Best Pokemon ROM Hacks of All Time You Should Play

If you are an avid Pokemon player, then we are sure that the official Pokemon games must always keep you entertained.

However, these have been engaging people for over 25 years. It all started with Pokemon Red and Blue, which were launched in 1996, up to 2022, with the ninth generation of games launched, i.e., Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

All these are the main-line top-release games, but apart from them, you might hear about the Pokemon ROM Hacks. They are trending on the internet and are more fascinating than the others.

These are altered and edited versions of the game that are easily accessible and can lead to infinite possibilities in the game. For those who still need to become more familiar with Pokemon ROM Hacks, it is their time to get acquainted with the same now. 

Take advantage of this golden opportunity and try some today after reading our curated list of some of the best handpicked Pokemon ROM Hacks.

You can also explore the fascinating world of fossil Pokemon, exploring their unique characteristics, just visit our post and get information.

In this exclusive and detailed article, we have included some from GBA, GBC, and DS types of Pokemon ROM Hack.

Thus, keep scrolling below to read the detailed information about the various ROM Hacks we have to mention, which could provoke your interest more in the world of Pokemon. 

Best Pokemon ROM Hacks

pokemon rom hacksThese days the internet has given plenty of unique opportunities for passionate players to create something and express their feelings through fabulous creativity.

We did thorough research and then gathered information from different sources such as; YouTube, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, and Pokemon Community about the best and the most entertaining Pokemon ROM Hacks.

All the games mentioned below are based on downloads, reviews, game ratings, and recommendations from real users. 

You can play Pokemon ROM Hacks by downloading them through their links and then using the correct emulators on PC, Mac, or mobile phones to play the same.

Now, discover the most popularly played and the best Pokemon ROM Hacks of 2023 in the below-curated list.

1. Pokemon Inclement Emerald

pokemon rom hacksPokemon Inclement Emerald is one of the best ROM Hacks present in this list. This game’s storyline and everything else is related to the official Pokemon Emerald, which the players have loved for many years.

The storyline of this Pokemon ROM Hack is quite similar to the Pokemon Emerald. The players can choose between three difficulty levels to choose from and play.

The trainer will not have any EVs in the normal mode, whereas the Hard mode does have EVs and is slightly more challenging than the normal mode. 

2. Pokemon Sors

pokemon rom hacksThis ROM Hack is about catching Pokemon and has a compelling storyline and tons of content.

These include various side quests that would keep the players entertained.

Pokemon Sors has soaring features that allow the players to fly over the terrains, has physical & unique split, and follows the day & night cycle. 

3. Pokemon Saiph

pokemon rom hacksPokemon Saiph has been an adaption of Fire Red. This game uses several animations and sprites from the Generation V game.

The storyline of Pokemon Saiph is a continuation of the official game, Pokemon Rangers Shadows of Almia. If you are familiar with this game, you should enjoy Pokemon Saiph. The game displays the collection of Pokemon from Generation I to VI.

They have certain altered moves, stats, and updated types. In this game, layers can explore several areas of Hoenn and the new region of Colen. 

4. Pokemon Liquid Crystal

pokemon rom hacksThis ROM Hack, based on Fire Red, is a redesigned version of Pokemon Crystal. This Hack has all the features and everything else, like Pokemon Crystal.

Instead, there are minor additions of certain special events made in the game.

Apart from this, the game has some updated animation, sprites, and various other things. 

5. Pokemon Rocket Edition

pokemon rom hacksPokemon Rocket Edition is one of the best Pokemon ROM Hacks of all time.

It is a ROM Hack of Fire Red that lets you play as the Team Rocket Grunt.

Until you eventually get one of the protagonists in the game Pokemon Rocket Edition, you will keep losing them.

Another exciting thing about this Pokemon game is that the players only sometimes catch Pokemon. Instead, you have to battle with the trainers in the game and steal their Pokemon to win. 

6. Pokemon Sienna

pokemon rom hacksThe storyline of this place is based on the Kanto region of Pokemon. This ROM Hack was made in 2010 and was updated recently to fix all its bugs and make it more playable.

In this game, the player first applies to become a Pokemon Trainer, but when the application gets rejected, they go on an adventure to become a self-acclaimed Pokemon Master.

It is shown that the players are dealing with the outside world along with using Fakemon in the game. 

7. Pokemon Fused Dimensions

pokemon rom hacksIt is one of the exciting games that has recently become part of the list of popular Pokemon ROM Hacks.

The storyline of this game is similar to Fire Red and Leaf Green.

This Hack uses Fakemon; it is a used Pokemon. Players can also use Pikachu, which is infused with Gloom. 

8. Pokemon Sovereign of the Skies

pokemon rom hacksThere lies a great confusion in the world of Sovereign of the Skies. This is because many things are happening together in this exciting game.

The Guardians of Amitec in the game have failed to maintain the peace, and also, the Tundra, the offensive team, is stealing the Sacred Shards of Celestis.

In the game, it will be your role to keep peace, catch Pokemon, and perform other duties. 

9. Pokemon Mega Power

pokemon rom hacksThis is one of the coolest Pokemon ROM Hacks based on Pokemon Emerald.

The players in this game will be the character of genius scientists, and their names will be; Neil and Tyra.

Your character in the game would have all the capabilities to become a Pokemon Master but would have no money to do the same.

Due to that, they will be going on adventures, earning money, and capturing Pokemon. The storyline of this game is quite simple, with polished mechanics of the gameplay.  

10. Pokemon Unbound

pokemon rom hacksSince 2021, Pokemon Unbound has been among the top ROM Hacks. It has become more interesting to play since the release of V2.

It has the story with updated graphics of Fire Red. They are exploring where players can become Pokemon Masters.

The game also has certain side quests and other things to do that are of great interest. In the game’s recent updates, Mega Evolution and Z Moves also feature in Pokemon Unbound. 

11. Pokemon Prism

pokemon rom hacksPokemon Prism is a more refined version of Pokemon Crystal. In this game, too, the players will play as a Lance character.

This game features about 250 different Pokemon from Generations I to IV. Pokemon Prism also has several mini-games and musical tracks.

Also, pairing this game with popular cheat codes will add more fun to the game.

It has been quite popular among players since its release, and although it is fresh, its graphics are boring & outdated. 

12. Pokemon Emerald Rogue

pokemon rom hacksEmerald Rogue is the newest edition to the Pokemon ROM Hacks list that we recommend everyone to play this year.

This game was introduced in 2022, and within a few months of its release, the contest gathered a large fan following among the players.

By far, the game has seen several updates along with many interesting and exciting features.

It is a different game than the one you have played before, as it has a highly unique and-of-its-kind storyline. 

13. Pokemon Radical Red

pokemon rom hacksThe Pokemon Radical Red is a more challenging version of the Fire Red game of Pokemon.

Thus, if you love playing Fire Red, this game will suit your genre the best as it is an above-average challenging game that will make you sweat.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given specific options.

Thus, tuck yourself up, fasten your belts, and stay calm due to the enhanced difficulty setting of the game.

14. Pokemon Ash Gray

pokemon rom hacksThe ROM Hack of Pokemon Ash Gray is based on Pokemon FireRed, and its storyline is thus connected to the events in the Pokemon Anime series.

When you use Ash’s Pokemon in some specific battles of the series, the players will be rewarded.

Based on the events in the anime series, the players can capture all the Pokemon Ash that has been caught.

If you know the anime Pokemon very well, you can take advantage of the same in the game and its process very well. 

15. Pokemon Light Platinum

pokemon rom hacksThe Pokemon Light Platinum is one of the top ROM Hacks of the year. It is based on Pokemon Ruby, which captured the heart of many players. It was first released in the year 2008 and last updated in the year 2017.

It is an old game, but it never loses its charm. When paired with appropriate cheat codes, it is a simple and fantastic game that makes it more fun to play. 

16. Pokemon Gaia

pokemon rom hacksThis is one such Pokemon ROM Hacks you would find in every list of popular ROM Hacks. This game has a unique & exciting storyline and is played for speed-running sessions.

Out of every Hack mentioned in this list, Pokemon Gaia has updated visual aesthetics and certain musical tracks not to be found in other Pokemon games.

Poekomon Gaia has a lineup of features from Generation I to VI in an updated and more refined manner. 

17. Pokemon Glazed

pokemon rom hacksA couple of Pokemon authors have tried to make specific changes and relaunch Pokemon Glazed in the forms of Glazed Blazed and Glazed Reborn.

But the charm and fascination the original game had cannot be beaten. In the year 2023 also, you can happily play Pokemon Glazed on the hotfix version, as this version has the most features and improvements to offer. 

18. Pokemon Dark Fire

pokemon rom hacksPokemon Dark Fire is one of the relatively newly launched Pokemon ROM Hacks in 2021.

This game was created by taking Pokemon Emerald as its base, with a better graphical representation. This game was set up in the Tenjo region.

In this game, the players must determine why the Pokemons are turning wild and not obeying their masters.

This is definitely for you if you are into dark and shady games and storylines. This is not a typical Pokemon game, but you can use them in the story until Generation VII. 

19. Pokemon Blazing Emerald

pokemon rom hacksThis ROM Hack makes the Pokemon Emerald a bit harder to play with.

The game lets players choose from three different starting characters, i.e., Pikachu, Eevee, and Clefairy.

This is a new but weird trio to choose from. But overall, the storyline of Blazing Emerald is the same as the Emeralds.

The Pokemon Roster can go up to Gen 7; the game also includes the Fairy-type and a scanner that allows you to check the status of Pokemon EV and IV.  

20. Pokemon Blazed Glazed

pokemon rom hacksPokemon Blazed Glazed is one of the versions of Pokemon Glazed. The storyline and features of both of them are the same.

Some of the notable features of this game are; it has state & move changes, that players can choose from five Starting Pokemon, and it has Pokemon ranges from Generation I until VI.

In this game, the Wild Pokemon spawns differently to make the game a more exciting process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is One of the Best Pokemon ROM Hacks of All Time?

Ans. The Pokemon Light Platinum from the Gameboy Advance era is among the most well-known ROM Hack.

This game is a slight modification of Pokemon Ruby, and its storyline is loosely based on Pokemon Platinum. Thus, featuring characters such as; Palkia, Arceus, Dialga, and Giratina. 

Q. How to Play Pokemon ROM Hacks?

Ans. Follow the below-listed steps for playing the Pokemon ROM Hacks on your device.

  1. Download the patch of the hack which you would like to play. These patches are in the .bps, .xdelta, .ups, or .ips format.
  2. For playing Pokemon ROM Hacks, the ROM Hack is the other part of the patch that you need to get to play the game. For specific legal reasons, the ROM Links of the game are not uploaded to the PokeCommunity. So, you need to search on the internet for the same.
  3. Use a patching tool like, ROM Patcher JS to transfer the patched game directly into your download folder.
  4. If you use a desktop device, choose mGBA, the best emulator for playing the downloaded Pokemon ROM Hacks games. 

Q. What Are Pokemon Emulators?

Ans. Pokemon Emulators are a type of software program allowing players to play Pokemon games or ROM Hacks on their devices, which are 100% legal. 

Let’s Summarize

A wide variety of Pokemon ROM Hacks always amaze the players. We thank the Pokemon community for spending precious time making ROM Hacks and introducing them to enthusiastic players.

Now, as you know of the same, start playing the ROM Hacks of your choice today and keep busy and entertained. 

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