How to Make a Viral Video in Content Warning

Making viral videos, earning views & money, and becoming the most loved SpookTuber are the most important targets of the players while playing the game of Content Warning.

For this, the players have to film creepy & interesting monsters and abandoned factories, and it then acts as the key content to make a viral video in Content Warning.

However, it is quite challenging for the players to tape them to get out of the place safely and post the video for everyone to see.

Thus, here in this informative article, we will be telling you, how you can make a viral video in Content Warning to gather more views and develop a fanbase.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

How to Make a Viral Video in Content Warning and Become a Famous Spooktuber?

viral video in content warningTo gather more views, making a viral video in Content Warning is extremely necessary. Your job, along with the other players of your crew, is to record terrifying in-game monsters and come out alive from the factories where they reside.

Also, your task here is to get the best possible footage, to meet your view count goals within three days of taking up the challenge, and to develop the ultimate viral content on SpookTube.

The time allotted to you to shoot the film is just one minute and 30 seconds, within which you are required to capture the best possible content.

By doing so, players would be able to earn views, purchase some equipment, accumulate cash, and make future productions better. Till now, there are no definite ways of making viral videos in Content Warning and grabbing more views.

Thus, you need to keep on trying different things and see what works best for you. But, from the beginner’s point of view, you can try the following steps.

  • Explore the Factory to the Fullest: Remember, the deeper in the factory you would go the more horrifying monsters you would encounter there. But, do make sure to recall your way out of the factory. Because, even if you have, captured monsters on tape, it won’t be of much use to you, if you do not publish the same on SpookTube.
  • Use Good Props and Emotes: If you want to create a viral video in Content Warning, try the same using props like a mic and clapperboard, when you are starting to film your video. Apart from that, it also makes sure to have some emotes that you can use on a monster. These things would, thus, make your content unique to the others and would also help you gather comments from the others in SpookTube.
  • Try to Get as Much Clear Footage of the Monster as Possible: None of the SpookTube viewers would like the clippings of empty factories with dead trees inside. People would be connecting to your SpookTube channel because they want to see the monsters. As soon as you spot them in the game, try to sneak up on them without it noticing you and get a clear view of the same; also, capture them in your video camera, and then post the video on SpookTube. Some of the popular monsters, which would give you a fairly good viewer count on SpookTube, are the snail, the spider, and the red-light monster that shoots bullets, along with many, many others.
  • Try to Make the Most of Day 3: On Day 3, the players are more likely to stumble down the scarier enemies during the third day. Make sure to be as near as possible to the diving bell so that you can rush back quickly as you gather upload-worthy clipping for SpookTube.
  • Putting Friends in Danger: Although this might sound a little inhuman, in the game, this technique would help you create a viral video in Content Warning. People who love watching SpookTube like watching content where players toss their friends in front of the monsters for fun. So, next time your friend gets pinballed by the monster, don’t help but film them instead to get more views on your SpookTube video.
  • Bring Variety in Your Spooktube Videos: Do not focus too much on the first thing because when you move further in the game, you will find plenty of various other scary things waiting for you in the game. The more of the monsters you film in your video, the more views you will get in the game. This does not only count for the monsters but also for the skulls, spooky structures, and everything else that would freak you out.
  • Structure Your Videos: Planning structured videos would help you create viral videos. As you know, you would only get 90 seconds of the film per day, so to make the video viral, you need to make every second count. Your video should be formatted in proper structure, with a formal intro, outro video, and angle selfies. Nowadays, the audience needs the context of everything they see coated with a primer for perfection.

These are all the steps you need to follow to make a viral video in Content Warning. Do not leave your camera in the on position, as it can only capture videos of a certain length.

So make sure to use it only when it’s needed the most. Now, before we conclude with this information-filled piece of article, quickly dig into some of the frequently asked questions about the topic, how would you make a viral video in Content Warning?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Record Scary Things for SpookTube?

Ans. Whoever in the team of four players, holds the camera, the entire responsibility of filming the game lies on him. His job would be to record all the monsters and creatures in the lurking dark.

Use your teammates as your cover, and you should try to move on the safer side, to remain till last, with scary things caught on the camera.

Whenever you find something scary happening in the game, take out your camera and start recording using the left mouse button.

Apart from filming monsters, a viral video in Content Warning also consists of picking up and recording bones and other props, putting a friend in danger, or filming yourself while being chased by the monster.

All this adventurous stuff increases the chance of becoming famous on SpookTube by making viral content.

Let’s Wrap Up

That was everything we had to share with you regarding how to make a viral video in Content Warning.

We hope that next time, while being in the game, you will follow all these steps carefully to make your video trending and gain fame on SpookTube. For more informative content regarding the game, check out our blog post on

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