10 Best Murder Mystery Games to Sharpen Your Sleuthing Skills

Are you a crazy fanatic of Murder Mystery Games filled with lots of suspense, thrillers, and surprises?

Then, you have landed yourself at the exact right place, as here, through this comprehensively curated article, we will be telling you the top 10 best Murder Mystery Games that you would love playing this year. 

Murder Mystery Games are in full rage these years. The games included in this genre are usually those that can be played as a part of pool party events. These online Murder Mystery Games parties are just the perfect genre for the one who hosts various virtual team events. 

All the Murder Mystery Games start with an intriguing story plot, where there is someone who has been murdered, along with the other living in-game characters. Gaming events like these are perfect for encouraging team collaboration and creativity among the players.

Scroll down below to learn what exactly online Murder Mystery Games are and the 10 games of the genre. Thus, without wasting a moment any further, let’s get started with this article. 

What Are the Online Murder Mystery Games?

murder mystery gamesThe online murder mystery game is a kind of role-playing detective game, which they can play on any of their preferred video-calling platforms, such as Skype and Zoom. This genre of games has a wide plethora of games, themes, and activities to choose from.

The online Murder Mystery Games include fully hosted games and free downloadable ones, which you can use for the next virtual event games or at dinner parties.

These online Murder Mystery Games also have great benefits, as they build a community through team bonding, creative role-playing, and collaborative gaming opportunities, and also act as a mental exercise for the players.

All the games belonging to this genre are extremely awesome to play in a virtual gaming party environment.

Now, let’s move on to the next head, which lists down the top 10 Murder Mystery Games that would surely make your team that of detectives in no time.

List of Top 10 Murder Mystery Games

Mentioned below are the names and a little explanation about the top 10 Murder Mystery Games that are worth your time and attention. 

1. Blood, Gold & a Night of Jazz (Murder Mystery)

The Murder Mystery Games of 
Blood, Gold & A Night of Jazz is everything that, as players, you are probably looking for. This challenging game would surely add a ton of excitement and intrigue to your next gaming event.

This game has an extremely captivating storyline that includes a murder that has been committed in the tech mogul’s home and a unique group of characters who are on a mission to find out who has done it.

This game is pretty good to be hosted in a gaming event of 4-14 members and thus comes up with a set of visual guides and event paraphernalia. The game can work both online and face-to-face. 

2. Roller Disco Disaster

The exciting game of Roller Disco Disaster is a type of murder mystery game that has certain captivating powers to keep your friends and families engaged for the whole time during the game. We are pretty sure that you would love this game due to its loving scripts and characters.

This game is extremely fun to play with due to its captivating storyline, based on the seventies action and thriller. The storyline is extremely captivating, as it is filled with frights and laughs for a good reason. 

3. Black Noir Virtual Murder Mystery

In the game Black Noir Murder Escape, the team of players plays the role of the Private Investigator, Mr. Jones, who has been brought into the game to solve the murder case of an important crime town figure.

This captivating online murder mystery game will have a lot of fun. As players, you would take approximately 60 minutes to solve and complete all the puzzles.

This works like this: one person joins the game and takes the role of Mr. Jones; he then shares his screen on Zoom so the rest of the players of his team can work together, find clues, and solve challenges. This game ideally works for a group of 3-5 people. 

4. Prom Nightmare Murder Mystery

Another popular Murder Mystery Game to play for your next Zoom Party or face-to-face party is the Prom Nightmare. What makes the game of Prom Nightmare an interesting one is the teenage drama and murder mysteries included in the game.

This game includes up to 14 different character storylines, including dozens of permutations, in-game characters, detective guides, audio files, game balots, temple invitations, etc. 

5. My Mystery Party

This is indeed another great online game. This My Mystery Party game is a fantastic platform to discover Murder Mystery Games for people belonging to all age groups and different gaming group sizes.

All of these gaming stories are extremely easy to download, and you can play on them instantly by building your team in no time. 

6. Virtual Murder Mystery Games by Red Herring Games

The game developers of Red Herring Games have brought the most mysterious and lively plots through their game, Virtual Murder Mystery Games.

This is one of the best murder mystery games that provides the players with a gameplay experience and makes them feel as if they are solving real-life criminal cases.

This game has a super easy setup and plenty of thrilling different themes to choose from, which the players would enjoy. 

7. Broadway Murder Mysteries

The Murder Mystery Game of Broadway Murder Mysteries is another popular game on the list that provides its players with a captivating and unique gaming experience for your next team-building event.

All the different storylines of this game are written by the playwriters themselves and are voiced by Broadway Talents to offer the theatrical and mystical gaming experience. 

8. Murder Mystery Games

Originally started in 1989, the game Murder Mystery Games is extremely mind-blowing and provides players with deadly and mind-blowing access to mystery plots that are nowhere to be seen in the world. 

9. Zoom Murder Mystery Party by Guilty Games

The Murder Mystery Game of Zoom Murder Mystery Party is the ultimate party gaming kit for the next gaming event. They have different in-game themes to choose from.

Along with that, the game also provides the players with gaming character descriptions, new gaming clues, key details from the crime scenes, and an autopsy report of the victim. 

10. Don Carrasino and the Murdered Mobster by Playing With Murder

The game of Don Carrasino and The Murdered Mobster is another popular Murder Mystery Game where the players are able to solve the murder mysteries in just 30 minutes approx.

All the players of the game become gang members or mobsters who are into solving one of the greatest murder mysteries of the year.

About 8 to 16 players are required to play this interesting game. But the latest version of the game has an expandible gaming value of about 100+ players at a time.  

All these above-mentioned Murder Mystery Games would charge players with a good amount of money that they have to pay for playing the game. But listed below are a few games that are available to play free of cost.

These Murder Mystery Games include; 

  • Murder Mystery Party For Tweens
  • Zombie Cannibal Asylum by Playing with Murder
  • Way Out West
  • WHOdunnit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are the Best Online Platforms to Play Online Murder Mystery Games?

Ans. Some of the best online video conferencing platforms to make your gaming groups comfortable are Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, Webex, and so much more.

The platform that you ultimately decide on depends on the game you choose to play.

Q. What Are Some of the Popular Themes for the Murder Mystery Games?

Ans. Some of the popular Murder Mystery Game creators are the Murder Mystery Company and Murder Mystery Co. Both of these gaming developers have great gaming options in the different mystery categories and true crime.

These games are thus based on some or the other in-game themes, which are Great Gatsby, Holidays, Wild West, Mob, Aliens, and so much more. 

Q. How Many Players Can Be There in the Game, and for How Long Does a Virtual Murder Mystery Gaming Event Last?

Ans. In the Murder Mystery Games, there is no particular limit of players as of now. It entirely depends on the storyline, gaming preferences, and the game one decides to play. But, most of the virtual murder mysteries involve 8 to 15 participants.

Also, a typical gaming event lasts for about 1.5 to 2.5 hours on average. The time duration depends on how long a team takes to solve gaming clues. 

Let’s Summarize

Thus, that was everything I wanted to share with you regarding the Murder Mystery Games. Now, you can make your team, plan a game, and solve exciting murder mysteries to satisfy your inner adrenaline rush and polish your problem-solving skills.

Thus, it’s time to get your inner detective to work through playing these spine-chilling Murder Mystery Games. 

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