Six in Little Nightmares: Things You Must Know About Six

Little Nightmares is a horror game that thrills the players with adventures and puzzles. This exhilarating horror gaming experience has been brought to you by Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment.

The game is available on a variety of platforms and is constantly expanding. This horror game is set in the mysterious world of Maw and revolves around the journey of a hungry little girl, Six in Little Nightmares.

It is full of twisted monstrous beings and graphics. Not only this but also the spooky atmosphere of the game adds more impressions to the horror element of the game.

The players of this game are required to solve the puzzles to proceed further, and generally, they are not provided with any weapons or combat abilities.

So, the only way to escape the hideous monsters roaming in the game trying to catch the protagonist characters is to hide from them. But in some instances, weapons can be unlocked to fight back the attack. 

Although the game is full of mysterious and bizarre characters that can come up from any direction to haunt the players, Six in Little Nightmares is the major protagonist character among all Little Nightmares characters.

She is a little nine-year-old girl dressed in a yellow raincoat who sets out on a journey full of suspense, thrill, horror, and adventure.

Below-curated article about the character, Six in Little Nightmares. This article provides complete information about the plot of Little Nightmares and the personality of Six.

So let’s get started!!

Role of Six in Little Nightmares

six in little nightmaresSix in Little Nightmares is the main protagonist character whose major goal is to survive; she goes through the struggle of escaping hideous and twisted monsters and saving herself from becoming their meal but, at the same time, also stumbles hard to satisfy her hunger.

She is a nine-year-old girl who is wearing a bright yellow raincoat. Six is spotted in a black-bob cut hairstyle with bangs covering half of her face. Due to this, only her nose and mouth are visible to the spectators.

Her bright yellow raincoat has three front opening buttons, two pockets, and a hood. She does not wear shoes or other footwear and only possesses a small light with an eternal flame.

Keep scrolling below to learn everything about the character and her struggles throughout the thrilling plot of the game. Before that, if you want to know that there will be Little Nightmares 3, you can check out our post on it.

Six in Little Nightmares struggles her way out, hiding from the horror-twisted creatures to escape The Maw. Maw is an iron ship structure inhabited by monsters where the game’s story is set up.

She begins her journey by navigating the lowest deck of The Maw, and while navigating the deck, she encounters Nomes, who are small, confused, and nervous creatures.

Six is also seen trying to escape an area called The Prison, where children are captured. She used her ingenuity, climbing skills, and endless lighter to escape that prison.

She somehow evades the same as the black carnivore leeches dropping from the ceiling and loitering everywhere. But she took no heed to help other children captured there and ran away alone. This depicts how rude the character of Six in Little Nightmares is. 

As she moves forward, she comes across The Janitor, who is a blind, long-armed monster but has a good sense of smell. She tries to escape The Janitor but eventually loses him.

There she encounters the Watchful Eye, a kind of security system, and discovers that several other children are captured in The Maw.

The game has a theory that some children are abducted and processed into the meat by The Twin Chefs and cooked to be consumed by The Guests, who are fat and disgusting. You can check out the games like Little Nightmare too. 

Although Six escapes Janitor, she is constantly chased by him. On her journey, she also sees some bodies wrapped and hanging on the hooks on her way in The Maw. Six tries hard to escape The Janitor, but he finally catches her and locks her in a cage.

Despite being locked up, she does not lose hope and again escapes the cage. From there, she reaches a room with a large metal door, probably called The Kitchen, where she meets The Twin Chefs.

There she saw the meat of children wrapped, cooked, and being served to the guests of the Maw. They try to cook her to serve as a meal for The Guests, but she escapes them and moves to the upper deck, where she encounters The Guests. 

The guests were here for the buffet served to them by a mysterious woman, The Lady, who resembled a Geisha and once came in the dream of Six. While continuing to escape from the Maw, she figured out that to escape The Maw.

She must cross the dining hall, where The Guests try to catch and eat her. But she somehow runs them and finds herself in the quarters of The Lady.

She has a special hunger attack and finds a Nome offering her a sausage. She ruthlessly rejected the provided link and ate up the Nome instead. 

After she ends up in the quarters of The Lady, she finally finds a way to defeat her. Six in Little Nightmares finally conquers The Lady by repelling her through an unbroken mirror. She then suffers from a final hunger attack.

To subdue the same, she bites the neck of the Lady, and with that, her magical powers get transferred to Six. And with those powers, she finally escapes The Maw. 

The Character of Six in Little Nightmares

six in little nightmaresSix in Little Nightmares is a nine-year-old girl who is popular for her iconic yellow raincoat with a hood. She is the main protagonist in the game Little Nightmares and a secondary character in Little Nightmares II.

After entirely enjoying Little Nightmares II, fans eagerly await Little Nightmares 3 since its announcement and Little Nightmares 3 release date.

From the game’s plot, it is obvious that Six is not the first child trapped in The Maw but is probably the first to escape. There is a huge possibility that Six in Little Nightmares is an evil character.

Initially, in the game, she is portrayed as a small child who tries to escape the horror-twisted monsters, but as we move forward, there are instances in the game’s plot that hint towards her evil nature.

For example, when The Janitor captures her, she founds out that many other children are captured in The Maw but makes no effort to help them.

Another evil thing she did was when a sympathetic Nome offers her a sausage; she rejected the sausage and ate the Nome instead.

Since Six is also a secondary character in Little Nightmares II, according to its plot, we learn about her trust issues as she rejects the help of Mono(another protagonist character of Little Nightmares) even though she desperately needs it.

Despite being nine-year-old, Six in Little Nightmares is a brilliant girl. Horrifying monsters constantly chase her, but with her wit, she always manages to escape them and dodges her enemies using their surroundings.

Not only is she successful in running the monsters, but she also figures out The Lady is very powerful, but mirrors are her weakness. Using her wit, she eventually defeats her, absorbs all her powers, and escapes The Maw with the help of her passion.

Another behavioral trait about Six is that she likes violence and has no problem assaulting anyone or anything. Several instances in the game prove the theories. In Little Nightmares II, Mono and Six are in the Black Tower.

She changes drastically into a huge monster and is no longer a tiny thin girl. Her hair becomes longer than usual, and she no longer appears human. Six is very selfish, whether it be not helping other children or her friendship with Mono.

The fans were happy with the friendship between Six and Mono, but the ending proves that she was only using him for her survival. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Six in Little Nightmares the Real Villain?

Ans. It is not official that Six in Little Nightmares is the real villain, but there are instances in the story that hints to the fans of Six is the villain.

For example, when the Janitor traps her, she discovers that other children are also trapped but makes no effort to save them and eats a Nome instead of the sausage.

Q. How Does Six in Little Nightmares Defeat the Lady?

Ans. During her struggle to escape from The Guests in the dining hall, she accidentally falls into the quarters of The Lady and finds that mirrors are her weakness.

When Six forces The Lady to look at her reflection, she weakens, and Six defeats the Lady and absorbs all her powers.

Let’s Conclude

The article mentioned above has all the information regarding Six in Little Nightmares. So the basic things we can conclude are that she is a nine-year-old girl trapped in The Maw and makes all efforts to escape the disgusting monsters.

She is popular for her iconic bright yellow raincoat. Despite being tiny and thin, she is witty and always manages to sabotage the monsters. The environment of the game provides a thrilling horror experience.

If you were looking for a game that can give you goosebumps and, at the same time, keep you engaged with the story full of suspense, twists, and turns, then wait no further and start playing Little Nightmares today.

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