Quakecon 2020 Cancelled

Bethesda has announced that QuakeCon 2020 has been canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the cancellation, Bethesda is trying to find “other ways to celebrate the spirit of QuakeCon this August.”

In a statement posted to Twitter, Bethesda shared its “difficult decision to cancel this year’s QuakeCon.” This year would have marked the 25th anniversary of the con.

“The health and safety of our employees, volunteers, vendors, sponsors, and players will always be our top priority, and in these times it felt wrong to be talking a few gathering when gathering is that the last item any folks should be doing immediately ,” reads the statement.

With E3 2020 being canceled for the primary time within the event’s history, it isn’t surprising to ascertain Bethesda electing to cancel QuakeCon 2020. However, while this year’s gathering has been canceled, Bethesda has assured fans that it’s forward to celebrating the return of the event next year.

Earlier today, Gamescom organizers released a press release saying that the event would still be happening digitally if not physically. On the opposite hand, some events like GDC have announced new dates for later within the summer.

The events above are just a couple of of the various that are impacted by the coronavirus – to ascertain a more detailed list, inspect our article on every game event suffering from COVID-19. Additionally, there are a couple of movie releases and shows delayed globally.

With platforms like Steam receiving massive amounts of players while most are stuck reception now’s the right time to figure your way through that pile of games you have been aiming to try make certain to see out our favourite games to play while you’re stuck reception.

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