All You Need to Know About Corpse Husband Face Reveal

The famous online streamer Corpse Husband has become an overnight sensation in the past few years. This social media star has proved the theory wrong that online presence is important for building your brand.

This actor, singer, composer, and YouTuber, Corpse Husband, has risen to stardom without unnecessarily revealing his face to the public. 

The social media star of Corpse Husband is a well-known personality from San Diego, California, USA. It is well known for his deep and raspy voice in which he narrates true crime tales and horror stories to his audience on YouTube, Twitch, and X (formerly Twitter).

Corpse Husband Face Reveal is one of the biggest questions for the people and his fans, as every time in his YouTube videos and Music Videos, he gracefully manages to keep his identity a secret by using digital avatars and animations.

His fans are always overdriven in excitement, as the real face of this internet star has never been revealed yet. 

This entertainment-based article on our blogpost site of would help you learn more about the profile summary of the Corpse Husband, the Corpse Husband face reveal, and other details about the same. 

Who is Corpse Husband?

corpse husband face revealCorpse Husband is the stage name for a boy, Randall, born on August 8, 1997, in the city of San Diego, California. He has not yet disclosed any personal information neither bout his family or his siblings to the public or his online fans.

Corpse is a multi-talented individual whose net worth is about $2 Million. This internet personality has a self-titled YouTube channel, which was launched back in 2015, where he used to narrate horror stories and real-life criminal cases to his audience.

What fascinated people and attracted them to him was the deep, hoarse, and haunting voice in which he communicated and expressed his thoughts. 

On his YouTube channel itself, Corpse Husband has about 7.3 million subscribers. Apart from being a YouTuber, Corpse is also an active gamer who does various gaming live-stream videos on Twitch. Thus, he engages his fans on the Twitch platform through various games and live streams. 

This social media star is also available on some other media platforms as well, such as TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, where he had 5.8 million, 3.7 million, and 3 million followers, respectively.

Apart from this, he is also a singer who has sung a few great songs such as Code Mistake, Misa Misa, Daywalker, E-Girls Are Running My Life, Under the Weather, Disdain, Cabin Fever, and Life Waster. 

Is There Corpse Husband Face Reveal Yet?

No, not yet. Well, the faces of some of the faceless popular YouTubers are something that the audiences are impatiently waiting to see.

Among these, the Corpse Husband Face Reveal is indeed the most awaited one, as he is a super-talented guy with a deep and hypnotizing voice in which he sings songs, narrates horror stories, and plays games. 

In an interview with another famous YouTuber, Anthony Padilla, in the year 2020, Corpse revealed that he has several health issues, which include anxiety, panic attacks, gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD), fibromyalgia, and sleep apnea.

Also, he is too concerned about his looks and is afraid of facing negativity regarding the same. Hence, these are probably some of the major reasons why Corpse Husband Face Reveal is still a mystery for all of his fans. 

Also, in the year 2021, in September, a photo of a guy went viral from an anonymous user’s Twitter Account (now X), which claimed to be Corpse Husband’s real face, allegedly taken from his Grandma’s Facebook Account.

That picture received a wave of mixed reactions from the public; some made fun of the boy’s picture and showered it with negative comments, while others came into support and fought with those who spoke negatively about the photograph, which was of someone unknown in this entire universe.

Also, the social media personality Corpse Husband has not yet made any comments that the leaked picture was his. 

Where is Corpse Husband Now?

The famous YouTuber Corpse Husband has not been active on his social media for quite some time. This has thus raised several questions among his fans regarding his whereabouts.

Some people are also speculating that he must be quite disturbed due to the negative comments people flooded on the guy’s photo, which went viral and is not yet confirmed to be his.

It can be thought that his alleged picture, which circulated all over X (formerly Twitter), led to his disappearance. 

While some people are also speculating that the other reason for his disappearance can be his ill health, the famous media personality Corpse Husband has already disclosed through a post on X that he is battling with several health-related issues, which include fibromyalgia, anxiety, sleep apnea, and gastrointestinal reflux disease (GERD). 

However, he was last heard in a collaborative music video with the British Rock Band Bring Me the Horizon. Where they created a masterpiece song together by the name Code Mistake.

This song received way too many positive reviews from fans. Also, in February 2023, he was seen in a 15-second Tik-Tok video promoting a hoodie that he designed in collaboration with Gloomy Bear. 

In the same year, he posted three more TikTok videos, which included a variety of new songs, showing that he is more focused on his music career.

However, his two close friends from the same industry, Valkyrae and Sykkuno, have offered some insights about his whereabouts and his absence from social media platforms these days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Corpse Husband?

Ans. Corpse Husband is a famous American internet media personality who is a YouTuber, a Twitch streamer, and a singer. He is best known for his deep, raspy voice, through which he can narrate horror stories.

Q. What is the Real Name of Corpse Husband, and Where Does He Live?

Ans. Corpse Husband’s real name is Randall, and he lives in San Diego, California.

Q. How Old is Corpse Husband?

Ans. Corpse Husband, or Randall, is a 26-year-old guy who was born on August 8, 1997.

Q. What is the Net Worth of a Corpse Husband?

Ans. The net worth of Corpse is around $2 Million, which he has majorly earned through his social media and music career. 

Q. Is There a Corpse Husband Face Reveal Yet?

Ans. The popular online personality of Corpse Husband Face Reveal is something that a lot of people have been waiting for. Corpse once revealed that he has some serious anxiety issues, and he is also not very sure or confident when it comes to his looks. This is the major reason why Corpse Husband Face Reveal is a mystery to all. 

Wrapping Up

Although the world is still waiting for the Corpse Husband Face Reveal, this guy is extremely great, as without showing his face to the public, he has set the bars of innovation and production at high stakes.

Even though he battles with several health diseases, his talent speaks on the highest note for him. Corpse Husband is a name that gives a distinct recognition in the world of content creation and streaming.

Thus, we wish him all the best for his health and his comeback as one of the greatest artists of all time. 

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