Best Puzzle Games on the PS5: Get Tangled in Fun

Puzzle games always offer a good time. Not only do they offer a challenge as a game, but they also get your mind juices in motion.

Granted, they don’t come close to the action offered by action games, but if you’re looking for a title that challenges your thought-processing ability, investing in the best puzzle games is the way to go.

While many games demand the player to speed through, fight, and take flight to get to the objective, puzzle games are about slowing down, analyzing, and letting your brain figure out complex processes.

Luckily for PlayStation users, the best puzzle games are made available in droves. They’re high quality, come as 2D side scrollers or 3D mumbo jumbos, and take beautifully crafted levels and turn them into hours of joy.

If you’re looking for the best puzzle games to invest in, come along as we list a handful of ones that are, in our opinion, worth your money and time.

Unravel the Best Puzzle Games on PS5

1. Escape Academy

best puzzle gamesThis game transforms the Escape Room concept into a whole academy.

The game revolves around an escape room artist (you) who gets sent to an academy dedicated to harnessing his skills.

There are a good number of rooms peppered around the mansion-like building, all with their themes and challenges, which you must work towards getting out of.

As all escape rooms go, attempting one all by your lonesome is no fun. Grab a buddy or two online and then jump into the game with a mic to solve these rooms together.

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2. Manifold Garden

best puzzle gamesIf you aren’t too prone to nausea and can take floating objects continuously shifting around on a screen, look at Manifold Garden.

The game makes use of a plethora of architectural marvels that show off the brilliance of an M.C. Escher painting.

The game is as traversal as it is mind-boggling. Bend the laws of physics to your will and figure out puzzles, all while marveling at the beauty of the game design.

The best part? There is no timer, so you can focus on completing it on your own time. The style is so intricately designed that you could display screenshots of your levels in an art museum, and no one would bat an eye.

For a twist on traditional puzzles, don’t miss our list of horror puzzle games similar to Little Nightmares. These titles blend puzzles with a thrilling horror twist.

3. The Talos Principle

best puzzle gamesA true abstract game, if you will. The Talos Principle has been in stores for a while now.

But its beautifully crafted worlds and intelligent narrative will have you wondering about your existence an hour into the game.

You take control of a robot with its sentience and adventure forth into an island chock full of ancient ruins and heaps of futuristic technology.

It has a bit of a Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom feel to it. The game is an exemplary representation of true artisanship and respect for architecture.

4. Chicory: A Colorful Tale

best puzzle gamesIf there ever were a game that’d bring out your inner child and get them to start scribbling away on a TV, it’d be this.

Chicory: A Colorful Tale follows the same principle as a coloring book, only this book is live and interacts with you.

The story of the game follows you, a curious canine, as it traverses across a literal blank canvas to find Chicory, the world’s most famous artist.

As you go about your adventure, add color to the locations you come upon and find various hints to find your best friend.

There is no limit to how many colors you can add to each page/level, but the general notion is that the more colors you add, the easier it becomes to solve the puzzles on each page.

5. Maquette

best puzzle games

This is another mind-bending puzzler on our list, and it is star-studded by Bryce Dallas Howard and Seth Gabel.

Maquette resembles the world of Alice in Wonderland with its pop colors, dazzling instruments, and upbeat music.

The game works on the concept of physics and perspectives. For example, what may seem like a doll house from afar may turn into a mansion the size of a football field.

This helps solve many size-oriented puzzles. Getting a sense of the scale automatically unlocks a new area or helps you figure out the game. It’s fun if you’re into physics.

Let’s Wrap Up!

That’s a wrap on all the best puzzle games we have for you. All the titles above work on the PS5, and we recommend equipping the console to take advantage of the stellar graphics offered alongside the gameplay.

Stay frosty.

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