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The game Jump Force is recognized as the new era of exciting fighting games. It was developed on 12th October 2018 by Spike Chunsoft. 

Along with Bandai Namco Entertainment s, its publishers, under their range of Manga Series. This game can be played in both modes, single and multiplayer. 

You can play Jump Force PC on Xbox One and PlayStation. Jump Force is based on the crossover fight genre and has a variety of in-game Japanese Manga comic characters. 

The heroes of the Manga series have been put into the battlefield of Jump Force and are supposed to fight threats if you are also someone who is a true fan of Manga anime and its associated games. 

Then, you have just landed yourself at the right place. Here in this article, we will introduce you to the gameplay, features, system requirements, and downloading process of Jump Force PC

After Jump Force, we expect Jump Force 2 to have a one-on-one fighting game. If you want to about it check our article on Jump Force 2.

Let’s jump to the engaging details of this article related to Jump Force. 

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Engaging Gameplay of Jump Force

jump force pcJump Force PC is a fascinating fighting game that allows the gamer to control the entire team or army rather than just its characters. Three Japanese authors wrote the whole screenplay of this game. 

The game’s storyline begins with the character Frieza, who is seen attacking New York City with a group of ‘Venoms.’ Later in the game, the character Sonu Goku is seen confronting the Venoms’ army. 

Also, the hero character of the game, ‘Trunks,’ would be seen helping the civilians by reviving the cybernetic device of ‘Umbra Cube.’ 

Several other intriguing characters, such as; Naruto, Luffy, Glover, and more, are seen elaborating the Manga world exceptionally well through this game. 

The players of this amazing game have to distinguish the actual heroes from the replicas of the villains, which makes the game more confusing and challenging. 

As gamers, you would be given a 3D space to move around to fight with enemies and accomplish missions, using certain special moves, combos, and combat skills. 

That includes; J-Stars Victory, Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Burning Blood, and Ninja Storm. 

Key Features of Jump Force

The game of Jump Force PC has some of the most impressive features that fascinate the players and keeps them hooked up. 

We have thus listed some of the best features below that you should be aware of. 

Thus, scroll down below to gather information about the same:-

The Game’s Characters

Characters play an extreme role in any game. Here also in Jump Force, you will be playing with a variety of characters. All those characters add value and make the game more interesting.

The Trunk is one of the most seen characters on the screen, along with another character Luffy, who is seen to have stolen money from the bank account. 

Overarching Gaming Style

Jump Force PC has three in-game teams. They are namely; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. Each unit has a different style and approach to the gameplay.

Some of the popular overarching styles followed by the characters of this game are; Pirate Style, Dragon Ball Style, and Ninja Style. 

The 3D Effect

This game offers a 3D feel to players constantly surging to kill their opponents. This feature gives a more virtual feel to the players of the game. 

The Combat Types

Jump Force allows the players to use both Traditional and Smash combat types together. Abusing this feature needs a lot of skill and mobility control.

The Landing Attack is another combat type that allows the players to use certain special moves to master the higher levels of the game. 

The Gaming Combos

This game allows the players to use different combos and play with them smartly according to their will.

They can combine unique styles, characters, combos, or the no. of players as per their requirements. This is one of the most essential features of this. 

The Minimum System Requirements for Playing Jump Force PC

Below are some essential system requirements that should be fulfilled for enjoying the exciting game of Jump Force PC

  • The Minimum Operating System should be Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • The processor should be at least Intel Core i3.
  • The required RAM should be 4GB.
  • The minimum graphic card to be used should be about GeForce GTX 660Ti
  • The minimum Free Disk Space should be at least 17 GB. 

After ensuring your system meets the above criteria, you can move towards the next step for knowing the steps to download Jump Force PC

Steps to Download Jump Force PC

If you want to download Jump Force PC, follow the steps below for the same. 

  • First of all, see the official website of Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • You will be asked to select an opportunity there, and you must choose from PS4, Xbox One, or PC. The Home screen will appear, with the Jump Force anime running on screen, with a flashing Buy Now option.
  • Click on it, and you will be shifted to a new screen.
  • Choose the PC option and proceed further as it says.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Are the Different Platforms on Which You Could Play the Fascinating War Game of Jump Force?

Ans. As players, you can enjoy this fighting game on other platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Play Station 4, and Nintendo Switch. 

Q. Is the Jump Force PC a Single-player or Multiplayer Game?

Ans. This fascinating game can be enjoyed in both single and multiplayer modes. 

Q. What Are the Names of the Three Different Groups of Jump Force?

Ans. There are three groups in Jump Force naming; Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. 

Let’s Summarize

That was all we must share with you regarding the Jump Force PC.

This exciting game is a unique piece of art that contributes to the opportunities the player has to explore the Japanese comic characters of the Manga series. 

The gameplay of Jump Force is a roller coaster ride with plenty of styles and modes to play with. 

We hope this game fascinates you to the core and leaves you entirely startled by its various features.

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