Virtual Families 3 Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Well, are you a new player of the interesting game Virtual Families 3: Our Country Home? If yes, then in this explained article, find out more about the Virtual Families 3 Cheats, Tips, Tricks, and Gameplay Strategies. 

Virtual Families 3, Our Country Home is a life-stimulation game that can be played on both PC and mobile devices.

In this game, the players have to succeed in various life challenges, which include managing their careers, running a family, and making enough money to survive.

In this gaming article, we will be telling you about the gameplay and certain Virtual Families 3 cheats and tips, which would probably save a lot of your gaming time.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Virtual Families 3 Walkthrough Guide

virtual families 3 cheats

This innovative game of Virtual Families 3 is the 3rd generation game of the series, developed by the innovative game development team of Last Day of Work.

The game offers players various in-game virtual challenges that help them mold and manage their virtual families. 

The game Virtual Families 3 debuted its open beta version on 8 May 2020 after being initially announced in 2015. On 17 September 2020, the game was officially launched for its Android users. 

Much like its predecessor games, the game Virtual Families 3 thrusts the players into the captivating task of raising a virtual family, ensuring that they are being adequately taken care of, and also helping them navigate their lives smoothly.

This virtual home is owned by a couple, Rachel and Kevin, and is said to be haunted by their deceased daughter, The Little Girl. She may be seen floating around the house at times, but as players, you can probably ignore her. 

Let’s now start with the basic walkthrough of the game before knowing the Virtual Families 3 Cheats. 

  • As players, you would start the game by creating the characters of your choice and moving into the virtual house. At first, when you went inside the house, you would find the condition of the house to be extremely bad, and now it’s up to you how you want to make the improvements in the house. 
  • As players, you can also control your in-game characters through commands. You can drag and drop them either to different objects or to different places. For example, if a character is starving, hold it over and drop it into the refrigerator. 
  • As players, you also have to take care of your characters by providing them with food, commanding them to take a shower daily, and doing various career-related activities to get a promotion. All these commands can be given to them through the dragging and dropping process. The player also must take care of them whenever they are sick.
  • In the game, you would notice that the house gets dirty quite frequently. So you must keep it clean and tidy. You would find various items on the floor, such as garbage, socks, and other items. Drag the in-game character over these garbage items, and after that, the character would pick them up and put them in the trash. 
  • The players can also get basic information about the character just by clicking on it, such as name, age, career, action, status(happy, itchy, depressed, sad, etc.), and bank balance.
  • In every 2-4 real-time playing hours of the game, the age of the character increases by 1 year. 
  • In the game Virtual Families 3, the players would have the opportunity to see ghosts in and around the house. As far as we know, these ghosts are none other than the spirits of the people who died in the house before you moved in here. 
  • Wondering how, as players, you can progress in the game despite using the Virtual Families 3 Cheats. Well, the major ways of progress in the game are saving the coins and working on home improvements, upgrading the characters, having kids and sending them to school for education, buying furniture to make the house good-looking, collecting items such as feathers, minerals, bugs, photo pieces, and lost toys, check out the goals in the menu and complete them, and also grow your family tree.

Thus, this was a short walkthrough guide for Virtual Families 3. Now, read the rest of the article to gather more details. 

Virtual Families 3 Cheats

One thing is for sure: there are no direct Virtual Families 3 Cheats in the game that the players can use. However, there are certain in-game strategies that help players earn more in-game coins.

Some of these strategies for earning extra in-game coins are selling the collectibles in the game, fulfilling the daily given set of objectives, intelligent promotions, and watching various in-game video commercials.

For further in-game enhancements, the players can purchase items like furniture, kids’ attire, and garden supplies and even avail skill upgrades for the in-game characters.

Apart from this, the players can also invest in real-time money or purchase in-game coins from the gaming store. However, cheating can also take away the authentic joy of playing the game. 

As a part of the topic Virtual Families 3 Cheats, we would also like to discuss certain more ways through which the players can earn quick money.

Players can expand their coffers quickly by selling off their unwanted and unnecessary inventory items that can boost their funds.

Also, frequently participating in various activities and side missions will also reward the players with coins upon completion.

When the players have a steady influx of coins, handling the finances in Virtual Families 3 becomes a seamless task. 

Virtual Families Tips

After you have learned about the Virtual Families 3 Cheats, it’s now time for us to tell you about the various nuances of the game, which could be of great benefit to you as a player. 

The primary tip of the game is to keep your characters busy. This can be successfully done by allocating chores and tasks for them.

The idle hands of the game do not promote or contribute to the in-game progress. Also, it is equally important to ensure the consistent flow of the groceries in the game to avoid the shortage. 

Building up the career of your characters is equally important, as it can significantly enhance your progress in the game.

Choose the career that aligns the best with your character’s interests and skills. Also, most importantly, building a successful career not only provides a reliable source of income for the family but also makes your visual household financially stable. 

Now, as we have come across Virtual Families 3 Cheats, walkthrough, and tips, it’s time for us to wrap up this article with some frequently asked questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are Virtual Families 3 Cheats?

Ans. There are no defined Virtual Families 3 Cheats, but there are certain other conventional ways through which the players can earn some extra in-game money. These ways include selling the in-game collectibles, fulfilling the daily set of objectives, intelligent game promotions, and watching various in-game video commercials.

Q. Why is It Necessary for the in-game Players to Keep Themselves Busy With Household Chores?

Ans. Well, keeping the characters of Virtual Families 3 busy with chores and tasks is extremely important, as it helps in maintaining the house, managing the virtual family, aids in character development, and also ensures that there is a regular grocery supply to achieve a harmonious in-game life. 

Let’s Summarize

That was everything we wanted to share regarding Virtual Families 3 Cheats, in-game tips, and the walkthrough guide. Play this game yourself now. And if you have any other query related to the game, you can comment below. Also, read the article, ‘How you can Get Rid of the Ants in Virtual Families 3?’ on our blogpost site of 

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