How Old is Neon Valorant – Age, Background, and Abilities

Valorant is a tactical free-to-play shooter game developed by Riot Games. In this 5v5 shooter game, the players play as the cast of characters or the agents present.

Currently, Valorant has 22 in-game characters to choose from. These include; Gekko, Harbour, Fade, Neon, Chamber, KAY/O, Astra, Yoru, Skye, Raze, Jett, Breach, Omen, Killjoy, Reyna, Cypher, Sova, Viper, Brimstone, Phoenix, Sage, Deadlock.

This article will tell you every detail about the Neon character. We will update you about how old is Neon, his abilities, and how you could use his powers in the game.

Each of them has their abilities and characteristics. Thus, while shooting in the game of Valorant, the players must be aware of the skills, Valorant Premier, and the features of the agents they are playing as. To use their full potential every second during the game. 

Each agent has four ultimate abilities, from traditional utilities to realistic shooting. The players of the games would be able to use smoke grenades and flashbangs to futuristic capabilities such as sonic arrows and conjuring walls.

So, go immediately, and jump further into this descriptive article to know more about how old is Neon and other details about this shooter game

How to Use the Abilities of Valorant Characters in the Game?

how old is neonBefore getting into what the abilities are and how old is Neon, you need to understand how the skills of all these in-game agents work. 

Each of the characters has four significant abilities in this amazing game. Each of them gets one signature ability to use for free in every round. Then, they have next in line two non-ultimate skills that they can purchase from the Gun Shop.

These purchasable sets of abilities are reusable, which means they can be used in multiple consecutive rounds until they are entirely used up. And the last ultimate ability will only be received by the player when they kill the opponents.

Each kill gives one point to the players. Thus, the players should focus on getting more kill points in each round to get the ultimate ability. 

From the gameplay, it is evident that each Valorant agent possesses a different set of abilities. And no two players in the game can get the same in-game agents.

The players can get agents through the list of stared agents available or by unlocking the progression or battle pass system. 

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Move further in this article to learn how old is Neon, one of the most popular Valorant agents, and her abilities.

Quickly switch on the next head to know more about the same. 

How Old is Neon, and What Are Her Abilities?

how old is neonThe character of Neon is one of the most popular agents of Valorant, who originally hails from Manila in the Philippines—wondering how old is Neon. She was 19 when she was first introduced in the game with Episode 4 Act I.

She is one of the youngest agents in the game and has also joined the Duelist roster of Valorant alongside Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, and Yoru.

This particular Valorant character has received immense love and appraisal from the players and has thus become an integral part of the game. 

Neon has quite an interesting story about her past that represents how she became an agent. This character has been empowered by bioelectricity, which is being enlarged through the radiant mesh of the earth.

Due to this, the character of Neon was introduced in the Omega Project of Valorant, where she could specifically utilize all her powers and electric abilities to power up the Alpha-Omega teleporter. 

Apart from this, Neon in Valorant can rapidly transverse on any map. And with her ability to sprint, she could easily catch hold of her enemies. Also, she slides down, so it is tough to gun or track down.

how old is neonAs you know how old is Neon, it is time to learn what set of abilities Neon possesses. 

  • Fast Lane (C) – With this ability, Neon will have the power to create two walls on either side of her in such a way as to create a pathway in between. These walls block the enemies’ vision and eventually harm any passing through them. 
  • Relay Bolt (Q) – Neon can throw energy bolts because they will bounce on the surface once. After bouncing, it hits two hard points on the ground, thus creating a concussion. 
  • High Gear (E) – This ability gives Neon an instant boost. Thus, She can channel her energy to increase her movement speed. On being charged, Neon would be able to pull off an electric slide. This would reset after every 2 kills. 
  • Overdrive (X) – This ability unleashes the Neon’s full power, boosting speed. This power can be channeled carefully into a deadly lightning attack. With every kill, the timer duration of the ability resets. 

Neon is a duelist in Valorant who excels in every action she does. Her team often relies on her to get the kills and assists the others.

Her ability to speed herself up significantly serves in the battle and is profitable for her team.

Neon can also quickly charge up her attack angle to escape danger. She also can set up attacks and control areas for her teammates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where Does Neon Originate From?

Ans. The character of Neon in Valorant originally hails from Manilla in the Philippines.

Q. How Old is Neon in Valorant?

Ans. Neon was 19 years old when she joined Valorant as a duelist. 

Q. At What Phase Was Neon Introduced in Valorant?

Ans. Neon joined as the 19th agent of Valorant as a duelist in Episode 4 Act I.

Q. Does Neon Join Valorant as a Duelist?

Ans. Neon joined Valorant as a Duelist due to her aggressive nature, besides Jett, Phoenix, Raze, Reyna, and Yoru.

Let’s Summarize

Thus, that was all about how old is Neonand what are her in-game abilities.

Now, you know that Neon possesses a strong toolkit and unique skills, which makes her stand out from the other agents of Valorant.

She also has the talent to pull off her maneuvers at her best, thus trying her best to fit in the winning agent compositions at the higher levels in the game.

Therefore, now as you know everything about Neon, you should choose her as the representing agent in your next Valorant game. 

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