What is Marin Kitagawa Age? Fascinating Things About Marin Kitagawa

Marin Kitagawa is the main female lead of My Dress Up Darling, aka Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi Wo Suru, a Japanese Manga series.

This is a very popular show released last year and illustrated and written by Shinichi Fukuda. Many people think and search about Marin Kitagawa Age and some things about her.

It is the most exciting and memorable anime series of 2022, aired from January 9 to March 27 in the form of 12 popularly enjoyable episodes.

There is a lot to love and to know about this anime, as it has a surprisingly great fan following, especially for audiences who are into cosplay or tailoring.

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Along with Marin, Wakana Gojo is the show’s main lead, and they both design and create cosplay costumes for Marin.

The costumes were absolutely the best that the world had ever seen before. We are specifically here to talk about Marin Kitagawa age, her outgoing & carefree personality girl who is loved by all.

This comprehensive article will discuss Marin Kitagawa age, height, and other physical features. We will also share some details and facts about her features and attributes.

So, let’s learn more about Kitagawa without wasting a moment.

Who is Marin Kitagawa?

marin kitagawa age

She is a famous and beautiful high school girl who loves watching anime, doing cosplays, and reading manga, and she also likes to play adult video games and videos like Ankha Zone.

Marin is notable in her school and among her peers for her warmth, positivity, friendliness, and outgoing nature.

She is shown disliking people who are overly critical and who judge others according to their liking. While working together, she started to develop love feelings for her male friend Wakana Gojo.

Wakana Gojo is an orphan brought up by his grandfather, a great artist of Hina Dolls. He was constantly bullied in his school for liking dolls and stitching clothes for them.

Until Marin found out about his hobby and supported him, she also encouraged him to sew cosplay dresses for her.

Listed below are some interesting facts about Marin Kitagawa that you should be aware of if you are a fan of My Dress Up Darling.

1.  Marin Kitagawa age

Although Marin Kitagawa age has never been specified in the series, we tend to assume that she is 15 or 16 according to what we know, i.e., she is a first-year high school student.

Thus, according to the current timeline of the series, Marin is about 15 years old.

We also know that March 5 is the birth date of Marin, as the official Twitter handle of the anime has revealed the same.

Pisces is her zodiac sign, and her personality is like Piscean’s traits. She is empathetic, not selfish, romantic, open-minded, mature, extravagant, and messy.

2. Family of Marin

Although we are unaware of Marin’s parents and their names, we know her mother died of illness when Marin was a little kid, and her father is alive and loves her daughter immensely.

But he does not stay with her, as he has often been called abroad for work.

Thus, Marin Kitawaga lives alone and works as a part-time model to help offset the cost of her cosplaying hobby.

We haven’t seen her father yet, but we hope to see him in the coming seasons.

3. Height of Marin

She is one of the most beautiful girls in the anime world, with a height of 164 cm, a slim waistline, a light skin tone, and blonde hair with citrus orange tips at the end.

4. The Personality of Marin

Marin is an extravagantly mature and messy girl who loves anime and is an enthusiastic cosplayer. She is notably a kind, cheerful, and friendly girl with many friends.

Marin has a non-judgemental outlook towards people; thus, she is openly friends with Wakana Gojo, the most unpopular boy in her school.

Despite her carefree and cheery nature, she has her values and is quite earnest about them.

Marin has a personality of a Genki Girl, i.e., she has an energetic and cheerful personality and is like a ray of hope and sunshine.

5. Style of Dressing of Marin

Marin follows the Gyaru style of dressing. This is one of the oldest fashion trends in Japan, including tanning skin, wearing bright and shiny makeup, heavily bleached hair, long and decorated nails, and putting on rebellious outfits.

In other words, doing all that is against the traditional beauty standards of Japan. You might be interested in watching Hannah Owo without makeup pictures.

Thus, Marin wore an above-knee length knife pleated skirt, a school shirt tied around the waist with rolled-up sleeves, a tie, a wrist chain, and a choker necklace.

She also wears many earrings on her ears, long pink nails, heavy mascara to give volume to her lashes, and light pink lipstick.

Also, the original color of her eyes is brown, and she wears contact lenses to make them look pink.

6. Her Obsession

Marin is highly obsessed with the character of Shizuku-Tan, a character in Slippery Girls 2.

According to her, the character of Shizuku is cute, and the first-ever cosplay costume she created with Wakana’s help also greatly resembled that of Shizuku-tan.

You can also see that her room is highly decorated with Shizuku’s posters, and she also has her franchise goods, including body-pillow and figures of the character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the Voice Actor of Marin Kitawaga?

Ans. Anime characters especially become popular based on how their voiceover artists portray them.

The perfect voicing of the voice actor enhances the viewer’s experience and allows them to connect with the audience more.

Marin Kitawaga got one of the best voice actors who brought her character to life. In Japanese, her character was voiced by Hina Sugata, and in English, it was by Amanda Lee.

Q. Did Marin and Wakana End Up Being Together?

Ans. The show’s first season is officially wrapped up, but the two main characters have not been together in a relationship.

But we have already figured from the season, that Marin has realized her love for Wakana. However, he hasn’t still for her.

He respects Marin as a friend and finds her extremely cute, but has reserved his feelings as he thinks that a bubbly and outspoken girl like her would never settle in with a boy like him.

Q. What is the Marin Kitagawa Age?

Ans. Marin Kitagawa age: She is about 15 years, and she was born on March 5. She is a Piscean and has all the traits of the same.

Q. What Are Some of the Cosplay Appearances That Marin Did in the Series?

Ans. Some of the cosplay appearances that Marin did are:-

  • Black Lobelia
  • Shizuku-Kuroe
  • Prisoner Veronica
  • Rizu-Kyun Arisha
  • Izayoi
  • Rei-Sama
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