Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough

Four Elements Trainer walkthrough is about the most popular adventure and dating game, released in 2014 by a developer called MITY.

This game is available on the devices such as MacOS, Windows, and Mobiles, and you can easily download Four Element Trainer game on these devices.

This game will ask the players to solve fights and mysteries and discover some fuckable characters.

This game is an open-world RPG entertainment game that is quite interesting and allows you to do many other things.

Well, in this detailed and descriptive article, we will give you all the major insights through the complete journey from Book 1 to Book 4 of the Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough.

Without wasting a minute, scroll down below to read the essential details that would help you create a powerful team in Four Elements Trainer.

The Gameplay of Four Elements Trainerfour elements trainer walkthrough

The player in this game will be in the role of an unnamed veiled man. This main character probably misuses his honor and wastes his power by sleeping with the remaining girls in the game.

Along with this, the character works as the vassal for Azula and performs certain missions.

Once he gets successful in his missions, he becomes the leader of the Azul and can now control various things and command orders.

The character can buy things from Azula to strengthen his connection with her.

As the main character, you can buy dresses and gifts for your partner and say some flirty dialogues to raise the relationship meter within the gameplay.

If you love dating and adventurous games, try Danganronpa, a mix of adventure, visual novel, and dating simulator elements.

You or I would better say that the character you will play will receive a map to visit multiple places, perform multiple jobs, earn money, and buy multiple things from the store.

Remember to use the store at night because if you visit the store during the day, the game will automatically be switched to night mode while exiting the store.

However, the vice versa does not happen, i.e., if you visit the store at night, the day will not occur while exiting.

You will engage in lots of fights during gameplay and aid you, and the game will provide three types of units, including foot soldiers, tanks, and Calverley.

Foot Soldiers are the least powerful thing, whereas tanks are the most powerful items that help you to fight your enemies.

These types of units would help you finish your soldier. And with the right combination of units, you could do so effectively.

Ultimate Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough

This game is divided into 4 books or parts containing different functions and elements. At a particular time, you can play only one chapter and proceed after completing one after the other.

Thus, below are the details about each chapter you should be aware of.

1. Book 1- Water

This Book of the Water chapter of the game includes training sessions that do not affect the difficulty of the hunt but increase your attack damage and provide you with Waterbending +2.

There are also various quests in the training level that you have to complete. In this book, there is also a hunting stage that provides you with +1 Affection.

There is also a mining stage, where you can mine rocks to do some quests. Not only this but for one mining trip, you get 50.45 coins, to be exact.

While mining, you will find stones such as:-

  • Common Brown Stone has a 43% chance of getting it; by this, you will earn about 25 coins.
  • Shiny Blue Stone has a 367% chance of getting it; by this, you will earn about 50 coins.
  • Rare Red Stone has a 14% chance of getting it; by this, you will earn about 80 coins.
  • There is a 7% chance of getting Super Rare White Stone, and by this, you will earn about 150 coins.

2. Book 2- Fire

Book 2, or the Fire chapter of Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough, is about training and getting girls at the farm.

The training sessions will increase your fire rate, and the more the fire rate, the more damage you can create during the war.

Azula will conduct all the training scenes in her room. After fighting in the wars, you will get a farm. And after winning every battle, you will get a fresh girl.

You can also buy used girls, but according to us, that’s a waste of money. After every 7 days, Azula visits you to give you payment. If you have 0 pregnant girls, he will provide you with +1 pregnant girl.

3. Book 3- Obsidian Locations

To play this chapter of the game, you should update the game version to 0.6.13e. It is compulsory because you can only get all the obsidian if updated.

Also, you must update the game to be accepted to play Quest 7. The two obsidian locations in this gameplay are Tavern and Maze.

Each has certain quests and elements, which you will learn once you play the chapter.

4. Book 4- Slave Route

The walkthrough of Four Elements Trainer divides this chapter into a 2-day game scenario with day and night scenes.

Each has its elements and tasks, which you will learn in detail once you enter the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who Can Play the Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough?

Ans. It is an 18+ game, where some obscene scenes are unsuitable for children below 18 years old.

Q. How Many Unit Types Will You Get in the Game to Fight Your Enemies?

Ans. Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough provides players with 3 units: foot soldiers, Calverley, and tanks.

Q. Into How Many Parts is Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough Divided?

Ans. This exciting game is divided into four parts, i.e., Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, and Book 4.

Wrapping Words

In the above comprehensive article, we have given you all the major details about this game. But there is a lot more that you can explore during the gameplay of this amazing game.

So, don’t just stop here; instead, explore the exciting game of Four Elements Trainer Walkthrough yourself.

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