How to Breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters Game Easy Guide

The exciting game of My Singing Monsters is an extremely fun-filled game with a wide plethora of amazing in-game characters. This enchanting world of singing monsters is a family-friendly game where Ghazt is one of the most beloved characters of all. 

The character of Ghazt is a plasma single-element ethereal monster with feline attributes. As we are all well aware, breeding monsters is one of the most important tasks of the game. Here in this article, you learn how to breed Ghazt in the My Singing Monsters game.

Hence, obtaining or breeding Ghazt is a bit tricker than the other in-game My Singing Monsters. Because out of the dozens of singing monsters available in the game, Ghazt is a bane of breeders. This little stinker character is so rare that it would make you think twice about its existence. 

So, here in this curated article, we will be telling you how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters, along with a small character description of the same.

Thus, without any further ado, let’s get started with this informative piece of article.

Description of Ghazt

how to breed ghazt in my singing monstersGhazt in My Singing Monsters is an ethereal monster whose resemblance is somewhat similar to a ghostly purple feline creature. This creature was originally launched in 2013.

It also has five floating orbs surrounding him, which makes sure that every time the Ghazt touches them, a musical note is created from them. But, Ghazt being an ethereal monster, these orbs around him occasionally light up on their own and create musical notes. 

The Singing Monster of Ghazt can be found on both plant and ethereal islands. In the game, Ghazt can be obtained on Level 9, which requires a 2X2 floor space and five beds.

The character of Ghazt likes other in-game characters such as Entbrat, Crumpler Tree, Whisp, Squeed Statue, and Babayag Tower. While the monsters such as Rare Ghazt, Arackulele, and Bellowfish, like Ghazt. 

Ghazt is also a buyable character in both the Ethereal and Plant islands in return for a certain number of in-game diamonds. In Ethereal Island, the player has to pay 1500 diamonds, and in Plant Island, the player has to play 1000 diamonds.

However, you are also allowed to sell this character on these islands. In Ethereal Island, it can be sold at 20 shards, and in Plant Island for 750,000 coins. 

Unlike the Natural Monsters, the community of Ethereal Monsters as a whole is a bit difficult to breed. These monsters have their island, where they have the power to produce shards, the form of in-game My Singing Monsters Currency.

This My Singing Monsters character also has a rare and epic version of itself, but the normal version is pretty good in itself. 

Acquiring or breeding Ghazt requires a few specific in-game breeding compositions, the best ones of which have been described below.

So wait no further and quickly switch to the next head to know how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters?

As we have already mentioned earlier, the Singing Monster of Ghazt requires certain specific in-game breeding combinations, that would prove to be the best for how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters.

Using Entbrat, along with the combination of other in-game monsters, would be perfect for producing Ghazt.

The best possible combinations are:-

  • Entbrat and Bowgart
  • Entbrat and Clamble
  • Entbrat and Pummel
  • Entbrat and T-Rox

As players, if you choose any one of these combinations, the Singing Monster of Ghazt takes up to 1 day and 12 hours in case of breeding done on the Plant Island and 10 hours if breeding is done on Ethereal Island.

For the best results, we would recommend you to make a breeding combination between Entbrat and T-Rox because Ghazt, being an Ethereal Monster, is harder to breed, and this combination overall would make your breeding process much easier and would also take the least amount of time. 

Thus, that was all the possible breeding combinations for how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters. With every 70 attempts, there is a minimum of 50% chance of hatching a Ghazt. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Some of the Best Possible Combinations for Breeding Ghazt?

Ans. Some of the best possible combinations for obtaining Ghazt in My Singing Monsters are:-

  • Entbrat and Bowgart
  • Entbrat and Clamble
  • Entbrat and Pummel
  • Entbrat and T-Rox

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was all that we wanted to share with you regarding how to breed Ghazt in My Singing Monsters. Now, as you know, obtaining and breeding Ghazt in My Singing Monsters is a bit difficult; we would recommend you try such pairs for incubations that take the shortest possible breeding time, i.e., the Entbrat and T-Rox combo. 

Apart from this, once you have achieved Ghazt in the game, you can keep them happy by putting Whisps and Entbrat near them. Ghazt also likes being around Babayag Tower and Squeed Statue.

So, keeping them happy is important, as happy monsters would yield more income in the form of Shards and Coins. So, happy breeding and happy gaming. Also, read How to Breed Gobbleygourd in My Singing Monsters on our blog post page of 

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