Impaling in Minecraft: How to Obtain and Enchant Tridents With Impaling in Minecraft

Minecraft is the best-selling 3D sandbox video game in history. This game was developed by Mojang Studios in 2011 and is available on all platforms.

The players explore an infinite 3D world of blocky elements in this game. The players can extract raw materials, craft different items, and build other structures.

The game is divided into different biomes ranging from jungle to snowfields and also offers two playing modes to the players – survival mode and creative mode. 

In survival mode, the players can fight, collect help to build their world and stay healthy. With that players can create many best roof designs in survival mode.

On the other hand, in the creative mode, the players have endless resources and can even access the flight feature.

In the game, the players have full access to showcase their creativity without any limitation and can modify their player in any way. Enchantments are an essential feature of the game as they help to boost many aspects of the gameplay and upgrade items.

The game offers the players endless opportunities and several components, including inventory, where the collected items like minerals, ores, weapons, and many other things are stored.

The Trident is one such weapon in Minecraft, and Implaing in Minecraft is closely related. If you are curious to know what Impaling in Minecraft is, what it does, and how to obtain and enchant tridents with impaling, then read the GamePike article carefully.

What is Impaling in Minecraft and What Does It Do?

impaling in minecraftBefore jumping into the details of Impaling in Minecraft, it is very important to know what tridents are. The tridents in Minecraft are very powerful weapons that are found underwater and are held by drowned mobs, which are zombie variants that live underwater.

If the players wish to obtain these tridents, they must fight and defeat these drowned mobs. In order to swim down, fight these zombies, beat them, collect tridents, and swim back before drowning, the players will require a helmet enchanted with respiration or a water-breathing potion.

It depends on the players’ luck to get a trident after fighting a zombie because only two or three of them have tridents; hence, it is not assured that every drowned zombie mob will give players a trident.

Also, sadly, there is no way in which you can know which zombie possesses a trident. Therefore, the players might get only one or two tridents after fighting a group of drowned mobs.  

After obtaining a trident, the Impaling in Minecraft comes into the picture if you wish to collect more of these powerful weapons. Impaling is an enchantment in Minecraft that can only be used on tridents.

When it comes to building, one such block is cracked stone brick in Minecraft. Read our latest article to learn how to make cracked stone bricks.

It is beneficial if you want to explore underwater buildings such as ocean monuments or collect additional tridents from drowned zombie mobs.

If you order more tridents or currently possess a trident, then you can use the existing one by enchanting it with impaling. When you transport the Trident with impaling, it will assist you in defeating all aquatic enemies.

If the player hits the aquatic creatures ranging from turtles to squids with tridents attached with impaling enchantment, each hit will be more impactful and will create more damage.

Hence, using the tridents enchanted with impaling, you can fight more efficiently and defeat the zombies faster.

How to Add Implaing Enchantment to Tridents in Minecraft?

impaling in minecraft

Impaling in Minecraft can be added to tridents by using any of the two devices – first, anvils or an enchanting table. Both these devices are easy to make and operate.

Given below are the list of materials required and the method to create both the anvil and enchanting table, respectively – 

1. Anvil

The primary materials required to make it are three iron blocks and four iron ingots. Once the primary materials are collected, the players need various enchantment levels and an enchanted book of impaling. Afterward, they can use the anvil to attach the Trident with impaling enchantment.

2. Enchanting Table

The materials required to craft a beautiful table are four obsidian blocks, two gems, and one book. After the raw materials are collected, the players need various enchantment levels and lapis lazuli to use the table to enchant Trident with impaling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Maximum Level for Impaling in Minecraft?

Ans. The maximum level of Impaling in Minecraft is Level 5. The higher the level of impaling, the higher the enchantment and its impact.

Q. How Much Bonus Damage Do Tridents Grant With Each Upgraded Level of Impaling Enchantment?

Ans. The impaling enchantment can be upgraded up to five levels, and with each upgraded level, it gives some bonus damage, which is as follows- 

Level 1 – 2.5 Bonus Damage

Level 2 – 5 Bonus Damage

Level 3 – 7.5 Bonus Damage

Level 4 – 10 Bonus Damage

Level 5 – 12.5 Bonus Damage

Q. What is Impaling in Minecraft Most Effective Against?

Ans. Impaling in Minecraft is most effective against aquatic creatures ranging from turtles and squids to Elder Guardians and Guardians.

Hence, you can use it for bonus damage against water-borne enemies. It can also be effective against enemies under specific conditions, like when the enemy is in contact with water or having a fight during rain.

Q. How to Obtain the Enchanted Book of Impaling in Minecraft?

Ans. The Enchanted Book of Impaling in Minecraft is straightforward to find. You just need a fishing rod enchanted with Luck of the Sea, and you can find one by fishing. 

Q. Apart From Impaling Enchantment, What Other Enchantments Can Be Put on a Trident?

Ans. Seven enchantments can be attached to a trident: impaling, mending, riptide, channeling, unbreaking, and loyalty.

Q. Can the Players Put Any Curse on Tridents?

Ans. Yes, only one curse can be put on tridents. That is the curse of vanishing of enchantments.

Let’s Conclude

Minecraft is a sandbox survival video game that provides various features and weapons for survival and defeating enemies.

This article revolves around one such powerful weapon, which is the Trident. Enchantments are like upgrades to your existing gameplay and items like weapons.

Impaling enchantment is also an exclusive upgrade for tridents, making it more impactful and helping collect more tridents.

We have provided you with all the possible information about Impaling in Minecraft, what it is, and how to obtain it.

So wait no further; start collecting your tridents today, and enchant them withImpaling in Minecraft.

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