Best Sites Like Zitobox With Real Cash Prizes – Alternatives to Zitobox

Zitobox is one of the most popular platforms for social sweepstakes casino games that has significantly increased in the past few years.

In light of this, many new businesses have started to operate in the US with a similar working model and strategies. After learning this, you might search for better options or substitutes for Zitobox.

Thus, we will summarize the top alternatives for sweepstakes casino games, other than Zitobox, prevailing in the online gaming market.

Hence, this article will give you some of the best choices for online casino games besides Zitobox.

But, before giving an exclusive insight into the same, we will be reviewing the features of Zitobox for you, along with a list of certain points about what you should look for in casino games before opting for the best one for you, and also some of the frequently asked questions regarding the topic.

So, wait no further and quickly dig yourself into the details of this informative article. 

Information About Zitobox Platform

zitoboxBefore gaining knowledge about popular sites similar to Zitobox, it would be better to revisit the features of this social casino platform.

The same would help you compare with the other alternatives in the queue more refinedly.

  • The games offered by Zitobox include a variety of slot games, scratch cards, and keno. It is unique from similar platforms in that they provide proprietary games not to be found on any other website.
  • The platform of Zitobox is available on both desktop and mobile devices. And the players need not download any application for the same; all they have to do is open the web browser and access their Zitobox account through the same.
  • As a reward, in Zitobox, players can earn Zito Points by playing games. The players can also be a part of the Zito Loyalty Club, where they can earn loyalty points by playing games and redeeming the same in the form of bonuses, cashback, or free spins.
  • This is an amazing social casino platform where the players are provided with bonuses at regular intervals through free spins, daily logging into the account, and deposit bonuses.
  • It also runs a referral program, where sharing the referral link of Zitobox with friends and them downloading it through the same would give players some bonus reward.
  • The website of Zitobox offers complete support to its players through the live chat system and email. They also have an already curated FAQ section on the website that covers most of the topics which the players might find useful.
  • Zitobox also takes the security of its players quite strictly. Hence, they use SSL encryption to protect the personal and financial details of the players, along with other sensitive data. Gaming Labs International has also certified the platform, which constantly monitors imposing fair gameplay.
  • They follow a restriction under which players under 18 cannot play Zitobox. The players should be above the eligible age and in the qualified jurisdiction area. As the game is not available for playing in all the US states, it is thus important for you to read the terms & conditions well before signing in.
  • Also, there are certain restrictions on the withdrawals and deposit methods on the platform. Thus, the layers must familiarize themselves with the same beforehand.

These were some of the important features of the platform of Zitobox.

Now you can move further on the next head to know what you should look for while searching for more social casino games like Zitobox.

Certain Points That You Should Look for in the Alternatives of Zitobox

zitoboxInitially, it is hard to find any fault in the platform of Zitobox. But, as we all know, nothing is perfect. There might be some flaws in the game that make the players switch to similar patterned games like Zitobox.

Go through the points below to know about the flaws of Zitobox in some instances also you can check Zitobox promo codes.

Thus the same would also act as the precautions that we should take while selecting the alternatives for the amazing platform of Zitobox.

  • The platform of Zitobox, a social casino game, is only available on some of the platforms. It is widely available in major US states, but some of them are exemptions. Thus, checking the places of availability in the alternative sweepstakes casino sites is a must.
  • The games available on Zitobox are good as they cover all the major genres. However, it would help if you compared the availability of matches between the alternative platforms and Zitobox.
  • Also, according to some players, the graphics used in Zitobox are too colorful and thus unpleasant to watch, so make sure to check the graphic quality of whatever platform you choose to play.
  • As we mentioned in the earlier head, the platform of Zitobox provides a variety of bonuses to the players. But, more is always less, as some casino gaming websites may push themselves to the next level to give some extraordinary rewards to the players. So make sure what kind of rewards you get in different sweepstakes casino sites.
  • In the Zitobox Casino game, players are given prizes in the form of gift cards. But in some of the other sweepstakes casino games, the same can be redeemed as a real cash prize. The latter can be more valuable, fruitful, or a better option for online gaming to win money.

Thus, check all these requirements mentioned beforehand, and compare Zitobox with other platforms extremely well before making an account in any of them.

Best Sites Like Zitobox to Try

zitoboxSome of the competitive sites of Zitobox are as follows:-

1. is considered one of the best sweepstake casino games in the US.

The greatest asset of this platform is the wide variety of casino games that they offer to its players.

This thus includes; a range of hundreds of slot games that are being developed by some of the top developers, such as; Hacksaw Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Black Jack Games, Roulette Games, and some of the live dealing games of baccarat.

Apart from this, the original Stake Casino Games designed by developers, especially for this platform, will surely enhance your experience to a whole new level. is not only the best platform for online casino games, but the rewards it gives to its players are also quite impressive.

The players of this platform can use the Stake Cash virtual currency to enter promotional codes of sweepstakes to win merchandise and gift cards.

In the promotion section, they could also get impressive offers, such as welcome bonuses and diverse sweepstakes casino offers. We suggest you try this website to know the taste of quality sweepstakes casinos.

2. Wow Vegas Casino

zitoboxThis is one of the most excellent casino-playing gaming platforms. The gameplay of Wow Vegas Casino is almost similar to the Zitobox, where players can play casino and other games entirely for free.

Still, the twist is that the players could not earn any cash or different prizes on this platform.

Instead, Wow Vegas Casino offers its players rewards in the form of in-game currency of Wow Coins, which cannot be redeemed in real life, and can only be strictly used for gaming.

What is the point of playing this game? Well, this platform offers a wide variety of about 300 slot games, better than those featured in Zitobox. It also has some of the best slot games from the collection of top developers: Betsoft and Pragmatic Play.

The entire vibe of this Casino game is more fun, streamlined, and modern when compared to Zitobox. So, try Wow Vegas Casino if you are bored of playing Zitobox.

3. Golden Hearts Games

zitoboxGolden Hearts Games is one of its kind sweepstakes casino games. This is because of its concept of charity-based sweepstakes casino site. According to the build-up of the game, a part of whatever purchase players would make will be transferred to the charity.

The charitable theme makes Golden Hearts Casino the most loved platform, and the solid library of slot games included in it to play for free gives the players a feel-good vibe from this sweepstakes casino platform.

On this forum, the players can also play various bingo games, video poker games, scratchcards, and even blackjack games.

Another major advantage of playing this casino game is that it is available in all 50 US states, which is otherwise impossible in Zitobox.

4. Pulsz Casino

zitoboxThe platform of Pulsz Casino is available to play on both desktop and mobile devices.

It suggests a wide variety of games for the players, such as; table games, slot games, and some interesting video poker games.

It provides a unique casino gaming experience to the players, where they also obtain virtual coins and compete with each other for various prizes.

As gamers, you would also receive leaderboard prizes and daily login bonuses. The game also runs a loyalty program called ‘Pulse Club,’ which allows them to earn loyalty points by playing games.

Through these points, the players can earn sweep coins and bonus credits by redeeming the points. This platform is also completely safe and secure, with no restrictions. Thus, you can give this platform a trial shot.

5. Funzpoints

zitoboxFunzpoints is a unique social gaming platform that offers a variety of scratch card games.

The players experience unique gameplay as they have to compete with each other for prizes. The gameplay of Funzpoints is entirely based on virtual coins.

These are one of its kind virtual coins that the players are also eligible to purchase through real money, but sadly cannot redeem them in the same form.

It also offers players daily bonuses as rewards for logging in and referring friends. The players would also get good customer support, through both live chat and email, just like Zitobox.

These were the 5 major alternatives of Zitobox that you can play and experience.

We hope that through the above description, you might have a quick impression of all of them.

However, apart from the list above, a few more sweepstake online casinos are worth checking out.

Here are some of them bulleted in the list below.

  • Luckyland Slots
  • Chumba Casino
  • Global poker
  • Fortune Coins
  • Sweeptastic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Can the Players Find Alternatives to Zitobox?

Ans. Here in this informative article, we have mentioned all the best alternatives available for the casino gaming platform of Zitobox, so you can choose the best to play with.

The insightful reviews and advice would help you select the best operator for playing sweepstakes casino games.

Q. Is It Legal to Play Social Casino Games in the US?

Ans. In the US, online gambling laws are quite complicated to follow. You would be surprised to know that no two states agree on the same laws, thus, follow their own set of rules, which the residents of the particular state ought to follow.

Not all online casino-playing platforms are safe. Therefore, the players must be cautious about their data security on their chosen websites.

Q. Is Zitobox the Best Online Casino Game?

Ans. This is a tough question to answer. Thus, in the above article, we have mentioned all the necessary details about Zitobox and its competitive websites. So, use your wit and decide for yourself which is the best.

Let’s Wrap Up

Well, the guide detailed above has given a few other options to the readers in sweepstakes casino games apart from Zitobox. This would have given you more choices to decide which casino gaming website is best.

Although the website of Zitobox has garnered a massive fan following in just the past few years, so are the competitive players in the market.

As this sweepstake casino playing games has become a new trend, people can expect to see many other platforms for the same, so stay tuned with us to know about the same.

But, till then, we hope that all the above-listed information will help you in finding the best casino games that suit your gaming styles quite well.

So, wait no further and try the best one today.

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