Has PS5 already won the next gen competition?

Microsoft and Sony Both have confirmed their next-gen consoles are coming soon. Also, both companies have revealed some of the hardware specs of their next-gen consoles such as GPU, CPU, and storage. It is confirmed that AMD is the one developing those GPUs and CPUs this time around. Sources also say that both Microsoft and Sony have kicked out the HDD option from their consoles and it will be replaced by SSD for higher-performance purposes.

Sony announced the next-gen console’s official name a few months back i.e:- The PS5 and also confirmed some of the facts about its new controller for the PS5 a few weeks ago. And the most recent official news Sony announced to the world was PS5’s logo.

And on the other hand, after a few weeks of Sony’s naming ceremony, Microsoft unveiled its next-gen console with its official name:- The XBOX Series X. Although, we have heard all kinds of rumours about the performance and hardware of both upcoming consoles. But still, Microsoft and Sony haven’t released any official specifications yet.

It has always been a race between Sony and Microsoft, from announcements to confirmations and from launches to marketing strategies. And Sony has already started its marketing strategy by saying that they will sell the new console at a bargain price. But dodged any exact price range, same as at the time of PS4. There is no concrete evidence pointing that one console outperforms the other. But recently we have seen some of the rumours and facts which signal that PS5 might win this race.

Recent reports indicate that XBOX Series X might outperform PS5 in the field of graphics performance. But that’s just one advantage. Whereas some reports indicate that PS5 is going to have faster-performing RAM and a larger SSD. Some of the rumours also say that the PS5 might be cheaper as compared to XBOX Series X and we could believe this rumour to be true if we look back at the prices of both the last-gen consoles. PS4 was cheaper than the Xbox and the less price gave an advantage to PS4 in sails. Sony sold approximately 110 million PS4 consoles and on the other hand, Microsoft sold approximately 50 million Xbox consoles.

concluding from all these facts and rumours we could see that Sony has more advantages as compared to Microsoft. And there is a larger chance of history repeating itself in case of PS5 and XBOX Series X. Therefore we could safely assume that PS5 has already won this battle against XBOX Series X.

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