How to Change the Face in Content Warning Using the Face Codes

By far, through our previous blogs, you must have understood the basics of the game of Content Warning and how you would invite and join to play with friends in Content Warning.

But, what about the step before inviting friends to the game? Well, that step is none other than, customization.

Yes, you heard it right. As players of the game, you would be allowed to customize the face of your robot looking like a character, to make it stand out from others in the squad.

The face in Content Warning is the only thing, that would act as a differentiation between the two players.

This process of customizing the face in Content Warning can be easily done, once you open up the game.

You need not stick to the usual smiley or frowny faces, instead, you can use different face codes in Content Warning, and make your character the most unique of them all.

You are free to use funny text faces on your character face in Content Waring, or can even go a step further and use the ASCII hex-code faces in the game.

Hence, if you are a player who wants to learn how to customize your face in Content Warning and know about the popular face codes in Content Warning.

Then you have just stopped at the right place as here in this article, we will be sharing both of these in the best possible ways.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

How to Change Face in Content Warning?

face in content warningIt is extremely easy to change the face in Content Warning at the suit station of the game. Change of different faces in the game would bring in a lot of variation in your team and would eventually make your videos more spooky and gather you more views on SpookTube.

Players here have the complete freedom to choose any colour and combination of three letters or symbols from the keyboard.

Mentioned below are some of the steps, following which the player would be able to successfully alter the character’s face in Content Warning.

  • After you have successfully loaded the game, head to the TV screen to customize and change the character’s face in Content Warning.
  • Press the ‘E’ button from the keyboard to interact.
  • You would see that the character has put on a smiley face by default; press backspace from the keyboard to remove the same.
  • Now, type any face code, text, or signs that you want to put on the screen for yourself. You would also be given the authority to change its size, rotate it, or change the colour of the background. Refer to our list of face codes in the Content Warning mentioned below to gather ideas regarding the same.
  • After you are done personalizing, click on Apply.
  • This would save your face and would appear on the top of your in-game character, as you navigate through the creepy areas of the game with strangers and friends.

Best Face Codes in Content Warning

Go through the list of below-mentioned face codes in Content Warning, where the players are only allowed to use up to three letters or symbols in any of the combinations you like.

All these symbols and signs can be rotated at 90 degrees using the arrow keys and can also be either minimized or maximized using the plus and minus keys on the keyboard.

Some of the face codes in Content Warning, from which you can take inspiration, are listed below. 

  • x_x
  • -_-
  • O_O
  • >:(
  • 🙂
  • ^.^
  • 🙁
  • 😛
  • 🙂
  • :3)
  • 🙁
  • ;_;
  • 😮
  • UwU
  • =o
  • =0
  • :vo
  • ^o^
  • *_*
  • +_+
  • ¬_¬
  • ._.
  • >.<
  • >_<
  • T.T
  • ‘w’
  • [:
  • >:(
  • -.-
  • : Y
  • !_!
  • $_$
  • *{*
  • *}*
  • -7-
  • .M.
  • .W.
  • .~.
  • 0-0
  • 8-D
  • :'(
  • :()
  • :3
  • : B
  • 😀
  • :X
  • :^
  • 😮
  • :{
  • 😐
  • :~)
  • 😉
  • <_<
  • =
  • =_=
  • >:3
  • >:D
  • >:[
  • >_>
  • @_@
  • D: 
  • O_O
  • Q_Q
  • T_T
  • OwO
  • Owo
  • UmU
  • OmO
  • uWu
  • owo
  • UvU
  • OvO
  • U>U
  • O>O
  • U<U
  • O<O
  • O^O
  • V_V
  • X-O
  • X.X
  • XD
  • \u/
  • ^_^
  • `_´
  • b_b
  • b_d
  • d_b
  • d_d
  • o_O
  • >w<
  • >W<
  • : )
  • : (
  • : |
  • n_n
  • u_u
  • 8=D

Apart from these, there are certain ASCII Face Codes in Content Warning, all thanks to the Steam user Dabestbro. He created a stream thread with the exact string codes.

When typing from the keyboard, the players would be able to achieve the desired text or symbol on the face in Content Warning.

Below is a list of some of the popularly known Unicodes that the players can enter to outshine their competitors in the game. 

  • The face code for Happy Face – E2 98 BA 00
  • The face code for Sad Face – E2 98 B9 00
  • The face code for Smug Face – E3 82 B7 00
  • The face code for Empty heart – E2 99 A1
  • The face code for Full heart – E2 99 A5
  • The face code for the Circle eye-like symbol – E2 97 89
  • The face code for the Square eye-like symbol – E2 96 A3
  • The face code for Crying face – E2 95 A5 CF 89 E2 95 A5 00
  • The face code for Music notes – E2 99 AB 00
  • The face code for Eye with curly lashes – E0 B2 A0
  • The face code for Triangle – CE 94
  • The face code for Thick straight line – E2 96 AC
  • The face code for Blocky ‘n’ – CE A0
  • The face code for Skeptical face – EF BF A2 5F EF BF A2 00
  • The face code for Music note – E2 99 AB 00
  • The face code for the Danger symbol – E2 9A A0
  • The face code for Telephone – E2 98 8F
  • The face code for Huge eyes – E2 93 BF 5F E2 93 BF 00
  • The face code for ㅇㅅㅇ – E3 85 87 E3 85 85 E3 85 87 00
  • The face code for ♀⌒♀ – E2 99 80 E2 8C 92 E2 99 80 00
  • The face code for •ω• – E2 80 A2 CF 89 E2 80 A2 00
  • The face code for ⊙▃⊙ – E2 8A 99 E2 96 83 E2 8A 99 00
  • The face code for ⊙д⊙ – E2 8A 99 D0 B4 E2 8A 99 00
  • The face code for ⊙︿⊙ – E2 8A 99 EF B8 BF E2 8A 99 00
  • The face code for °д° – C2 B0 D0 B4 C2 B0 00
  • The face code for ●ᴥ● – E2 97 8F E1 B4 A5 E2 97 8F 00
  • The face code for ≧ヮ≦ – E2 89 A7 E3 83 AE E2 89 A6 00
  • The face code for óωò – C3 B3 CF 89 C3 B2 00
  • The face code for ⓿_⓿ – E2 93 BF 5F E2 93 BF 00

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Would the Players Use ASCII Hex Face Codes in Content Warning?

Ans. The steps to use the ASCII Hex face codes in Content Warning are listed below.

  • Press Win+R on the keyboard and then enter the text “Regedit”.
  • Search for the location, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Landfall Games\Content Warning, and go there.
  • Search for the FaceText_h registry, and to edit it, right-click on it with the mouse.
  • Now, from the above list, enter any of the hex codes of your choice.
  • Now click on OK to save the same.

Let’s Wrap Up

And that’s a wrap for this informative piece of article. While playing with a full squad of players, you must differentiate yourself from others by customizing the character’s face in Content Warning.

We hope that you have understood the above-detailed steps for the same carefully and will soon follow the same in the actual game.

Also, take tips from the list of face codes in Content Warning, to make some of the exclusive and unique faces in the game. So, wait no further, and get started with the process of customization today.

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