P99 – Handgun
  • Type 59 – Handgun
  • PSM – Handgun
  • HK45 – Handgun
  • P226 – Handgun
  • CZ52 – Handgun
  • Gsh-18 – Handgun
  • Model L – Assault Rifle
  • T65 – Assault Rifle
  • ARX-160 – Assault Rifle
  • AR70 – Assault Rifle
  • 6P62 – Assault Rifle
  • Ash-12.7 – Assault Rifle
  • T65 – Assault Rifle


girls frontline tier listThis tier in the Girls Frontline Tier List can probably be called the failed tier because the characters included here are pretty useless.

These characters should not even be used as the team’s expandable slots, as they do not possess the capability of contributing anything positive to the team.

But they would help the noob players pass the first few challenges of the game. 

  • PP-2000 – SMG
  • M45 – SMG
  • Type 64 – SMG
  • MP-40 – SMG
  • Beretta Model 38 – SMG
  • IDW – SMG
  • PPSh-41 – SMG
  • M3 – SMG
  • Specter M4 – SMG
  • VM59 – Rifle
  • SVT-38 – Rifle
  • G43 – Rifle
  • Simonov – Rifle
  • FN-49 – Rifle
  • PPK – Handgun
  • MP-446 – Handgun
  • M1911 – Handgun
  • FF FNP9 – Handgun
  • M1895 Nagant Revolver – Handgun
  • P38 – Handgun
  • FG42 – Machine Gun
  • MG34 – Machine Gun
  • LWMMG – Machine Gun
  • DP28 – Machine Gun
  • AAT-52 – Machine Gun
  • L85A1 – Assault Rifle
  • Type 63 – Assault Rifle
  • G3 – Assault Rifle
  • F2000 – Assault Rifle
  • Galil – Assault Rifle
  • SIG-510 – Assault Rifle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are the T-Dolls in the Game of Girls Frontline?

Ans. Tactical Dolls, or T-Dolls, are anthropomorphized guns that take the shape of female in-game characters. They are the main playable characters of the game, and each has unique abilities and skill sets to assist you in this strategy-based combat game. 

Q. How Are the T-Dolls Ranked in the Girls Frontline Tier List?

Ans. In the Girls Frontline Tier List, the T-Dolls are ranked in six different categories or tiers, starting with the S-Tier and ending with the F-Tier. In between, we would have A, B, C, and D Tiers. 

Q. What Factors Should Be Kept in Mind While Making the Girls Frontline Tier List?

Ans. The T-Dolls’ ranking system is based on factors such as overall effectiveness in the game, performance, and abilities. The ability factor further includes the players’ skill sets, tile buffs, stats, and synergy with the other T-Dolls. 

Q. How Can the Players Get Better in the Game of Girls Frontline?

Ans. Improving skills in the game Girls Frontline is the first and foremost important thing. This requires a lot of strategy, patience, and a thorough understanding of the game mechanics.

Below are certain tips that would help you improve in the game.

  • Understanding the mechanics of the game is important.
  • Studying the Girls Frontline Tier List should be a must.
  • Optimizing the Echelons.
  • Enhancing and levelling the T-Dolls.
  • Equipping the T-Dolls.
  • Developing the proper formations.
  • Understanding the patterns of the Enemy.
  • Management of the Resources.
  • Engaging with the other players of the community.

Let’s Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap for the exciting article on the Girls Frontline Tier List. We hope that you found this article extremely interesting. You might be able to spot some of the characters that you knew from before.

Keep in mind that every T-Doll in the game has potential; you just need to recognize them and put them together accordingly in your team. Players can also read the Destiny Child Tier List on our gaming webpage at

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