What Are Video Gaming Pros and Cons – Everything Parents Need to Know

Video games are becoming one of the favorite pastimes of kids, teens, and adults. As per a survey conducted in 2021, there are more than 3-4 billion gamers worldwide, with the majority of the gamers continuing to grow every year.

The gaming process is impossible to handle without controversy, as the critics of video games only focus on the cons, outweighing the pros, while the supporters of video gaming say just the opposite. 

Objectively, when video gaming is done in moderation, it leaves a positive effect on the players, but if the same is played excessively it can hurt the players. 

If you are a parent who is concerned about the effects of video gaming on their children’s brains, then this article is specifically for you. Then, the answer to this question is a little more complex than a simple answer of ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

Thus, in this detailed article, we will explain the video gaming pros and cons in detail. Scroll down further and learn some valuable information about the same.

Hence, without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Video Gaming Pros and Cons

gaming pros and consModeration is the key to gaming. Nothing is good or bad. It is the quantity of it, which makes it productive or harmful for you. Well, mentioned below are listed some of the video gaming pros and cons, which are curated from various resources and personal experiences of the video gaming players. 

Video Gaming Pros

You would often find plenty of reasons why video games are considered bad for children and the younger generation. But in reality, there are some good facts about them, too.

gaming pros and consIn this article on video gaming pros and cons, we would like to tell you now how video games are pretty beneficial for the cognitive and social development of gamers.

Hence, a detailed explanation of the pros of video gaming is listed below. 


Several studies and research have successfully shown that video games do improve the memory of the child, even after they have stopped playing games at a certain time in life. Video games create a specific pathway in the brain that allows them to remember things easily and for longer time durations.

Also, it is a myth that gaming is a mindless activity, but it does include the mind and is engaged in a way that people can benefit from it at a later period in life.


It is seen that children playing prosocial video games are more likely to engage in a similar kind of behaviour in their day-to-day lives.

They also help other players establish a positive connection in gaming. That mentality then transfers into real-life actions, too.


Almost all the mechanics used in video gaming rely on responses and quick thinking. It is no surprise that playing video games increases children’s cognitive skills.

Also, regarding this point, a study was conducted with about 2,000 children, where it was found that three continuous hours of playing games daily increased their grades on the cognitive skill test, and they also learned better impulse control.

This is because gaming has strengthened and activated certain parts of their brain, which in real life results in better performance.


Out of all the video gaming pros and cons, the learning aspect should be the most impactful and important of them all. Gaming can cover anything from timed riddles to escape room puzzles.

They also offer an extensive range of experience, that can teach things like cause and effect. As children would not be able to get such teachings elsewhere.


Although young people can get quite frustrated or irritated about losing a video game, it is still considered a good gaming experience. Video games are indeed one of the best ways to expose them to low-stakes situations, such as losing games, that do not have any actual consequences, so to build resilience, they can go through a trial and error process.

There has been a survey regarding this on over 100 children regarding their anger management issues. It has been found that children who play games are more likely to adapt to the behaviour of remaining positive in all circumstances.

Video Gaming Cons

Even though playing video games has some positives, you should also be aware of its possible cons. In this article about video gaming pros and cons.

gaming pros and consTo understand the potential risks of playing video games, read down the list of the possible cons of video gaming today. 


Although violence or violent actions in video games have no proven connection to real life. However, some games still show high levels of violence or extreme levels of sexual content through their gaming content.

This is extremely harmful, as children are like sponges; they soak up everything they see around them.


Although the possibility of getting addicted to video games is slight. However, gaming disorders in children are a real problem. This does happen when someone prioritizes gaming over other essential tasks despite facing its negative consequences; also, they seem to have lost control over their behaviors.

Thus, children should try to keep themselves away from gaming, get rid of the habit of getting addicted to games, and put their homework, friends, family, and hobbies on the front foot. Although the players initially play the game for fun, it does become an issue at a point where they stop enjoying it and play the same just for the sake of doing so.

It then gets converted into gaming disorder when they feel angry, sad, or frustrated with the same, for not being able to play the game. This situation is relatively uncommon, but it was worth knowing for you as a parent.


Although video games typically improve the social life of children. But, spending too much time playing games, can isolate them from the others. The excess playing of games can also increase potential anxiety among children and also lead to depression and mood disorder development over time.

Also, prioritizing the digital world over real friends and other physical hobbies can lead to disorders and poor attitudes.


Out of all the significant of video gaming pros and cons, the most significant drawback is the presence of online strangers. Although meeting someone online does not carry the same risks as meeting a stranger in person, it is still not considered ideal.

Many of the games can expose children to online communities from all over the world. Your child might also be able to talk or hear about things that are not appropriate for their age.


A major portion of the gaming industry is focused on creating fun and artistic content. However, a good portion of the same is also geared towards profit. Many of the games also have various in-game equipment or accessories that the players can purchase with real money.

Now, adults can distinguish between these things as they want and need them, but children might get adamant about purchasing certain unuseful in-game items, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Can Parents Foster a Good Gaming Environment for Children?

Ans. After you have read all the video gaming pros and cons, you might have clearly understood that the idea of playing video games is limited and monitored play.

The young minds of the children are not capable of emotional regulation or rational decision-making, so it is best for them to be guided by their parents.

As a parent, you turn the cons of video gaming into their learning experience and help them understand better all the potential consequences.

Fostering them with a good gaming environment, rewarding them with good online behavior, and limiting their screen time are probably some of the best options. 

You can also allow them to install and play age-appropriate games, and authorize parental control over the same, so that they are not able to purchase or download anything, without your permission.

It is also necessary for you as a parent to be informed and teach your kids, how to play the game responsibly, you can also keep them safe and encourage positive development in them. 

Q. What Are Some of the Signs and Symptoms of Video Game Abuse That Parents Can Look for?

Ans. Although video games play an important role in the lives of children. But still, parents do need to set up certain limits.

If you are worried about your child getting too obsessed with video games, then you can sit and talk with them about the same.

You can also look for certain signs and symptoms of video game abuse that your child may look for. 

  • Falling grades in the school
  • Feeling fatigued due to lack of sleep.
  • All the free time is exclusively used for playing games.
  • Feeling too irritated due to not being able to play games.
  • Neglecting hygiene
  • Increased anxiety
  • Disinterested in performing other activities

Let’s Wrap Up

We hope that, as a parent, you liked reading about the video gaming pros and cons. If so, then you can implement the necessary changes to your children’s gaming schedules accordingly.

Till then, keep your focus on the actions of your child and motivate them to maintain a balance between his gaming life and real life.

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