Call Of Duty: Warzone’s Hottest New Strategy

Despite being overwhelmed, a Call of Duty: Warzone player who remained steadfast could register a victory in a match by claiming to be dead after the rest of his team had been defeated.

Unable to save or win combat due to overwhelming numbers, one Call of Duty: Warzone player was able to save and win a battle for their side by using an old way of pretending to be dead that has been more popular in recent years.

There are several ways that players of the free-to-play battle royale game have employed to win fights, and this is one of them that seems to have caused a rift in the game’s community.

Playing dead was a strategy that first appeared soon after the debut of Warzone and has continued to reappear throughout the game’s history ever since.

To pull it off, all that is necessary for a player is to lie down on the ground, but all of their belongings on the ground, and hope that their opponents are not very wise.

Even while it is by no means a failsafe strategy that will always result in a triumph, when it does, it may be pretty funny.

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A New Strategy To get Successful.

call of duty strategy

According to the reports, one Reddit user revealed a video showing he actually faked his demise to succeed in the game.

He made use of this strategy after his fortunes began to deteriorate very fast. After being defeated by an impending enemy force, the sole survivor of a shattered squad runs from the opposing side and even announces defeat in a group chat session to their fellow soldiers.

When confronted by an oncoming team from the other direction, the lone survivor believes that the best course of action is to dump all of their stuff and lay down on the ground in the open as if they were dead.

When his scheme proves effective, it is much to his surprise, as both surviving teams fight each other until just one member of each squad remains on the battlefield.

A single-player takes the initiative to finish the task, resulting in victory for their group of opponents as a result.

Someone who commented on the player’s post said they had published a video identical to his and received a considerable lot of negative feedback, including being labeled a camper and a cheater, among other insults.

This tussle created a new controversy about whether it would be counted among cheating tactics if someone played dead in the game or just as a good gaming strategy.

What is the Controversy?

The player’s video seems to fit into the latter category, mainly because the lone player was out in the open rather than hidden in a relatively isolated location throughout the recording.

Players have used several questionable tactics to win Warzone matches. There is little doubt that many of these tactics will continue to be employed by the community in the future.

The act of playing dead, although unorthodox, is not as dirty as some players portray it to be, as seen in the player’s video, which serves as an excellent example.

These occurrences occurred in broad daylight, and it was the other teams’ fault for failing to verify that the athlete had died legitimately before playing on the field.

In Call of Duty: Warzone, there are even more heinous tactics to win a war than those seen in the video above.

Final Words

As per the Internet trends, this new faking one’s death has become quite popular. This new strategy has worked quite well in Call of Duty: Warzone.

This strategy reveals one of the game’s best aspects, which allows users to use its features for their benefit.

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