8 Best Grounded Mods That You Must Try

The survival game Grounded was officially released in 2020 by the Obsidian Community. This fun game is available to play on platforms such as Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

In this fantastic game, the players are shrunk into the size of an insect, and a perilous backyard is the survival playground.

Players will enjoy a vast map, engaging premise, and numerous insects to defeat. The game offers a variety of activities, making this first-person multiplayer survival game a collaborative exploration and building adventure for progression.

While the game is quite fun on its own to play, the players can also apply the best Grounded  Mods in the game to enhance the gaming experience of Grounded.

These Grounded Mods offer a variety of interesting features for players to use in the game.

Although the gaming community of Grounded is relatively small compared to other survival game players, its modding community does a commendable job of providing a fine-tuning gaming experience to the players.

Here, in this particular piece of an interesting article, we will be telling you about some of the best Grounded Mods that, as players, you could install and use in the game to make your experience more astonishing.

So, without wasting a minute any further, let’s move towards the list of best Grounded Mods available in the game. 

List of the Best Grounded Mods

best grounded modsThe best Grounded Mods available in the game can either make the game easy or more challenging for the players to play. Mods are open-source and are publicly available for modification and customization.

Installing the mods in the game includes finding the right mod of interest on the Nexus Mods Page, downloading it on the device, and then copying the same to the correct location.

While some of the Mods are easily downloadable, some require an external Mod Loder program, which involves the downloading of Unreal Mod Loader, profile, and the Mod itself.

Some of the best Grounded Mods are the Compass Mod, ZipUp, Increased Stacks and Better Processing, Bigger Storage Mod, Better Perfect Block, More BURG.L quest rewards, No-Intro, and More Active Mutations.

Below detailed is a comprehensive list of the best Grounded Mods. 

1. Compass Mod

best grounded modsThe Compass Mod is one of the best Grounded Mods available that simply adds an extremely useful in-game accessory to the Head-Up-Display of the game.

Normally, the players can navigate through the dense in-game grasslands by paying attention to the large landmarks present near them.

However, to successfully do this without getting lost, one requires a strong memory and a great sense of in-game direction.

Thus, when the players use these best Grounded Mods, they can procure an in-game compass, which makes it easier for them to navigate the backyard and make their way in the game. 

2. ZipUp

best grounded modsThe Zip Up Grounded Mod is among the best Ground Mods list, which can be used to reduce the time it takes for the players to use the zipline.

Since the players in the game can’t move fast on foot, using the fast-moving ziplines is the best that they can do for themselves.

Ziplines allow the player to cover great distances in a short time. Also, it greatly reduces the time that is taken to go back up in the zipline, and thus helps them traverse the map much faster. 

3. Increased Stacks and Better Processing

best grounded modsThis best-grounded Mod of increased stacks and better processing increases the number of items in the stack up to 60 units and also cuts processing time in half.

This thus saves the players time, which they would otherwise have wasted while waiting for the machine to finish the process.

Also, the increased carrying capacity through this Mod would allow you to move around from one place to another with an enormous number of resources.

By using this in-game Mod, players can now go for long expeditions without repeatedly taking trips to the base camp carrying the newfound goodies and resupplying them. 

4. Bigger Storage Mod

best grounded modsThis Mod, from the list of the best Grounded Mods, doubles up the size of all the in-game storage containers.

This Mod makes everything bigger and better, from baskets to fridges. Thus allowing the players to store twice as many goods as before.

Hence, the players also have now no need to cover every square inch of their base with storage containers to make enough room for all the resources. 

5. Better Perfect Block

best grounded modsThe better perfect block mod in the game of Grounded increases the perfect block window in the game.

When the player is being attacked in the game, there is a small window through which they can get a perfect block that protects the player from getting harmed or damaged.

By increasing the in-game time window, it thus becomes easy for the players to achieve the perfect block. This, thus, makes the combat far easier.

6. More BURG.L Quest Rewards

best grounded modsThis best Grounded Mod from the list hands out some great rewards to the in-game players. This Grounded Mod, right here, would give the players x2, x4, x6, or x10 rewards.

7. No Intro

best grounded modsSometimes, it may be very irritating that you are being welcomed into the game with a high intro that would surely waste your time.

By choosing this Mod, you would be able to get rid of the intro screens of all Obsidian Entertainment, Xbox Game Studios, and Unreal Engine. 

8. More Active Mutations

best grounded modsThis is indeed one of the best Grounded Mods in the list that allows the players to have more active mutations at the same time.

Mutations in the game Grounded are the perks that the players unlock over time while playing the game.

Initially, the players would not have any mutations unlocked, but while progressing in the game and performing various tasks, like hunting & farming, they would be able to unlock new mutations.

The in-game mutations make some of the tasks easy for you to perform and make you stronger by increasing your maximum health and stamina capacity. Mutations also give certain advantages to the players in the game and help them progress faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Would the Players Install the Best Grounded Mods?

Ans. The installation process of these Mods is quite simple to perform. This process can be easily done by the players either through the Nexus Mod or the external Mod Loader Application. 

Let’s Conclude

Thus, these were some of the best Grounded Mods available to play. I hope you enjoyed reading this comprehensive article; if yes, then try them in the actual game now. And for reading more such gaming-based content, keep reading GamePike.com.

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