What is Kick Streaming and How Does It Work?

Have you heard of the Kick Streaming platform, launched in 2023? This creator-friendly streaming platform would definitely rival Twitch and YouTube once it gets popular.

However, in terms of channels, viewers, and subscribers, this Kick Streaming platform is not competitive with the other two long-established platforms.

As an expert or gaming freak, you might continuously look for new streaming platforms to try and form a community.

Thus, this article will explain every possible detail about the Kick Streaming platform and answer some frequently asked questions about it.

So, without waiting a minute, let’s get started. 

What is a Kick Streaming Platform?

kick streamingKick Streaming platform, is a relatively new live video streaming platform, which is quite similar to Twitch, YouTube Live, and Facebook Live.

Creators on this platform can stream videos in real time, while the audience or viewers can subscribe to their channel, watch HD-quality live streams, and post a wide variety of content.

Although this streaming platform is currently in Beta Mode, it is becoming more popular daily. The platform is expected to see a sudden surge of about 153.3 million monthly visitors by June 2024.

Apart from streaming live video content in real time, the platform’s audience may also subscribe to your Kick streaming channel, indulge in live chatting with you, post comments under the video, and actively participate in more inclusive activities.

What Type of Content Can Be Streamed on the Kick Streaming Platform?

Similar to the Twitch streaming Platform, the Kick Streaming platform also features a bunch of varied categories, which you can explore, browse, and stream.

The platform has over six key categories to help the viewers stream effectively on Kick Streaming and also help the viewers easily find what they want to watch.

  • Music: The videos streamed under this genre would include DJ sets, dance, acoustic & musical streams, and so on.
  • Games: This category of kick streaming, shows, and gaming streams on the platform could range from multiplayer games to e-sports tournaments.
  • IRL: This is a general type of streamable niche, which includes videos on various topics, such as news, cooking, travel, ASMR, and podcasts.
  • Gambling: Also some well-known gaming slots in the video streaming section include Slots and Casinos. Some other similar games whose videos are being posted under this niche are poker, table games, sports betting, etc.
  • Creative: This particular niche of streamable video includes videos related to digital arts, creators and makers, video production & graphic designs.
  • Alternative: Under this particular niche, you would be able to find some exceptional content on topics like trading & crypto, sports & politics.

How is Kick Different From Twitch?

The major difference between Kick Streming and Twitch is that Kick calls itself to be a creator-friendly streaming platform.

This means that it would take a small amount of money from the creators and is comparatively more relaxed regarding the explicit content posted on the platform.

Also, the guidelines of the Kick Streaming platform are clearer and more concise than those of Twitch. Overall, Kick is pushing and positioning itself as a perfect platform for streamers.

As per our search, the revenue split on Twitch is 50/50, whereas the same split number turns out to be 95/5 on the Kick streaming platform. Apart from that, 100% of the tips are made on Kick Streaming and paid to the subscribers.

Also, they can withdraw their earnings on the same day, unlike the Twitch platform, where the players have to wait for the monthly payout.

These earnings of the players are based on the hours watched and the total viewers instead of the monthly subscriber count.

If you dig yourself a little deeper into this, you will find that the Twitch vs Kick debate will become more nuanced.

kick streaming

How Many Users Are There on the Kick Streaming Platform?

As Kick Streaming is in the beta mode of its functioning and is still considered a baby, it can be by no means comparable to Twitch in terms of the number of users present on the platform.

But the current comparable status between the two streaming platforms is as follows:-


  • Current viewers- 55,365
  • Channels now- 2,106
  • Games being streamed- 4,675
  • Total streamers- 520,251
  • Peak online viewers- 573,641 (July 1, 2023)
  • Peak online channels- 7,385 (July 1, 2023)


  • Current viewers- 1,508,215
  • Channels now- 49,906
  • Games being streamed- 119,828
  • Total streamers- 16,279,664
  • Peak online viewers- 6,642,217
  • Peak online channels- 234,924

How to Make Money on Kick Streaming Platform?

Well, after you have joined the Kick Streaming platform, it is time to learn how to earn money on it.

In the first place, you have to join the Affiliate program of Kick, for which you should necessarily need to have at least 75 followers and 5 total streamed hours.

On the other hand, the conditions applicable to joining the affiliate program Twitch and earning money are slightly higher than this. You have to stream for at least 500 minutes, which would amount to more than 8 hours in the last 30 days.

Once you have become an Affiliate of the Kick Streaming platform, you can now start charging from your audience to become a subscriber to your Kick channel.

The average cost of a Kick subscription would cost around, $4.99 per month. So, if you roughly have 1000 followers, who have subscribed to you, you would be getting a sum of around $4,750, once the Kick streaming platform takes its part of the share.

This live streaming platform also offers the streamers a Creator Incentive program, in which the streamers would be paid, at an hourly rate for their Kick streams at the split rate of 95/5 with the platform.

The entry barrier to this particular platform is the same as that of the Kick Affiliate program, but the acceptance in this is not guaranteed.

How Much Does the Kick Streaming Platform Pay to the Streamers?

The USP of the Kick Streaming platform is that, the platform, has one of the lowest revenue charges, among the other, live streaming platforms.

Here, the creators receive 95% of the subscriber income, while the platform, retains just the 5% of it.

Which is far more than the Twitch’s 50/50 split and YouTube’s 70/30 split. On this platform, the players are also allowed to keep 100% of the tips (commonly known as Kicks in this game).

The Kick Streaming platform is also planning to generate a cash flow system through advertising. It is also working on the provision to give creators a lucrative incentive, which would draw the best gaming players on the Kick platform.

How to Download the Kick Streaming Platform and Go Live on It?

Kick App can be downloaded from both Google and Apple devices, or you can simply click on Kick.com in your internet browser.

Once you have successfully downloaded the Kick Streaming Application on your device, you will be able to watch streamers do live streams, enter the chat, subscribe to the channels of various creators, send them donations, and more.

If you want to be a Kick streamer, you can become one after learning how to go live on the Kick platform.

The process for the same, is pretty simple, follow the below-listed steps, for precise details.

  • After downloading the Kick Streaming platform and logging in, click on the ‘settings’ tab in the Creator Dashboard, then head to the ‘Stream’ option.
  • Scroll down until you have found the ‘Stream key’ or the ‘Stream URL’. Now, open up the streaming software of your choice, and enter the ‘Stream key’ or the ‘Stream URL’ when asked or prompted.
  • After ensuring all the output settings match your device’s, head back to the Kick Streaming platform.
  •  Now, on the bottom right of the screen, click on the ‘Edit stream Info’. Here, you have to enter the name of your stream and the category to which it belongs and decide on the primary language of the stream. Also, you have to decide whether the stream you are going to play is for the 18+ or not. Once you have done with all this, you have to hit down the ‘Save’ button.
  • Now, you can start your Kick Streaming via the streaming software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Owns the Kick Streaming Platform?

Ans. Bijan Tehrani and Ed Carven set up the Kick Streaming platform. Tyler’ Trainwreckstv’ Niknam, a top Twitch gamer, plays a non-owner advisor for the platform. He quit Twitch in 2022 due to the gambling ban. 

Q. Is the Kick Streaming Platform Good to Play With?

Ans. The Kick Streaming platform is turning out to be one of the best live-streaming platforms for all new users. It’s skyrocketed growth because the creators can earn more money on this platform, i.e., 95% creator / 5% Kick revenue split. As a new market player, the Kick Live Streaming platform is the right place to get HD game streaming. As a user, you can connect with a wide audience base around the world and create your stream as a streamer. 

Q. Does Kick Streaming Allow NSFW content?

Ans. The moderation process of the Kick Streaming platform is fairly lenient, which means some sexually themed content might appear on the platform. The community guidelines are broadly the same on all streaming platforms, though actions such as violence, drugs, fraud, copyright infringement, and discrimination can lead to sanctions against the account or the content. If, by any chance, you do not want not-safe-for-work, you can activate a toggle that blocks it. 

One of the biggest problems the user faces with Twitch is the strict policy against certain NSFW content, such as nudity. Some of the streamers have had their content on the platform incorrectly flagged and removed from Twitch despite featuring none of the ‘banned’ themes. According to the community guidelines of the Kick Streaming platform, the platform is designed to be fun and safe for all. All the guidelines on this platform help the streamers decide which behaviours are acceptable and which are inappropriate. Apart from this, all sexual activity, pornography, and nudity are prohibited from the comments and the live streams. 

Q. Is Gambling Allowed on Kick Streaming Platform?

Ans. The Kick Streaming platform does not allow gambling between users, lotteries, or sweepstakes. However, streaming games belonging to the gambling niche is allowed, depending on the regulations and laws of the country from where the viewer is located. Also, gambling streams are prevalent on Kick Streaming platforms because the same was banned on Twitch in the year 2022. 

Let’s Wrap Up

Thus, that was everything we wanted to share with you regarding the Kick Streaming platform. We hope that you enjoyed reading this expansive article by far. If so, then what are you waiting for now? Download the Kick application, make an account, and start streaming on it today. 

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